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The Virtual Walt Disney World Trip

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Hello coaster and theme park lovers.The gang and I over at the Coastin East Amusement Park Podcast(http://www.coastineast.com) has teamed up with Animated Midway Productions to produce the Virtual Walt Disney World Trip.What is that you ask? It's an 8-part video commentary series of what it would be like if you joined the cast on a trip to the World.This promo announcement video explains it all better.Promo Video Link:


Now,we have NOT started recording yet.Why? Well,a project this big needs alot of help.That's where you guys can come in.I know you guys here at TPR like stuff like this and will be willing to help.We have some members of YouTube willing to give us the rights to their videos for this project,but we need ALOT more than we have.We're not just limiting this to videos.If you have any suggestions,audio,pictures you can give to us to use,we REALLY appreciate it.If you can even volunteer to come on for a ride or two and be a guest,that's awesome!


We're also unsure on how to go about this,since something like this really hasn't been done before.Should we be serious? Should we make it all comedy? We'd like some feedback on what you'd like to watch.Also,if you have any suggestions or tips(what rides you'd like to see,what shows,etc.) let us know.

You can help by leaving any suggestions here in this forum,our own forums at CoastinEast.com,or email us at CoastinEastPodcast@Hotmail.com

You will get complete credit for whatever you do for us in a special thank you/credit video.We hope you guys can give us help in this massive(and I believe a first of it's kind) project,we REALLY appreciate it!


Thanks guys.

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The goal we have for this project is to both have an easily viewable, walk-through of some of your favorite attractions from all over the "world". I know that I am constantly looking for ride attraction videos across the net. The one problem I have with the videos though is that they are boring (especially in certain Disney World rides since they so darn long and tend to put me into a deep sleep). So we have decided to spice things up a little and do commentaries along with the rides. This will hopefully add alot of humor and keep people hopefully interested (cuz personally that's one thing I love about TPR, the humor, makes me feel less like a nerd) The three of us all have great senses of humor (or at least we think we do, were probably not funny at all come to think of it)

What we really need from other Disney World and Theme Park fans like yourselves is a lot of suggestions on what rides, attractions, and overall knowledge of the Disney World Resort. It would be a tremendous help to us and we would all really appreciate it. THANKS!!

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^ Guys,


No offense or anything, and I really do wish you all the best, but if you're not getting any responses, please maybe think about if the idea is sound.


I don't think there was really a need to bump your own thread just to repeat the same information, but with a different screen name.


If people are interested, they will contact you. If they don't contact you, maybe you should re-consider the idea and put the effort towards something else.


Just my advice.



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