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Photo TR - Fun Forest

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Yesterday, my mom took me and a friend over to Seattle for a early birthday present. Our goal was to hit Fun Forest before it was rumored to close in '09. We were originally going to hit Gameworks first then head over to Fun Forest for some rides but, Gameworks failed us by taking out their best game.... So we went straight to lunch. The weather started nice but, after a couple hours, it started raining. So onto the report:


We caught the 1:20 ferry and got over to the other side at about 2:00. The Blue Angels were out practicing for Seafair while we were going across... That was amazing. They get so close to each other that one little mistake could effect the whole group. It was very exciting to see. When we got off the ferry, we made our way up to the mall to get some lunch at Johnny Rockets. It was my first time going to Johnny's and I have to say, those burgers are the best burgers I've had in a very long time. Then we climbed aboard the monorail and it brought us right to the middle of Fun Forest.


We got our wristband and headed straight for Windstorm. There was no line (just like every other ride in the park) and so we decided we'd start in the front. The ride was better than I remember it being but man, this thing is still crazy! It has a little bunny hop at the top that gives a little floater airtime but, after that, it's smashed-in-your-seat madness! I'm just glad this thing doesn't have OTSR's. There was one point of the ride where I even found my head outside of the headrest! Overall, I did raise my rating of it to a 5/10 from a 4/10. I don't think I'll ever raise it much higher though.


Next, we did the Wild River, the Rainbow Chaser (the kiddie coaster), the Windstorm 4 more times, and the rest of the flats in the park. I think the ride operators here won the award for the worst, and scariest ride operators I've EVER seen. When you come up to a ride, they are usually catching up on some sleep in one of the seats on the ride. You reach the gate and they get up, open it, and watch you sit in your seat. They don't say anything! Then they start the ride. Yeah, I only found a couple that actually check the restraint or buckle before they let the ride go. Plus, on the Zamperla pirate ship, we were able to lift the bar all the way up while the ride was in motion. And once the ride starts, they just glare at you the whole time! It became scary after a while. I think it definitely put a damper on the whole park.


We left the park after about a hour of being there. We visited a couple shops on the way down to the ferry and then we hopped aboard and headed home.


Overall, the park is OK but I won't go again for a while. I don't like to see any park on the verge of closing, but I can see why this one is. I think if Seattle took up the offer of this (www.thestranger.com/seattle/Content?oid=464307) guy's ideas, Fun Forest could really become something. But for now, it's up to the city.


Well... Onto the pictures!


More pictures soon.


The helix drop thing! I don't even know what to call this, it's just that insane.


The little hop that could.


Windstorm and all it's twists.


Zamperla Galleon with lifting restraints ;)


Music Express.


First view of the park.



Johnny Rockets.



The library.




How many crates can you stack on a ship?


Blue Angels practicing.


That's where we're going.

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I went there for the 4th but I didn't get to go on windstorm . I went on the wild river though, pretty bad


Where there any lines that day? I don't think I've ever seen this park have a line longer than 5 people.


Anyways... here's the rest of the photo's:


And of course, you can't go to Seattle without stopping at Starbucks! Anyways, Thanks for reading everyone!


A very nice carousel in a building on the waterfront.


A little visit to Pike Place Market.


The Orbiter.


The lonely Jet Spin that hasn't moved for years.


Final drop!


It's a *little* ghetto.


1st drop POV.


Wild River.


... The birds leave :( It's like they knew it was coming.


Birds Land. And then the music starts and...


The Space Needle.


Tornado; I stayed off this one.


Mini Swinging Ship!!! This thing was crazy! I could barely keep in my seat!


View of the city from the Ferris Wheel.

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I went there for the 4th but I didn't get to go on windstorm . I went on the wild river though, pretty bad


Where there any lines that day? I don't think I've ever seen this park have a line longer than 5 people.


Nope, no lines. A bit more than average though.


To me, orbiter goes pretty fast, I hate spinny rides.

I hate the mini pirate ship, almost impossible to stay seated..

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Your PTR has been added to the Theme Park Review Park Index, thank you for provided pictures of a "new" park.


BTW - Do you have any photos of their kiddie coaster (Rainbow Chaser)?

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That Windstorm coaster looks like an exact clone of the one at SCBB. Do you know if it is?


Yeah, they are triplets along with one from New York.


What? No pictures of the best ride there, Booster? Oh well, it's still a very well put together TR. Great job.


Well, we were originally planning to make a stop at that ride but, when we got to the park, the Booster was nowhere to be found! I have no idea what happened to it but I do know that it's no longer at Fun Forest.


PS: Sorry about replying late, I have been gone for the past couple days.

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Cool TR! I remember the last time I visited Washington (I wanna live there, and so does my mom) we went to the Experience Music Project and the park was closed. Maybe next year when I visit I might be lucky and it be open.

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