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How old is *too* old to ride The Voyage?

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That reminds of my mom telling me she got nostalgic and re-rode The Screaming Eagle at STSL after not riding a coaster since I was 16. (Look at my age to calculate the time)


She said she thought she was going to die.


All I could tell her was "Momma."

(Did I mention she has MS?)



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Both of my parents(who are in their 60's) still can ride,but my mother can't now,due to health reasons. My dad,on the other hand,has been asking me to take him to KD for a day,but he works during the week.Last year,when the Griffon commercials came on the TV,my mother asked me had I rode it. I told her yes. She wants to ride,but she has to get her doctor's permission first.

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I hope that I can still ride coasters at Papaw's age. That is awesome! My dad is 67 and he still goes on the rides with us although I must admit he looked a little whiter and greener(sp?) after riding Dueling Dragons this year then he did last year ! Rock on Papa and Dad!

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My partner is 65 and he has done Millenium Force, Medusa, Magnum, Gemini, Maverick, and countless other coasters in the front seat and everywhere else. The only one he is leary of is Top Thrill Dragster.


My father is 60 and does all the coasters, loves waterslides, and will do anything in the front seat. The three of us went camping last weekend at Darien Lake and we all loved Ride of Steel!


Age means nothing...it is the youth and energy that you have inside you.


I think the article was awesome...kudos to the fella that braved the Voyage! Way cool!

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You can never be to old to ride rollercoasters, unless of course you have pre-existing conditions caused by age that wont let you ride, that or if your skin is so wrinkly it blows back in the wind and smacks all the other riders.

Yea really people do need to know their limits and conditions, I mean this guy was healthy and good condition wise. Also the blow back in other peoples face thing lol, I think we can all look at 1 particular TTD picture out there.

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