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Photo TR - Rainbow Park, UK

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Well, seeing as I couldn't live further from any British beach, our nearest beach is actually pretty much whichever we want to visit (hense all the credit trips).


This wasn't actually a credit trip - more of a family beach day. However, there is a kiddie coaster in Hunstanton that I hadn't ridden, so thought I may as well divert a bit and ride it.







Wow, once again Disney has been whitewashed when it comes to an entrance. I mean, Rainbow park just went MAD when they invested in this. OMG.





They had the usual rubbish... Waltzers, Paratrooper, Twist, Miami, Slide...




Oh, and a messed up claustrophobic ghetto air bomber thing.



It looked horrid. Why would you? Just why?



The Samaritans should open a branch next to this hunk o junk... why else would you be willing to pay the £2 it costs to ride?




Oh forget it, everyone knows why i'm really in this hole:





I don't know what's more crowd-pulling, the dull, depressing paint job or the seedy back entrance? They're right, it's the perfect family coaster!





Fuqit, for £1.50 i'd ride anything





Dragon Ride? Doesn't a sign about 6ft away say 'Sea Dragon'? Meh.


Oh, and, you can always tell when a park is REALLY dodgy when they operate on cash rather than a token scheme (see Coney beach).



A never before seen angle of a Nessi style coaster!





I love it really.





With that. I leave Rainbow park . Next years trip is being planned as we speak!




I then got some culture.




Laughed at some saddo (see the number plate...)





Then went to find the family at the beach (which took about 3 hours LOLZ).






Thanks for reading x

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Haha, that claustrophobic bomber thing is an Eyerly Loop-O-Plane, and they're friggin' amazing. Unlike modern, larger rides similar to it, the counterweights don't weigh very much, so when you come down, you come down hard. There's a reason they call those things "The Hammer".

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That Getto-Air bomber thing is an exciting and rare Eyerly Loop O Plane, and by the looks of it both portible and electric-operated.


You get some pretty intense G forces on the gas-model, but the electric one has got some kick to it as well. Shame you didn't try it, you would have really liked it.

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