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Photo: TR Dixie Landin' 6/28

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Dixie Landin' is a little, family-run park. Adjacent to DL is Blue Bayou, also owned by the same owners who own DL. Most of DL's rides are carnival rides, taken off of their trailers. Some of the rides were at a defuct park called "Fun Fair Park". Some even came from Pontrechain Beach. DL added a new (used) Moser Sidewinder this year, and added a new (used) Spinner.


Robb and Elissa, I hope ya'll can get the chance to come back down to Louisiana again!


Hope you enjoy the photos! I'll post some more tommrow.


This is the first time TPR has seen photos of Dixie Landin'!! This is the first Dixie Landin' P:TR ever on TPR! YAY!




Ragin Cajun's cobra roll and loop.


That's it for now!


I'll post some more pics later tommorow.


Hope you enjoyed my Dixie Landin' P:TR!


If only Lisberg had a HUSS Rainbow.......


The Galaxi. Built by S.D.C. Galaxi orignally called Pontrechain Beach Amusement Park home. Then after Pontrechain closed, it was bought by Fun Fair Park. After Fun Fair Park closed, and moved, it now calls Dixie Landin' home......for now.


This is the "Rainbow". Made by HUSS.


FUN FACT: This Rainbow is the original HUSS Rainbow that was at the New Orleans World Fair. Bet'cha didn't know that!


Jambalya (Eli Bridge Scrambler). I didn't go on it this visit, but it's a very fun ride. I love the lights that are on the ride base on the top.


Flyin Tigers (HUSS Enterprise). I like these rides, they're really fun!


New last summer, Xtreme.


If you went on TPR's 2008, Europe Trip, this would have been a coaster credit earned. Xtreme came from Drievliet Family Park.


Maurer Sohne > Gerstlauer


Ragin Cajun's neon sign.


DL's very own Vekoma Boomerang, "Ragin Cajun".


Call me crazy TPR. This is probably the smoothest Vekoma Boomerang with Arrow trains. I didn't experience any head banging at all! Almost too good to be true. Isn't it?


Just look how "high tech" Spider's operator pannel is. It's amazing how far we've advanced in technology.


This is the "Spider". I think this is a Eli Bridge or Hubretz or maybe even HUSS model. Anyone know for sure?


DL's very own HUSS Pirate Ship. It's generic name is Pirate. I can see where Cedar Fair gets their "oh-so-original" names from.


This is the "Fouchon Flyer" (Paratrooper). I love how it is mounted so it will never be on ground level.


What's "Fouchon" your asking? It's a city in deep, deep south Louisiana.


DL has a Tilt-A-Whirl like most parks, unlike Magic Mountain.

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It's actually a fairly nice park. It could use a few more rides, and I think a wooden coaster would be a great addition. The waterpark has a great selection of slides as well.


I visited last summer, and will probably go back the next time they have a new coaster.

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Part 2.






Galaxi's ride structure.


That's it folks!


Hope you enjoyed my P:TR! I want to see your comments and thoughts!


Arrgghh! Gimme your booty!



Fouchon Flyer's ride carriage.


The Ferris Wheel (Chance).


The ride was closed later in the day. I don't know why.


This is the Grand Carousel. This is made by Chance.


This is the first ride you will see as you enter the park.


Hot Shot is a S&S Combo Tower.


The best ride in all of Dixie Landin'.


This is the Sidwinder. Made by Moser, new for 2008.


Moser Sidewinder > KMG Fireballs


The Hot Shot. Thanks Miracle Strip for giving us one of the best rides in the whole park!


Look, the Rainbow almost has boobs! This is a sign of quality!


Themeing around the park. DL has a nice little theme.


I think I spelled "themeing" wrong.


I know the sign says "Musik Express", but the correct name for the ride is "Zydeco Express".


It's really fun "squshing" the person your riding with.


Galaxi's exit platform and exit ramp. You can kinda see Galaxi's rocket cars.


The Gumbo YoYo. Built by Chance. This is a great ride for families.


Galaxi's turnaround right after the lift.


Galaxi is going threw an "identity crissis", along with the Zydeco Express. The neon sign says "Galaxi", but the banner signs say "Roller Coaster".


The Dixiedilly. This is the main, and only food resturant in DL. You can buy Coke products, burgers, chicken sandwhiches, fries and hot dogs here.

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Yes, you did spell "theming" wrong. But...eh...


Nice TR and pictures. Dixie Landin' looks like a fun place. Sometimes the smaller parks are more fun than the big Six Flags and Cedar Fair parks.


We don't have many places like that out here in Collapse-ifornia (called that in honor of our earthquake an hour ago).



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I go there every other year when I visit my uncle in Baton Rouge!


Its like 25-45 minute drive from there to the park. Depending if you speed on the highway or not.




Its a fun little park. But I mostly go for the waterpark! Blue Bayou! Which is connected.


They have the wordls biggest tornado slide;Worlds Biggest Racer; Worlds Biggest In-Line Slide; Worlds Biggest Toilet Bowl Slide

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I'm going to go out on a limb here and say the Octopus is an Eyerly ride. the ride controls are exactly like the octopus we had at Thrill-Ville USA.


Thanks for the great TR, nice to see a small park like this so nicely run and the rides look to be a nice mix of new and old.

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I live an hour away from the park,in Lafayette< and I go at least 3 or 4 times a year! The park amazing! It is one of the only parks I've been to and have been able to finish and ride everything I wanted to do and more! On the plus side every Saturday night over the summer there is someone good playing on the stage! Ragin Cajun is VERY smooth!

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I went to BB/DL a month ago, and Xtreme -Maurer Shone spinner- hurt. A lot. It's roughroughroughrough and jerky. Granted, it's a fairground coaster but I didn't like it at all. Tatum can love it all he wants.


As for the Boomerbang, I agree with Tatum. It's the smoothest one I've ever ridden, and I almost lost my vision in the vertical loop on the backwards run. It's strange, and she runs really slow on the backwards trip, but I'm not complaining.



Oh, and you spelled 'Pontchartrain' wrong, Tat. No worries =]

A woodie would get them more attention, but they lack the space for it. And the funds, as well. I remember the Moser ride (Sidewinder) being a brand new -unused- addition, but I could be wrong. DL just seems too small for that big of a coaster.


I hope they prove me wrong. MVR coaster, anyone?

Have a gnarly one!


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