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Lagoon amusement park

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Just wondering if anyone recommends this park, and if Oct is a good time to go? The park's website says they are open til Nov 2.


1. How is the weather at that time? (late Oct)

2. I plan on going on Sat. Will it be crowded? (Im sure it won't be, but I have never been there)

3.Are most of the rides open at the end of the season?


I found really cheap flights here from my city and thought it might make a quick fun 1 day trip. I know it's a "traditional park" and I am not expecting anything like the big themers. But I would like to try WICKED, and Fire Dragon (double looper)- a dying breed, since Dorney's just got sold!!


Any tips appreciated!!!

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Someone is coming to Lagoon!


1. Utah weather is very unpredictable. It can snow or it can be eighty degrees. Just check the Weather Channel before you leave.

2. It probably wont be crowded.

3. Some of the rides close like Rattlesnake Rapids, the log flume and some kid rides. All of the major rides should be open though.


Lagoon is a nice little park and you chose a good time of year to go because it will not be as hot as the surface of the sun. If possible get there at opening and you can do everything in the first couple of hours. For more information visit


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Funny I should find this post, because I was just thinking about asking for some info on Lagoon too. My buddy and I are thinking of hitting Mormon Country for a little coasterin' in September, seeing as how it's the closest park I haven't been to with enough credits to make it worth our while. Plus, we can make it a quick weekend trip and it won't cost too much. I just had a little one, so money is a bit tight.


Thanks for the tips, and for the link to that site. I have to say that I've been researching Lagoon and looking at photos and video of the park and of Wicked. Man that thing looks awesome.




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I was pleasantly surprised with the park when I visited last year. They have some good, not great, but good coasters. I would definitely try and ride Spider, Wicked, Wild Mouse, Roller Coaster, Jet Star 2, and Colossus.


Oh and don't forget about Sonic Boom at Celebration Centre. It's definitely worth the little detour.

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Get there when the park opens! I can't stress this enough about this park. You can seriously conquer this park if you get there right when it opens and head for Wicked and then Spider. If you want to do the whole park in 2 hours you can. I don't recommend the water park portion since it might be a bit chilly in October.


Have fun! It's a great little park!


JimmyBo "Robb beat me to posting my report" Bo

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