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PTR: Hersheypark 6/25

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And we begin...




Cool kids hang with Hersheys, not eat. B)


Just in case you have yet to figure out in your head what park this could in fact be..


Beginning with the first ride with... a break down of Reeses and a rollback on it!


With the lights on you can really see how the ride works and operates.




Follow the exit signs!


All this fun even gets us this baybay!


Vertical horse-goodness will be later.


Continuing from Reeses, we head over to the Claw.


The Holy :censored: I'm Amazing Look at this like oh my god picture.


Busch Gardenssssssssss!


But most importantly, Fahrenheit!


The photo after my first ride in the back row on it! It had some sick airtime, but not as good as Maverick. Except it's first drop completely owns it, even the front gives you sick ejector!


Truthfully, the vertical lift wasn't anything special, just a good way someone made so a lift can take up less space..


Woahs, vertical!


The Boardwalkers where entertaining them in front of Celsius!


A boardwalker!


Now time for a bunch of Fahrenheit photos which don't really need any captions:









Time for the Dark Knight!




The girls getting off the Wild Mouse.


Josh can ride Jet Skies backwards.


Josh approves!


Good bye!


3..2..1.. LAUNCH!


Storm Runner was FLYING today.


Different perspective.


A "LOL" photograph.


Welcome back riders! How was riding a horse?


Family shot in Storm Runner's station! Oh joy.


Now time for Chocolate World COWS!




My sisters went off in that mess to see the Jonas Brothers as I continue the park.


time to ride a falling comet!


New signs in the park.


Great Bear was intense as hell today!


The epic-battle continues.


ERT on Fahrenheit time!


Got to ride the front row 3x without leaving the seat! Sweet success.


Finish off with breaking down on the Monorail!


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Most awesome! Loved your Farenheit pics! I have been trying to figure out if I wanted to take my kids to Dorney or Hershey at the end of August. I think after what I read about Dorney craziness this year, Hershey will be it!! Thanks for sharing!

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