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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 792 - Camp Cedar campground to open in 2021!

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Too bad if it doesn't open. I rode it opening year and thought it was a lot of fun. It shook, rattled and did everything a coaster was supposed to. As for non-enthusiasts - I think that the majority of them are still drawn to it because of its size and the loop - that will account for something if they decide to keep it. If they decide to trash the ride, I think certain things may appear in a new ride - like the loop. Anyways - I enjoyed it when it opened and know many other people have as well.

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Investigators searching for cause of roller coaster accident


Associated Press

CINCINNATI - An independent engineer hired by the state will supervise tests of a roller coaster that malfunctioned last month, injuring 27 riders, as officials try to figure out what caused the problem.


The Ohio Department of Agriculture, which regulates the state's amusement parks, ordered the Son of Beast ride at Paramount's Kings Island in suburban Mason shut down after passengers were injured in a rough ride July 9.


"The engineer had made some recommendations to us about how to proceed, and we have sent a letter to the park laying out the steps they need to take for the investigation to move forward," said Melanie Wilt, department spokeswoman.


Most of the passengers injured were treated for bruises, but one woman suffered a broken sternum and was hospitalized for four days. Melissa Eberle, and her husband John Eberle, of Maineville, have sued the park, claiming that a combination of improper maintenance, inspection and operation caused the roller coaster to jolt riders.


Investigators have narrowed the problem down to three possible causes - wood strength, maintenance or design - but no final determination has been made, Wilt said Friday.


"In order to move forward, we will allow Kings Island to take apart the ride where it was broken and reconstruct it under our engineer's supervision," she said. "That will allow us to maintain custody of any broken parts and timbers and test their strength."


The park will then run tests on the design itself, also under state supervision to assure that the tests follow commonly accepted engineering practices, said Wilt, who could not predict how long the process would take or when the investigation would be completed.


An initial inspection revealed a cracked timber on the track of the looping wooden roller coaster that the park's Web site says is more than 7,000 feet long and features a 118-foot tall loop. The ride, which can top speeds of 78 mph, was voluntarily closed by the park before the state issued its order.


Park spokeswoman Maureen Kaiser would not speculate on when the ride might reopen.


"We are in the preliminary stages and doing what the state has requested," she said Friday. "We want to make sure that it is safe."


Sandusky-based Cedar Fair LP paid CBS Corp. $1.24 billion for Paramount's Kings Island and four other theme parks in June.



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I wonder if this section was where the train hit the "bump" and stopped:



2000: A section of the {Son Of Beast} wooden coaster, under

construction at Paramount's Kings Island in Mason, Ohio,

collapses in a wind storm. Nobody is hurt and the incident is

not expected to delay the coaster's opening.


I was on this in July 2000, yes it was rough but I enjoyed the ride esp the "loop"


Any update on when this coaster will reopen..?

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^ knock on wood...wait no that'd probably break it more...


With all these maintenance and ride issue wouldnt you just think they'd close the ride down? I mean I know its a record breaker and blah blah blah, but I hear about this ride being broken or having broken timbers pretty much every day. Sometimes you just need to take the dog out to the barn and take care of it. I dont honest to god want them to tear it down, but is all this maintenance for a ride that has a rough reputation really worth it?

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KI should take SOB down and have it rebuilt entwinging with it's father.


Keep the lift hill n "loop", re-profile it as an out n back / twister within the woods


The station can be located next to the "Beast", you can choose if you want to ride the Father or Son, the trains can leave the station at the same time.

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I hope they can patch it up good enough so I can ride it next year. Then they can doze it and I won't care.


Thats what I said LAST year when I rode it, and I guess someone likes me more then you because I rode it and hopefull it'll get dozed. Sorry, -1 for Nicole.


Colin C

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Looks like the park has taken out the loop!


Pics from www.extremepki.com




And this is from www.pkicentral.com



From the desk of Maureen Kaiser:



Son of Beast Statement



The State of Ohio’s Department of Agriculture released today its final report detailing the outcome of the extensive Son of Beast inspection. The report reaffirms initial indications that the incident was an unforeseen single event failure.


We will now focus our energies on the appropriate and necessary changes needed to reopen the ride in 2007. In addition to reinforcing the physical structure of the ride, we plan to remove the loop. Taking this extra step enables us to use lighter trains, which will reduce the load and lead to a more comfortable ride experience.


We are making good progress on Son of Beast and are fully committed to reopening the ride in 2007.


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^That would be my guess


This is fairly disappointing. It was the one smooth part of the ride! I guess you have to do what you have to do to make the ride safe.


On another note, I still can't help but wonder if a retracking of the ride with prefab style wood could help out the roughness of the ride... or if that would even be worth a shot.

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