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Photo TR: Six Flags Great America

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I was at SFGAm a week and a half ago, and I had this TR 90% complete a few days back, but when I stepped away from my computer for about 30 minutes, my computer decided to "install updates" and restart itself without my permission. YES, WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. And my computer asks for my permission just to ask for my permission before it opens programs that I asked it to open in the first place. So, yeah, I lost my entire nearly-completed TR. All my time and efforts, wasted. Moral of the story: VISTA. MUST. DIE.


Really, though you're lucky that I decided to do it all over again, because it almost didn't happen. But it was either this or watching a Reba marathon.


Haha, I swear I just typed "marathong."




First of all, this trip to Six Flags was just one stop during a much larger trip with my mom to visit friends and family. That's right, we thought it smartest to wait until gas was AS EXPENSIVE AS POSSIBLE before taking this 2,300 mile trip. Still, I hope you're impressed with this exhaustively long trip, because DANG YOU SHOULD BE.


So, I went to SFGAm with my mom, my aunt, my cousin, and her 9 year old daughter (yes! I didn't have to steal a kid for the kiddie coaster!), and we conquered the park armed with nothing but a regular Q-bot and the power of estrogen.


Honestly, the most vivid memory I have of the park was the RIDICULOUS HEAT. I even went on not one, but TWO water rides voluntarily. Seriously, it was just unbearably hot, there was no breeze, it was so humid I almost drowned with every inhaled breath, and apparently it is against Six Flags' religion to shade more than a square inch of their property in any given spot. Not even the breath of Satan has ever reached that level of heat.


But aside from that, I was pretty impressed with the park, considering that's it's, you know, a Six Flags. Like I said, we got a regular Q-bot, which worked perfectly with the smaller weekday crowd. The longest wait was for Ragin' Cajun (about 25 minutes), which is understandable considering wild mice's typical awful capacity. And speaking of wild mice, The Dark Knight is OK, and that's about all I have to say about it. We used the Q-bot for it, so our wait was only about 5 minutes, but had I waited a single minute longer (the regular wait was 2 hours), I'd have changed my "OK" rating to "one step above a Hoveround in a dark mobile home."


I loved Raging Bull, and as awesome as it was, I can only imagine how much better is was pre-trims. I had heard that Batman hadn't aged well, so I was expecting a head-banger, but I didn't think it was too bad at all, and I'm a delicate flower when it comes to my precious cranium! But speaking of rough coasters, I thought I was going to DIE on Iron Wolf. Vekoma makes smoother rides that that. Never again, folks. Never again.


Oh, and following that train of thought (haha...train), American Eagle started off awesome, but then we hit the first helix, which 1) killed the pacing and 2) was SO rough during the second half that my brain literally got knocked loose, fell out my left ear, and plummeted to the ground below. Luckily, when the ride-op went to grab it for me, he came back with his head still on his shoulders. Must not have had any PMW on his mind. That stuff is dangerous, people.


And there's my TR. Now, let me press submit before I somehow lose it again.


I'll end this TR with a picture of my sunburned feet. Yup, that's all after one day.


And ignore my 4-week old, chipping toe-nail polish. I'm really lazy at being a girl.


Six Flags, look me in the eye and tell me you don't have a marigold addiction.


Oh, and the Whizzer. Or what I like to call the Spiral Lift Hill to Heaven.


Annnnd Superman. Forget through the trees, I prefer the through the fence shots.


Okay, okay, okay. Back to serious.




But who cares about this wild mouse? Let's check out the newest addition to the park - The Dark Knight:


Indeed, this wild mouse is called Picnic: The Ride


Oh, I almost forgot all about the Q-bot!


Ew, that rhyme was totally unintentional.



I like to get close-up and personal with Intamin


V^2. Also known as V x V, V(V), and I + III + V + VII + IX.


Sorry, that last one was a terrible mathematical/Roman Numeral joke.



I think that all these B&M clones should have their names changed from BTR to PMW. Who's with me?


Man, it's only a matter of time before those bars beneath the seats take off someone's head.


Oh, wait...


I don't have a caption for this photo, so I gotta ask this instead: Anyone else still singing "Every Rose Has Its Thorns," or is it just me?


The screams from those poor souls haunt me to this day.


Who needs water-boarding when you can just use this to torture all those dang terr'rists?


God help me.


But we left the park by way of driving underneath AE, so I was able to snap this jazzy shot.


That's right, I said it: JAZZY.


This is pretty much the best picture I have of American Eagle.

But it's an even better picture of the world's first pregnant man there in the red.


Wanna know a secret? Drop towers give me the heebie jeebies.


