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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 832: Camp Snoopy announced for 2024!

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Stuff we can rule out:


* Son of Beast rehab. If this was Son of Beast-related, why would all this stuff be going on behind Racer?

* Action Theater redo. There's some construction going on outdoors in the woods behind Racer (according to a pic).

* Safari/animal walkthrough. Cedar Fair doesn't do anything live animal-related. I also can't see KI building a walkthrough.




Another teaser video has been posted, although it doesn't really reveal anything new except that they might have a lot of land clearing to do!




That's been posted already a few pages ago.

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Is it time to make some predictions?


For the record, my prediction is:

A new dinosaur-themed land with the flagship attraction being a B&M Floorless Coaster called T-Rex.


I'm not sure if "T-Rex" is a generic enough name for a Cedar Fair coaster...

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Yeah, I don't see where it confirms this is opening this year either. And with the stuff parks like BGW and Hershey are doing this year for their 2012 additions, I wouldn't be too surprised if this is KI getting a jump on their own big 40th Anniversary project.


Of course, I have no insider info on the project, so it could open this year. I just haven't seen anything definite either way. Fortunately, I don't have long to wait

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If it's happening in 2011, I can't imagine it being anything too special - except in the imagination of the PR department.


Guess what, we're re-opening SOB and running it backwards, oh joy. Following on from this announcement, bondage group, American Pain Enthusiasts announce their annual Picnic Day will be held at KI this year.

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I don't know, it could still be something that will open in 2012. Think about it, if parks' PR departments call things "Biggest, Baddest Coaster", etc. then I don't think it's too much a stretch that they would consider the announcement and construction of a ride in 2011 as another thing new besides Windseeker.

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If you read KI's twitter, at one point they say "Make no bones about it, something big is coming to #KingsIsland. Details 3-18-11. http://www.visitkingsisland.com"


That makes me think that its something for Halloween...

It's pretty much confirmed that it's dinosaur related. I'm not sure how a halloween attraction can pan out from dinosaur theming.


When I was looking through the teaser page's source code (hey, you never know what you may find! ), they used 'dino' as part of the name for objects on the page.


Judging by everything I've seen up to this point, I'm guessing it'll be a walk through thing. The beginning will start with a story about how some sort of shipping thing went wrong and the creature, which happens to be a dinosaur, got out and at the end you're met with a dinosaur replica. Is the red line on the map a path?

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Kings Island, OH -- Families are invited to explore Paramount's Kings Island's newest discovery, "Dinosaurs! A Prehistoric Journey" and a Dinamation© experience. The adventure included with park admission began May 20 and operates from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. daily. Extinction occurs June 18, 2000.


Thirteen dinosaurs lurk near the Nickelodeon Splat City section of the park contained in a 7,000 square-foot area filled with lush vegetation, tents and interactive family activities designed for even the youngest of archeologists.


Explorers venture into the walk-thru attraction and encounter life-size creatures including a Triceratops, a Dilophosaurus that squirts water onto guests and a gigantic 20-foot tall Tyrannosaurs Rex. Hands-on elements include passport stations, where kids collect stamps of their favorite dinosaurs; a Dino-dig, where young visitors discover "fossil remains" of dinosaurs; and a guest-controlled robotic T-rex that moves on command.


"Dinosaurs are a timeless wonder," said Tim V. Fisher vice president and general manager of Paramount's Kings Island. "Every child loves dinosaurs, I'm confident kids will be mesmerized when they see these giant creatures move and roar."


Paramount's Kings Island is now open daily through Sunday, August 21. General admission is $38.99 for guests 7 through 59 and $19.50, or half-price, for children 3 through 6 or under 48 inches tall. Seniors ages 60 and older are also admitted for $19.50. Children 2 and younger are admitted free.


Call (800) 288-0808 or (513) 754-5800 for more information on Paramount's Kings Island.




from 2000

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