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The Official TPR "East Coast/Behemoth Trip" Update

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Great update! It looks like you guys sure have fun on these trips. Hopefully one of these days I'll get to come along.....


Wait a minute!! I am going on one of these cool trips!!! I'll see you all Wednesday night!!!


(That was fair warning...prepare yourself East Coast Trippers!!!)

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We are now in Canada. Tired but had a fantastic day - Darien Lake then Martin's Fantasy in Western NY. After leaving at 9:40pm we have now arrived at 1am.

Thankfully we aren't checking out in the morning and since we're half an hour behind schedule, have 30 mins extra sleep Something I've almost forgotten existed!


That said we are all having a blast and using the bus trips as time to catch up between episodes of South Park, Family Guy, Futurama etc as well as the requisite footage clips from past clips.


I'll kick off my PTR after getting back from the Behemoth Bash/our Wonderland day. Probably just do Seabreeze first up. Then I'd do Darien Lake/Martin's Fantasy Island on the following evening etc etc.

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The ride is REALLY bizarre but totally fun!


That basically summarizes the coaster in a nutshell


I checked out Seabreeze for the first time last summer. I found the bobsled coaster to be pretty cool, unique (to say the least), and surprisingly enjoyable. Watch out for the tree near the beginning!!

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Yay! Dan's back!!! I came too! (but for a different reason)!


Okay dude, you're really starting to creep me out a bit......and I'm not Dan, nor am I related to him in any way, shape or form. You've got 19 posts, and among them are these creeptacular gems:


PS. Was that Dan on a water ride? OMG!


Dan can play "doctor" with me anytime... I don't even care if he's diabetic or afraid of water (I'm that desperate). However, he should be VERY afraid that I fit very nicely in my "Elle Driver" nurse gear (even if I'm not a nurse, or a bounty hunter and I still have both my eyes... and yes, I'm quite gay). As Karen Walker says, my gayness can be seen from space!


So... let me get this "straight": a "gay roman painting", a "bag of suck" and "Nurse Dan".... Am I in Xanadu, or did I win the "men's club" lottery? Hurrah!


Sorry I missed yer funness at the park & at yer afterparty & yes, Dan, I would like to be "There"... He-he!


Where is our favorite water-phobic/diabetic eye-candy? We miss U!


Mods, I apologize if I'm missing something here, but the Hoffman Girl's "stalker" has nothing on this guy.


EDIT: Also, sorry to detract from the awesomeness of the trip. Please continue on.

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^^^"Creeptacular" is a most appropriate word.


Would I be out of place if I told nojarama:


"GIRL!!!! Use your inside voice... and leave these youngin's alone!"


That is all. Back on subject


Looks like that trip is going to be a blast! I wish I had more vacation days (and a lot more money!) to go! I have to settle for throwing these weights around in preparation for trying to look better in my White Party outfit in November!


Terry "I see you Kimmy!" Weaver

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Am I in Xanadu, or did I win the "men's club" lottery? Hurrah!





Dude I am so envious of all the rollercoasters. I think my girlfriend and I want to do a summer tour or whatever in year 2009. (So we can be atleast 18) It might replace our beach week. So i just sit here at 1 in the morning salivating over all the coasters and the funny comments. Going to Kings Dominion Tomorrow! WOO!

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Apparently I have "stalker" issues to some... I apologize to all. It was all meant in fun. I didn't mean to "creep" or "offend" anyone. I will continue with my "inside" voice (that was hilarious BTW) regarding all things Dan in the future.


As for the "Ghetto Matterhorn", I was genuinely questioning the ride in my earlier post...

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