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Fantasmic Questions...

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So I'm hoping to finally see the damn thing at Disneyland this year, never manage to be there at the right time...


Will fantasmic be showing any time between the 28th October to the 1st November?


And secondly I'm sure I've heard about a dining package down at the square with seating for the show. Am I on crack or can one book this? If so how?


Thanks guys, the Aussie A$$holes are very much looking forward to being back in the US.

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Here's the current rehab schedule:

It’s A Small World – Closed through November 2008

Mark Twain – 8/25/08-8/27/08

Haunted Mansion – 9/8/08–9/25/08

*TOTALLY subject to change without notice.


But that doesn't mean Fantasmic won't be on a limited schedule during your visit.

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Call Disney Dining at (714) 781-DINE, or (714) 781-3463. They should have schedule information and can let you know about special seating for Fantasmic. My wife and I had the reserved seating for Fantasmic last holiday season. It's not really a "dining" experience so much as it is just great seats to see the show above the crowd at the riverfront. You do get coffee and/or soda and a box of very nice cookies however. Unfortunately, our Fantasmic showing was rained out. We did get to keep the box of cookies (1 box for each of us) and we were given a full refund at City Hall. I don't know if it's actually "worth" what they charge (I believe it was $55 per person if I remember correctly) but if you want to see Fantasmic without dealing with the crushing crowds, it's an option that's available to you.

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From MiceAge this morning:


Fantasmic! to go on Hiatus after Labor Day


To allow for a major Refurbishment of the Sailing Ship Columbia, Fantasmic! will not be offered after Labor Day, and not expected to return until mid-December. The Remember... Dreams Come True Fireworks event will be offered on weekends in the Fall.


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