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The Official TPR "East Coast/Behemoth Trip" Update

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Someone should have asked them if they know about Gatlinburg. Any respectable ninja worth his/her weight in throwing stars knows that's where the deals are.


I thought ninjas at first, but then remembered "Multi-Faith ERT" and figured Muslim or similar.


A skunk eh? And we all thought Hypersonic was the only stinker at KD.

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East Coast - Day 5


Today we spent (most of) the day at Six Flags America in Maryland.

It was voted once again to leave early and get extra sleep for the day at Busch Gardens.




Since we left the park early, we had extra time for a Walmart ERT.


Advertising provided by Schwarzkopf, the roller coaster and styling gel manufacturer.


An amusement park is not supposed to have guests see these kind of "ruins".


Most of us took a ride on the Blizzard River water ride before heading for lunch.


Superman Ride of Steel runs very different from it's New England cousin.


Our ERT started on Batwing, the Vekoma flyer.

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Today we bring you random photos from Behemoth Bash. These pictures are in no particular order, and were taken by Robb, Hanno, Dan, Natalie, and lots of other random people who totally kick ass.


"Are you my mother?"


Behemoth Bash was a HELL of a lot of fun! Thanks to Canada's Wonderland for helping sort out such a great event!


"The Girls of TPR"


Everyone loves Behemoth!




"Hey world! We're here with Behemoth!!!"


I think I see Jesus!


We had Q&A with some of the park head honchos. They told us cool stuff and we were all jealous of their awesomesness.


"We are playin metric Skee Ball...it says 10 points, but it's really 80"


Ryan won the trivia contest by giving himself a bonus 100 points!


"I am sooooo wet right now!"




The Fly - does it mean the "buzz, buzz, buzz" insect or the thing on your pants?


Behemoth was a huge hit with TPR's gay community.


Choose front or back...sit down...scream!


Two hours of Behemoth ERT makes people just a little loopy...


Sledgehammer looks awesome, but it's kind of time...fun yes, but not as crazy as it looks.


Pure B&M hyper heaven.


"Welcome to EMO....enjoy your ride!'


Helixy, Helix, Helix.


The crazy turnaround.


Behemoth's mirror image.


Any topspin that basically turns a firehose onto it's riders gets high points in my book!


"I no longer need any women...."


"I love this park."


The park is breathtaking.


If Behemoth was a teenage subculture....


Yay! More Behemoth!!!


One of these things is not like the other....one of these things does not belong...


"Hi....I'm fat."


Theme Park Revue presents "Independence Day."


I owe the Stunt Coaster crew a HUGE thank you for saving my iPhone from destruction.


For the real sad and pathetic coaster geeks, the photo walkback was better than "normal" sex.


Are you an inversion or not?


Wet TPR members or Canadian Car Wash. You decide.


Yo Mr. Sign. How's it going?


Night time Vortex ERT was *very* sexy!


Vekoma brace position.


Now you don't.


Now you see him...


And you thought the Titanic sank fast....


Roxanne flashes the boys...


The Money Shot!


The bizarre seating configuartion actually worked really well! Only thing was there seemed to be a lot of empty seats on each train. This rides needs a single rider line badly!


"Can we please go back to Behemoth now?"


"Hello, I'm Behemoth. This is why you are here today. I hope you enjoy my awesomeness."

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Nice memories of Canada's Wonderland. Despite the overall questionable nature of Wonderland's coaster line up, it really is an excellent park. Great atmosphere, well-kept. Probably the nicest Cedar Far park I've been to. Throw in an Intamin coaster or two and you'd have something quite special. It could happen. Their maintenance director told us he's "not scared of Intamin".

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Behemoth Bash RAWKED!! Behemoth was my 400th coaster back in May - but that day, I only got a few rides on it, since the park was so crowded. At Behemoth Bash, I got to ride it 18 times - damn I love ERT! (Nighttime ERT on Vortex was pretty sweet too.) Behemoth is such a great ride, possibly my favorite B&M hyper - and I so LOVE B&M hypers! I think I like it even better than Nitro. (Now I can start counting down the months until Diamondback opens at Kings Island...) The world can never have enough hypercoasters!


Robb, I have to disagree with your assessment of Behemoth as an "emo" coaster. Yeah, I know the three letters appear in the coaster's moniker - but emo? Maybe I'm off target here, but I think of "emo" as being overly-sensative, a bit whiny, mopey, introspective, ultra-PC, a bit lazy - basically, the exact polar OPPOSITE of everything that Behemoth is! Hey, they don't call it a HYPERcoaster for nothing... (Then again, what do I know about emo...)


Thanks Robb, Elissa and TPR for another awesome event!

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Why am I the answer to a trivia question? Again?


Heck, I'm not even there!!






I think he wrote down the wrong answer to that question. I see my name written off to the left hand side. I believe it was the Jiggidy question.


Actually Jeff, I wrote you down twice, both times as WRONG answers - my trivia sheet had a LOT of wrong answers! (Hence the dire need for the magical octopus with the 100 bonus points.) As Erik pointed out, I confused you and him on the Jiggidy question. Then I listed you as one of Robb's former roommates - I had a right answer to begin with (Dave Thomas), then I crossed out his name and put yours instead.


Wow, I sure know my fellow TPR members well!

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THanks to B&Ms high capacity there were more seats available on the ride than people on the trip given there were other rides open at the time. Which meant I could stay on the train non stop!! Shuffling once in a while of course. It made me very very happy, all manner of theoretical fluids were flowing.


And heres another nerdy moment for you: Walk back = missionary position; Seat# 2.3.4 = doggie. mmmmmmm.

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Great update.


We loved Behemoth too when we rode it end of May. How are the trims nowadays ? When we rode it, all trims were of and we understood that there was somebody from B&M coming the week after to arrange the trims.


About the empty seats, we saw that too in in CW but we also saw that in the US parks we visited. I in fact can only remember that the ops of TTD bothered looking for single rides when there was an empty seat, but that was probably because of the trainweight which was needed to make the tophat at the right speed. Don't recall the KK ops doing the same though. Anyway, on all other coasters we did during our trip, the ops didn't really care that the train left 10 to 20 % empty.

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