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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 832: Camp Snoopy announced for 2024!

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Here's my strange thought.......Do we have concrete evidence that these teaser vids are from this year? Couldn't they have shot them last fall and just held on to them? They could have been working on footers and land clearing for a while now up to the point where they just have to install something? I mean, just because they're no leaves on the trees and the ground is muddy, that doesn't mean it's a recent vid. Maybe while they were clearing the stuff for Windseeker they went over and cleared out another area for something else.....just a thought.

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Has it been confirmed that the new attraction is opening with the park? Maybe they'll have something sort of banner underneath the dinosaur announcing the opening date. The way it's standing, it just seems awkward if they don't add anything around it.


Being brutally honest... It kind of has this Ray Charles stance to it.

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Boring for a lot of you, but this will make KT SOOOOO happy the day we're at Kings Island.


Dinosaur walks are a great attraction for kids, no height restriction, no lines, and what kid doesn't like dinosaurs!?!?

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Comment 1: What is it with local news stations leaking all of Cedar Fair's ride additions a day before the official announcements?


Comment 2: I think this will be a wonderful addition. If I was still five-ish, I would have probably had a field day with this. Besides, the park really is in need of rides and attractions with low or no height restrictions outside of Planet Snoopy.

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Dinosaurs > anything else at King's Island. It would be even better if they were struck by lightning and came alive and went on a rampage and knocked down SoB. Hmmm, this could be Cedar Fair's cunning plan to rid themselves of that ride...




Hopefully the dinosaurs won't eat all the ACErs doing their morning walk-back and die from cholesterol blocked arteries before they get to SOB.


And will the great man Jeff Johnson count the dinosaurs as credits?

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