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Stagecoach Stop USA in Irish Hills, MI

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So my buddy Chris took his kids down to this place in Irish Hills, MI which is pretty much in the middle on no where.

The place is called "Stagecoach Stop USA". I have never heard of it, and I also didn't know about the now defunct coaster that they have named "The Cornstalk Load Goldmine - Runaway Mine Cars".

I couldn't find any information on the coaster. Here is a link to the places website "www.stagecoachstop.com", but it doesn't have any information on the coaster.

Ever heard of this place, or the coaster?


Being the good guy that he is, when he spotted the rusty, shut down coaster... he thought of me!

He gave me some photo's that he took of the coaster this past Friday and Saturday.

They aren't the best quality, but they're better than any other pics that I've seen of this coaster, which is none!


Here are the photos.

Hopefully this works out ok, as this is my first time posting any photos like this.


View of track from outside the park.


Closer view of same section of track.


Last two turns, and little bunny hills before returning to the station.


Some track with theming in the background.


Mining Rig theming.


OLD SCHOOL lift motor with chains, and belts!


Part of the lift hill, and motor.


Closer photo of the front of the train.


Somewhat of an overview with a tarped train.


Control panel?


Entrance sign for the coaster.

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