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Disneyland ticket prices to increase starting tomorrow!

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Disneyland is the best hands down. I have always had passes until recently. With a family of 4 I just can't afford them. I ended up getting passes for SFMM and Knott's for less. So it's a "more bang for the buck" kinda thing. We now only do Disneyland around Christmas time now But if you go to the NASCAR race or a Charger game you pay 70$ for a few hours so I think it's fine what they charge. I still remember it being around 35$ a ticket when I first got married. Holy crap I'm getting old!

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Also, you're paying for the name, the legend, etc. when you go to Disney. There are probably few parks or chains in the world that can rival one that is associated with animation, TV, movie and the other franchises that fall under the Disney umbrella. Granted, I have never actually been to Disneyland; my experience is with WDW and that was right when Space Mountain opened, so, yeah, when I saw the price, I almost fell out of my skin, but it does make sense.

I also think other things, but thay've already been said, so why litter the internet with it?


Scott "Wildcat at Compounce is NOT a good time" Mayfield

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