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Photo TR: Düsseldorf Fair Photos

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lets make a TPR german funfair trip...


you must go to a german fair in the north and the south... even region has its ohn rides... because there are showmans/carnies that have there homes in the north like Drehers Breakdancer No.2 / Die Krake in Bremen or Happy Sailor an old Seastorm Ride in Hamburg.


Only the very big rides the Coasters, the Wildwasser (biggest traveling log flume) and others travels through all Germany.


So like the north, the south has some unique rides ... only one Huss Booster in germany... etc...


Here... *sch*** on every record breaking coaster... ride only one time Happy Sailor and you will go aut of the ride with the biggest smile that you aver had...

Heres some little video....

Happy sailor

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Great trip report! I've always wanted to go to one of these German Fairs, they look incredible.


Maybe my friend will stop by one, she is in Germany after all... but she's there for the Metal Festival, Wakken... or something like that.


I find it amazing that there are no barriers to keep people away from the ride, especially with how fast they travel. And at a fair that houses mostly drunk Germans. Too many stupid people in America to pull that kind of thing.

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that we will drink the most beer pro head in the world, says nothing that we will be at all partys drunk...


The ride opps will strikly quick sort out drunk people...


About the barriers... we have here here an other law system. In US you know that you can sue someone for inanities. And with millions of compensation

Here there are sighs: for self-caused accidents we wouldn´t take over liability

Here you cant sue a mikrowave company for compensation, because there are no info in the instruction manual that you can´t dry yout cat in it...

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this year i went to dusseldorf, first BIG fair i did and omg it was just amazing


wild wasser is huge, alpina bahn is a beautifull schwarzkopf and höllenblitz is also excellent


this weekend is Cranger Kirmes. almost the same attractions as on dusseldorf kirmes but it's the center of the city instead on a big terrain next to a river too bad i can't go

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I get there every year with a group of themepark fans.

We enjoy it a lot, also this year we had a blast.

There was a lot of rain but we also had a lot of sunshine so here are some clear photos.


how do you mean "crowds" ?


Entrance of the flume






My favorite ride (made in holland rules)





It took us 5 hours to get around and have a beer and some food. (it really is big)



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Awesome report!


A friend of mine is doing a study-abroad in Berlin from next week to the end of September, and the end of her session just happens to coincide with Oktoberfest in Munich. Needless to say, she's excited. I've always wanted to go to Munich for Oktoberfest...


Just out of curiosity, how much does a beer cost in one of those big portable halls?


Paul "The dollar isn't worth the cotton it's printed on" Miller

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They don't sell pints, at Oktoberfest, the only beer you can buy is a Maß, that is a glass of 1 liter of beer. (you can have a pint only if you take a bottled white beer).


A Maß costs about 8€. It's quite expensive but prices always get up for Oktobefest (hotels, and beer). Normally a Maß costs about 6€ in the city center and much less in more retired parts of Bavaria, but there you certainly don't get the same feeeling as when in the tent singing folkloric songs with 7000 other drunk people!



A ride on Olymia Looping must also be in the same price range. I cant' remember exactly, but it was around 6-7€ last year.

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No, they aren't rough at all. Which is really amazing considering that they put it up in only weeks.


I remember visiting these fairs. They really are amazing. They have rides I've never seen, the music is happy, the smell is yummy, and everyone is having a great time.


The only downside to these fairs are the prices. To take one ride on the inverted it costs 10 euro's. (Which is around 15 dollars)

The Shwarzkopf costs 5 euro's (8 dollars) and many of the larger flat rides can cost between 4 - 12 euros.


But yes, they are indeed amazing. Another reason I love Germany.



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Awesome TR!

What an insane fair. You would never think that they could make portable rides so big.

I wonder how long it takes them to set up the whole fair.


the first supports from eurostar arrived 2 weeks before opening but disappeared a few days later cause it's been sold to a russian park (already posted here)


then alpina bahn arrived about a week for opening and it was up and running from the beginning construction for alpina bahn can be done in a week. hollenblitz takes much longer i think the first transportables for that ride also arrived about 2 weeks for the opening

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Great pics I come from the netherlands and it is true that we can stand up on the breakdance. Actualy most of the breakdance in our country have special leg supports so you can stand up

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I love this trip report. Do you have any information on who built that travelling rapids ride????



I believe it was made by ABC. The travelling one was their frist, but they now offer similar rides to parks. I believe Prater in Austria now has one. I should say it isn't really a rapids as such, more just a big water slide taken in rapids-style boats, there's no actual rapids as such. The smaller Reverchon and Fabbri travelling raft rides do have a short stretch of rapids after the slide.




As for the concern about drunks, as one of the German members have said, the staff around the Break Dance are EXTREMELY vigilant. Anyone that looks like they could cause problems is turned away. Generally, however, people are allowed to stand around regardless of whether they even have any intention of riding. You do not even need to have bought a token to stand around the ride.

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A friend of mine has given me permission to show you some of his Youtube clips so you can see the atmosphere of German fair rides. These are from various DVDs, which you can order here:




Hope you enjoy them, they should give a better idea of what it's like to visit these places than the photos do.



Huss Break Dance, Düsseldorf 2005, includes loading "procedure":




"Die Krake" Schwarzkopf Polyp, Bremen 2005 (with Ferris Wheel intro)





Flying Circus, spectacular, one-of-a-kind ride, Stuttgart 2008





XXL, Tilburg (Netherlands), 2006





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I love this trip report. Do you have any information on who built that travelling rapids ride????

The Swiss from ABC Engineering. Reverchon also builds this kind of ride (they were the first to do it), but clearly ABC has mastered this art better than the French...

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