The mists weren't even on. Not so cool now, eh Six Flags?


They have that bucket thing there to catch the people that fall out. Or the vomit of those who had too much cotton candy before the ride. Or sometimes both.


I know I just used this joke in my BGE trip report, but I gotta say it again: Total. Support. ORGY.


While the girl on the front right is holding *on* for dear life.


The guy in the back is just LOVING LIFE.


Though I hear this here coaster is pretty good, too.


But let's get to the thing that everyone comes to SFGA for:


The Waterin' Hole!


The fence in the picture kind of ruins it, but hey, every rose has its thorns. Not that you could call this coaster a "rose." Goll, no. More like a cactus or something. Yeah, and every cactus has its thorn-like things too.


Typical Arrow pain, but still rather easy on the eyes.


Don't be fooled by this towering coaster. Those trees are only about 4 feet tall.


Luckily, this SF isn't too bad.


Seems to me that Six Flags tries to make their entry gates all neat and nicely decorated, but that's pretty much as far as their efforts get.


Six times the flags. Six times the patriotism.

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^^You know the kid who got his head knocked off at SFoG? Those were a few of his favorite things.


Was Viper not running? That's probably my favorite coaster at that park.


No, it was, I just didn't get a full photo of it. And I guess I forgot to mention it too. Whoops! I liked it well enough, though.

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Amazing TR, as always!

I've got to say, I wasn't too impressed with Raging Bull, but on the other hand, I really like American Eagle which a lot of people seem to dislike.

I loved Viper, Batman: The Ride, and of course...the best coaster in the park, Whizzer!!!

Burnt feet. Ouch! Atleast you got a cute photo out of the deal!

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I don't have a caption for this photo, so I gotta ask this instead: Anyone else still singing "Every Rose Has Its Thorns," or is it just me?


As a matter of fact, a week after we moved into our home, we were awoken to our neighbor singing it outside. At 2 AM.

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^I find myself humming old game-show themes--I dunno why.


Very good TR. Good to know that support orgies are going on at parks other than Euroburg. Williamsburg hasn't been this scandalized since George Washington and Thomas Jefferson shared a room with Abagail Adams at the Raleigh Tavern (and that never even happened, so go figure).

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Awesome trip report! The photos were great.....the captions were even better! It was very informative too, and I'm trying to get as much info as I can on this park, since a work trip in early September is taking me to a suburb of Chi-town. If all things work out, I should be hitting up this new park for me on Sept. 7th!


Looks like a nice assortment of coasters for sure. I'm very intrigued by Raging Bull, with its more twister-like layout. I've also heard rave reviews for Viper. I'm just debating if a Flash Pass is a necessary evil for a Sunday in September, as they do have reduced hours by then.

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I've also heard rave reviews for Viper.


You know, it must just be me, but I didn't think it was all that special. I mean, it was fun and not at all painful, but it just never struck me as being particularly memorable.


Are people going to yell at me now?

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^^De-feet lmao, it would be so signature worthy if more people would know what it was




Are people going to yell at me now?


If they yell at you they are not people they are trolls. Heck if I yelled at everyone who hates mean streak I would be yelling at everyone except me!



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Oh, the agony of de-feet.


Oh man, if I weren't so busy slapping my forehead with my open palm, I'd laugh at that!


Anyway, just for kicks and giggles here are some photos from our day-trip to downtown Chicago.


And forgive me, but I had to include this. My aunt and uncle (who live outside Chicago, so it KINDA fits in with this TR) own a horse and carriage business, so when I saw one of their Cinderella coaches, I just HAD to have my picture taken in it.

Awwww, aren't I cute?


Okay, that's all I got. Thanks for reading!


Oh, and speaking of really big things, here's Sears Tower. Gotta have a picture of that in a Chicago trip report.


See? And not only is it a Ferris Wheel, it's actually a Pretty Big Ferris Wheel.


Navy Pier! They have a Ferris Wheel! And and Merry-Go-Round! That's enough for a amusement park, so this portion of my TR is TOTALLY LEGIT!




No, that's not an illusion brought on by the curvature of the reflective surface. Those are truly some Solid Birthing Hips.


I swear to you, I showed these picture to my grandmother and she said, "Did they build those buildings like that?"

Bless her heart.


It's literally a giant, reflective bean. I don't even have to try to make it funny.


My mom, one of my thousand cousins, and me. Look at those hot, pasty legs.


Here in Millennium Park, they've got these weird brick wall/water fountain/TV hybrid things that they use to make you think giant people are spitting on you. It could be worse though - those giant faces could be sneezing.


Not your typical ugly, big-city downtown. It's more like a garden with a side of metropolis.

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