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The Official TPR "East Coast/Behemoth Trip" Update

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For a park that was all about food, I wouldn't have liked any of it. (Well, not unless they served the pasta plain- and not that I liked any of the food on the trip anyway )


It looks like the Add-On was a lot of fun, despite most of the parks looking pretty mediocre (that's why you go around with a massive group of mainly hilarious people ).

I'm just gutted that I couldn't go. 9Apart from most other people, who were probably pleased I didn't go ).

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Natatomic wrote:


AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh, southerners are toothless hicks in America. Stereotypically, of course. But thank you. At least I'm exotic in some parts of the world.


The south to me is classic literature like Gone With The Wind and To Kill A Mockingbird - not trailer parks, bad teeth, the klan, and pig farming (I'm trying to forget Deliverance). Also I really hope you get over your fear of flying because there is so many opportunities you'll miss out on otherwise. Though a cab driver on the midwest trip was very convinced about how teleportation was possible.


Back to the reports, Leap The Dips was a funny little coaster, back row without holding on (I was filming a POV) was Jolt The Dips but the front was much better. To think, this would have been blowing people's minds early last century just like X, Dragster etc would be now. I wish I had a time machine to see what will be amazing in next century.


Delgrosso's - it was all about the sauce because it certainly wasn't about the rides. I can see why they haven't bothered to put up the other coaster they have.


Maybe some imagineer can come up with an affordable sauce theme for Delgrosso's yet to be put up ccoaster to pique Mr Sauce's interest - Sauce The Ride, Leap The Sauce, Top Thrill Sauce, Ride of Sauce, Sauce Runner; the possibilities are endless. A TPR competition maybe?

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What a great trip report!!!

Thanks for getting these out to us Robb, wherever you are in the world!!


I had such an Amazing time on this trip! I'm having flashbacks everyday. Something always seems to remind me of the trip! Like cruising by the movie rentals at Block Buster and coming across the movie Juno, or passing by the pasta sauce section at Albertson's and for some reason South Park, Spiders and "Your Mom".


Thanks to everyone who made this trip as Amazing as it was!!

You guys are all Awesome and I Miss You!!

I've come back a different person! A changed person!

I think something happened to me on that Incredible stormy night, during the most invigorating thunderstorm I've ever experienced. Or Maybe it was the Great Behemoth..Night ERT, Eyes closed, wind in my face! I can't really say for sure what it was, but I do know that there is no amount of money that can pay for the lessons learned, experience gained and friends made to keep!!!

You Guys Take Care!! Much Love!!


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Awww.....with this update comes the end of the trip I was a part off.

It's been the strangest thing after reading trip reports for so long to actually say I was there for one..and even see a few pictures of my self in there.


I've said it before, but I'll say it again, while the parks and ERT was awesome, it was the people who made this trip awesome!

I'd be down for a TPR takeover of anything, even a shopping mall!

Mike, Matt (x2), Adam, Tony, Chris, you guys are awesome!, and here's hoping we can met up some time in the future again!

If I didn't say you're name, you're not as awesome, but you're still cool....

.....Nooo, everyone on the trip was amazingly awesome!

Thanks for the memories guys, and cant wait for a trip next year!

( I got a second job just to make sure I'm on a trip next year!)

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Speeddeamon128 wrote:


It's all about the SAUCE! I think Delgrosso's had the best kiddie of the trip & Tyler's puppet show on the bus was funny as Hell


Hell is right, I thought Tyler was possessed by a demon, what a puppet show (the greatest since Meet The Feebles), Red Bull should sponsor Tyler.

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I was too far back on the bus to hear the puppet show. Instead we had flashing Leis, cameras, I phone, and a slight rave going on back there instead. As well as the spiders. The night was Sauce, Spiders and leis. What else could you want? awesome trip report for an Equally awesome trip.


it's all about the sauce.

Flightdeck world tour group!

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And him being in China doesn't really speed things up.

Exactly. I've finished the Behemoth trip update. These things take me about two hours a night at the minimum to put together and unfortunatley the China updates will have to take priority since these are parks not many people have seen before.


I had time at the start of the trip to do more than one update a night but now that we're knee deep into this Asia trip, I've got to put off the East Coast reports for another week or two.


There are already plenty of awesome trip reports going on anyway...



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^Absolutely understandable!! I'm enjoying living vicariously through yet another incredible TPR trip. I'll look forward to the official East Coast update, but I'm also enjoying what everybody else is pulling together from the ECT. It just gives me something else to look forward to knowing there are more updates to come.


Thanks for taking the time to do the Asia updates you are doing. Having now done an actual trip, I don't know how anyone posts while on a trip. I could hardly see straight by the time we got back to the hotel most of the time! (Except for maybe a couple of memorable nights in Williamsburg!)


Thanks Again! Sleepy KerryB

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^That is so true... The China updates are great and I am absolutely enjoying the updates. I'm also really enjoying all the other ECT trip reports... If it would be possible to post links to them in the official trip report that would be freaking awesome.


Now that I have been on one of the trips it gives me a completely new respect for just how crazy the whole thing is. Robb and Elissa put a ton into these trips and the fact that Robb actually manages to keep up with these updates is insane. I know I have mad amounts of respect for both of them now. I couldn't keep up the rate they do for so long in the summer. Heck most of the ECT I was ready to collapse when we hit the hotel (and most of the time I did).

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I hope I'm not irritating anyone, but I'm feeling kinda like: All the member trip reports were great but the whole thing still doesn't feel like it's "officially" in the TPR history books until Robb & co. do their thing. I'll admit that I'm even more anxious to see what's in store now that I'm absolutely certain that I won't do a trip in '09...and '10 is still on the fence. Sorry for being selfish. I'll go back to my corner.

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I will be doing the TR's and I'm so sorry that I haven't gotten around to it yet, I've just got so many things going on right now in my personal life that I haven't got much time.


My "day job" has really gotten busy and my day recently has consited of -


8am - Wake up

9am - 7pm - My "Day Job"

7:30pm - 1am - TPR "Stuff"

1am - 2am - Go to bed


And lately the "TPR Stuff" has been mastering two DVDs, working on 2009 trips, daily updates, TPR TV development, and most importantly, packing up and shipping DVD orders.


I honestly don't get very many breaks for myself. It's either work stuff or TPR stuff almost 24/7.


The trip updates take a LOT of time. Anyone who has ever done a trip report knows exactly what I'm talking about.


I've just been very busy....sorry! And I know "Sorry" just isn't a good enough excuse, there just aren't enough hours in the day. I mean, we just released the DVD from our Japan 2007 trip...and trust me, if it could have been released any sooner, it would have!


--Robb "They will be coming, I swear!!!" Alvey

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