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The Official TPR "East Coast/Behemoth Trip" Update

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Fun fun update. Just spent some free time at work looking through the update. Very big plus to have Superman...er "Ride of Steel" pictures. One of my favorite coasters I've never been on (if that's legit or not). Plus nice shots of scenic Jahan and Diablo Cody is amazing.

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Day 2, Part 2 - Martin's Fantasy Island


Photos by Robb, Hanno, Natalie, and a bunch of random other people...


Thank you Martin's! We had an AWESOME day!!!!


That giant blur has TPR members in it somewhere.


It was time for night ERT.


Jahan...it's not freakin REAL. Just put your head in it and drink for god sakes!!!


We found "Cody" now we just need to see if they have "Diablo."


...you can get some wood.


And just in case you go limp in the shop...


Check out our winnings!!!!


Tyler and Brad got the indoor BBQ so we can cook up some snakes on the bus.


We went for the cleaning kit because it came with a Chinese Laborer.


There are so many choices...what should we get?


You throw the rubber balls and if you get a row, you shout I GOT IT and they give you a coupon.


It's so easy to play, even KidTums won!


Best find of the day "I Got It!"


Silver Comet = Coastergasm.


"NOOOO!!!! We are being hurdled into the sun!!!"


Silver Balloons + rubbing hair = explosion.


Food....everyone loves food.




KidTums first "adult" flat ride. She looks concerned, but she loved it!


We found who kept stealing all the TPR bags.


Full Tilt....yup!


"Anyone got some Crystal Light?"


"Max doesn't even get this wet when he takes a shower!"


...Now you don't!


Now you seem them...




"Log Flume seems like a good idea!"


"Best non-spinning coaster EVAR!!!"


HA! We got Elissa on the spinning coaster!


Don't worry guys...it doesn't spin much.


"It tastes like chicken!'


"I'm not sure what it could be...it may be ice cream...it may be frozen spew."




"Go greased lightnin'....go greased lightnin'"


Jahan and Tyler aren't scraed...they are always this gay.


Bethany is protected by her Jackie Onasis shades.


Neil hangs on tight.


That's the Starflyer. It's new. It reduced some grown men to screaming little girls.


"I'll have one of Phat Phil's fingers please!"


Nightime ERT was orgasmic.


Silver Comet is an underrated woodie and everyone should come out and ride.


"Raise your hands...if you're sure...PUT YOUR HANDS DOWN MAX!!!"


Ok, ok, fine....we are here for coasters...and this one kicks ass!


Screw the roller coasters, we're here for canoe ERT!!!


We have tickets with our name on them...so let us in!!!

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Greetings from the Hilton Garden Inn in Williamsburg, VA. The trip has been awesome so far!



Today we went to SFA.


SFA is a fairly nice park, but the oeprations and the coasters sucked hard. When we arrived for ERT on Wild One this morning, it broke down on us so we headed over to Batwing after waiting around for 20 minutes. After we got our Batwing credit, we headed back and tried for Superman which happened to be having problems with the red train, so that was down too. We headed back to Wild One which had re-opened. After we got all our credits which we had by noon, there was nothing else to do, so we left after our group lunch.


The operations sucked worse than the SLC and Roar. Ride ops had absolutely no interaction witht he guests whatsoever. There were many instances where the ops were on their phones, texting, socializing while riders waited for their restraints to be locked, dancing to the music in the station, etc. Many rides were closed and the signature Papa John's was closed too. Two Face is just sitting idle while guests walk past it. The 4 old water sldes that go through the trees next to the park entrance were blocked off for the new Tony Hawk slide in the water park. Because of this, this whole area is trashed. The splashdown pool was not drained and now is mosquito infested scuzzy water. The entrance for another ride goes right up alongside that and it is absolutely horrible. Onto the bad coasters now. Roar - OMG this was painfully rough. Jackhammering all the way. SFDK's Roar is better by a longshot. How can 2 coasters so much alike be so different? This was almost as bad as Mean Sterak. Mind Eraser - loose wheels not touching the track make for a very bumpy and rough ride. Resulted in sore ears and back.



That's all for now.



BGE tomorrow!

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Did yall actually go to SFA today? If you did you probably had a terrible time since the crowds were crazy today. I was there and I didnt see anyone who looked like they were from TPR.


Yep, we were there and the crowds weren't that bad. We had morning ERT on 3 coasters so the other credits weren't hard to get, esepecially with The Flash Pass and it not being THAT crowded. It was an interesting day, but we left early to avoid DC rush hour and because we already had all the credits.


I wouldn't say it was like extremely crowded, just crowded for a Monday. I got there at 12 and the lines to get in the park were huge. I think I saw two TPR buses but I'm not sure. It would of been cool to see you guys there but oh well, maybe next time.

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Silver Comet was awesome! Truthfully, I didn't even know the Silver Comet existed before I signed up for the trip. After I looked at where we would be going on the trip, I found out about this unknown woodie.

The Silver Comet really impressed me. It had some nice airtime and had great pacing. It is really an unknown, underrated, world-class wooden coaster. It is definitely in my top 10 wooden coasters. Night time ERT on the Silver Comet was a lot of fun. The ride ops. were extremely friendly and interactive with us and even let the train roll through the station after our last ride for one more extra run! It was a great way to end a great day.

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^Oh, man...Waldameer ERT. I'm looking forward to those photos more than any others, I think.


Me too, mainly because that was the only day I was actually part of the trip, haha. That was some insane riding though. Nothing beats some thunder, lightning, and blinding rain on a great coaster.

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You. All. Are. Amazing.


I'm ALL about formal theming, you know, being a Disney Bitch. But you're opening my eyes to a new(er) world of exciting coasters, decades-old dark rides and, most importantly, Kiddie-Coasters. That .. and:

A.) I'm on the hot dog SKIN eating side of things.

B.) I live in Oregon, so ANY wetness is Acceptable.


C.) ... I'm TOTALLY with the people who hock the big beers!


I hope you're all having a jolly time!!



Robb and Elissa: I've been visiting the site for a couple years now, and I feel it only right to say (a belated) congrats on the KidTums! She's freakin' adorable!

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Good Call!


The 1982 date confirmed it for me. The name for that ride (when I rode it at the Texas State Fair in the early 80's) was indeed the "Looping Star". I still have many good memories of that ride, even after 20+ years.


Well, after digging a little last night, I found the old B&B souvenir picture book. DLMindEraserTL, since you say that your Ranger was installed new, then I guess it wasn't this one. I appreciate the info, guys.


It's weird how I remembered that flat out of everything else. I distinctly remember feeling a bit claustrophobic one my one and only ride way back when.




Yay for the update. Glad to see Tyler awake, but these updates need more Rich.


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