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Favourite Vekoma!

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I really love Walibi Rhone Alpes' Boomerang! It's really funny, really soft and relax in fact. Okay, I've to admit this is the only "real" coaster I've ridden until now, but it's far away as bad and rough as many people love to say!


If Robb and Elissa have a look on my post, well, I'm sad to learn them, that the "abnormal Boomerang" is no more! Indeed, they've changed this year the way to brake the train: it's doesn't need 4 or 5 times to stop, only 2 times now. To my view that's a bad thing 'cause it may have been unique on a boomerang and it must have been funny to be stopped in the cobra roll....

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Cobra Roll I see you are from Glasgow and weren't even born at the time of the Garden Festival. It was only on for the summer across from the SECC. It was fantastic and was great for the City. Where those flats are now was all wasteland before the festival.


And it had the only decent coaster Scotland has ever seen!

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I have a couple of favorit Vekoma's.


1 - It used to be called Stealth @ Paramount's Great America

Now this flyer is located at Carowinds (Nighthawk)

I hope to reride it next year.


2 - Deja Vu (Six Flags Magic Mountain)

This is the highest, biggest, fastest, meanest and smoothest kind of boomerang rollercoaster in the world.


3 - Invertigo (PGA/CGA)

This is the only Vekoma i had a blackout in, not from the smashing but from the g-forces. First drop was backwards.

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Expedition Everest for the win.


Though its an EXTREMELY close 2nd with RnR at Hollywood Studios *cough*MGM*cough.


There are downsides to each...


On RnR it headbangs me a bit.


On EE going backwards down the hill I got extremely sick (headache and nauseaus sp?)


Speaking of that on EE does anyone else get sick going backwards, for me and my sister it happens in the EXACT same spot every time.

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Speaking of that on EE does anyone else get sick going backwards, for me and my sister it happens in the EXACT same spot every time.


I really like Indiana Jones when it went backwards at Disney Land Paris.


Anyhow, back on topic. I thought Xpress was a good, intense ride, but a little head banging towards the end. Space Mountain at Disneyland Paris was very good (for sure, the theming helped) and throws you round in a good way, but by far the best one I have been on is Big Thunder Mountain at DLP.


Goudurix has an interesting layout and in that sense, potential to be a really good ride, but its not, because it to rough. The SLC also is a good layout, but its let down by roughness.


I didn't like Robin Hood though. No way...

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I think you guys are missing it.

Vapor Trail at Sesame Place is my favorite Vekoma followed by Rollerskater at SFKK. They should really just stick to the family versions. Great rides and thus they can't screw up by putting the inversions in since they're for families.

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I've ridden Knott's Boomerang, SFDK's Boomerang and Kong, and CGA's Invertigo. If you want to count Gadget's Coaster at Disneyland too. Only saw SFMM's Deja Vu but the line was pretty long so I skipped. But of all of them, Invertigo stands out. It's pretty smooth, even smoother than a certain B&M coaster (you know what I'm talking about) which I find ironic. Since Haunt, I've been having an Invertigo addiction and been riding that ride a lot.

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