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Freizeitpark Plohn, Germany Discussion Thread

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Hmmm...Six Flags America is three words, and they are LONG overdue for something new and big. The last rumor I heard was Six Flags was adding 2 new GCI's for 2009. We know Magic Mountain, and rumor has been SFOT, but then again it may be something else going to Texas. Another GCI at SFA would be great and give them a great niche with 3 great woodies...


Just a thought.

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I don't think that this coaster is anywhere in the U.S., considering that earlier Robb said that it was "out there" and the mentioned fact that the site isn't necessarily in English.


And the sad thing is I am supposed to be packing for our flight to Michigan tomarrow, yet I am glued to my laptop right now!

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That's gotta be it. I must say, this was rather annoying. Interesting, but annoying. The site goes down, then it slows to a crawl. Then it goes down AGAIN (as I'm typing this reply).


I only understood that "forellenhof" was a clue. Can you give away the rest now? What was on Page 2? What was with the fish? Was it that "trout" in German is "forelle"?

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Forellenhof, or "Erlebnispark Forellenhof Plohn", is indeed getting a Great Coasters ride for 2009!


Here are some stats:

- 90-foot elevation change

- 70.8-foot first drop

- 45.5 mph top speed

- 2,379 feet of track

- Two tunnels


The ride intertwines well with the surrounding rides and shows beautifully from the rest of the park; it's a really cool setting for a coaster. And, of course, it will have low-to-the-ground speed, pops of airtime, and quick direction changes. There will be one of our Millennium Flyer trains (hence the lack of a maintenance building, as someone pointed out).


Construction is under way, as the link indicates. Forellenhof has posted a banner of this coming attraction on site.


Good job to those who got the clues!

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