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Rail Blazer At Six Flags St. Louis

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As seen on the last page, the original restraints apparently looked like this, so you can sort of see how you can fall out from them.



Interestingly the restraints on the promotional art better match those on Extremeroller at Worlds of Fun, minus the belts.




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Wait. That last photo, the train says "worlds of fun" and the track is blue with white supports...Did those stand up trains make it onto an arrow looping coaster?



Do you mean the photo that directly follows this comment?

Interestingly the restraints on the promotional art better match those on Extremeroller at Worlds of Fun, minus the belts.
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ExtremeRoller and Rail Blazer were both 1984 Arrow retrofits, and both were then reverted to their former coasters after only one or two seasons, with the the former (EXT) being removed completely over time. There's actually a video floating around YouTube of EXT in action, albeit it's not the best footage and the majority is shaky handheld. However, during that video, I believe there is an on-ride POV with someone holding the camera (the footage is ass, though).


But it would be interesting to find that video again to potentially get an idea of how Rail Blazer might have operated as well.

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Railblazer pictures are definitely scarce. There's a few pictures here:




And Shane (of Shane's Amusement Attic) had a clip of some news coverage of the accident.


From Shane's Amusement Attic

What's the ride at 0:48 in the video?


As for railblazer, while the ride looks pretty brutal, the trains don't look much worse than the old Togo standups that came along a year or two later.

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ExtremeRoller and Rail Blazer were both 1984 Arrow retrofits


Actually, the EXT opened on May 31, 1983, a year before Railblazer. I know this because I was on the first public ride of the EXT that day. I have pieces of an original press kit, which I'm posting to share.


As for the ride on EXT, it was surprisingly smooth up through the first drop and turn. The lead in and the exit of the corkscrew were pretty rough. The thing that freaked me out (and it took at lot to freak coaster-crazy 14 year-old me out!) was at the tops of the corkscrews, your feet actually lifted off the floor a couple of inches (!) when you were upside down for a brief fleeting moment. Braking was kind of hard on you too, your belly seemed to bulge out between the shoulder harness and leg restraints. It was a good thing there was a seat belt around your middle section, but your mid section wanted to squeeze between the restraints when it hit the brakes.


I worked at the park in 1984 and BEFORE the accident at Six Flags, the EXT trains were returned to sit-down style. The train was so heavy and it was causing excessive wear and tear on the track and structure. Except the lead car was missing when they changed it back, so you had a flat nosed 6-car sit-down Arrow train. It looked so weird at first, but we got used to it. The standard Arrow lead car was returned at the start of the 1985 season, my second season at the park, when I worked on the Orient Express. Ah, memories.








And finally a working model of the EXT that I built, along with one of the original car bodies that was on temporary loan to me.

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Wow. For anyone who didn't watch the whole video, let me go ahead and share this screen cap:




I give you exhibit A: A ride op literally pushing the train out of the station. Hope he doesn't trip and fall.


And exhibit B: This woman likely broke her jaw.


MY. GOD. That restraint though...

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