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Playland (PNE) Vancouver Discussion Thread

Note: Coaster will now have <ugh> SEAT BELTS.

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^ Actually ..... I am really hoping that it isn't a coaster, that can only hold/run one train.

Like Wicked Twister, which I did get to ride with Bert in 2017. And other coasters like it.

They are all great, these one train only coasters. I've ridden many and enjoyed most of them.

But for Playland? I hope not. The two family coasters are one train only run.

And Coaster usually, we hope, runs two trains during the PNE in August. But one train other times of the year.

My 7 cents. 🎢

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2 hours ago, leqant said:


I think this Intamin LSM Single Launch Coaster would be a good fit for Playland.  From what I can see, it looks like it could fit in the plot of land once occupied by "Corkscrew"

Hm, is that the origin of the "Anticipation Turn" element LOL?

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I agree.  They need one and I think they should have kept Corkscrew!  I know the pandemic changed their plans and at this point they probably wish they didn't get rid of it.  La Ronde did the same with their Corkscrew except they didn't bother selling it they scrapped it instead!  Who bought the Playland Corkscrew?

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On 11/7/2020 at 7:24 PM, SoCalJasonland said:


Is this the old Corkscrew?  If so, I guess it sold.


Screenshot 2020-11-07 192246.jpg

Here's what was posted about Corkscrew (thanks SoCalJasonland). Who bought it, I still don't know. Maybe somebody else does?

I remember reading about ... "somewhere in Brazil" it was sold to? But I could be totally wrong on that. ⁉️

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^ I actually got to ride a few 'clones' of Corkscrew, with my early TPR tours over several European countries...

Alton Towers had one I rode, before they put in "13". Then there was the one I rode at Holiday Park in Germany....

......Super Wirbel!  HP kept a piece of it for entry in their new coaster area.

It's a clone. But cool surroundings. HP worked actual trees and stuff in and around their coaster! 🌲


Holiday Park, Germany - Super Wirbel R.I.P. - I would love to have seen Playland do this with Corkscrew, back then.


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The PNE and BC Transit are offering a shuttle service through their Winter Lights, if one doesn't own a car.




No Car? No Problem!

PNE WinterLights has partnered with TransLink to offer an alternative for those that don’t have a vehicle.

So now you can drive in your own vehicle OR take the Reindeer Shuttle around the magical holiday light displays.

Enjoy this event from the comfort of the Reindeer Shuttle presented by TransLink!

The Reindeer Shuttle is available: December 9-12, 16-23.

Pick up near Hastings & Renfrew. Shuttle ticket prices are per person ($10-14 depending on date).

Shuttle riders can either get off at the end of the route to access the food trucks, or be dropped off at the pick-up spot.


Where to get tickets for this:  http://pne.fan-one.com/r/?id=h19d03ae,10c509c,1b6706

Happy Holidays From Playland and The PNE!


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Quick message from the PNE....

Happy New Year!

"Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us in 2021…. Here’s hoping that 2022 sparks more joy and brings more people together!"


"The one in the middle, has definitely GOT IT!"

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Another piece of art from Simon...


“Hi, I’m Simon. I started painting in school but got really good when I joined the Supportive Arts Program at the Elora Centre for the Arts. Anyone can join, especially people with disabilities, like me.

I grew up in British Columbia and I love going to the PNE. I was very sad that it was cancelled this year. I did this painting of the ferris wheel with all the things I love about the PNE written on it. I called this “Pining for the PNE” in order to take my mind off things. I am SO glad that I can go to Playland this summer.” (2021)


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It looks like, at this point in time, the PNE will be going ahead (we hope), this late summer. Woo hoo!

Nothing about Playland's 2022 season happening, though. Hopefully, that will be announced, soon.


https://www.pne.ca/fair-vendors/     All the info. for this is available at the link.

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^ Maybe this is the start of their renovations for the future expansion?

Or, it's for several brand new rides to replace the removed ones in that space?

It also looks like the kids' train ride is gone too, including the station. What I can see from this angle.

And I just noticed the Carousel has been moved, too, from it's original northern spot. Closer to The Beast.

Thanks for the photo. Hmmm. Guess we "stay tuned" till then.

EDIT to add: David just told me, there had been a big fire on the PNE grounds, on Sunday. The fire was not near Coaster, but involved "one of the buildings" there. Hmmm.

Found a link to the story :  https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/pne-overnight-fire

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This just in. The PNE, Playland, and a production company are holding the first annual HAPPYLAND , on Sunday July 31st, which is also The Day of our Pride Parade here in Vancouver. The event starts at 5pm, and ticket prices range from $55-99.50 Cdn, the higher priced ticket being for a special VIP one, with included perks. Must be 19+ for the VIP part.

EDIT to add: As old as I is, I decided to Birthday Myself one of those VIP tix. I mean, 19+, drinks. food. concerts, and riding Coaster at night....??? Deal. (Cost me $126.50 w/taxes Cdn / $100 U.S.)  I get the feeling I might end up as an older 'chaperone' to the whole event. Hope I don't feel that way. Wanta have a good time, a few cocktails and nibbles, no matter the music or the rides, COASTER@NIght!!!!

And a TR will happen, no promises. 🎇 http://pne.ca/


Sunrise Series presents the first annual HAPPYLAND Festival, a fully inclusive Pride celebration festival taking place at PNE Amphitheatre and Playland Amusement Park.

The first annual HAPPYLAND Festival takes place on Sunday July 31st, 2022 headlined by Orville Peck with Perfume Genius, Big Freedia and special guests!

HAPPYLAND will bring a one-of-a-kind experience to festival-goers with exclusive access to the concert venue plus Playland’s thrill rides, and all the unique amusement park food Playland has to offer. Additional festival attractions include a 19+ VIP section, a food truck area, an alcohol-free zone, merch area and more.


HAPPYLAND featuring:
Orville Peck
Perfume Genius
Big Freedia

Hosted by Thanks Jem with special guests Berlin, Cookie, Kara Juku, Rogue, Venus with sounds from Softieshan.


By the way, "Happyland" used to be the original name of Playland, back in it's origin days. Truth!

And I had to look up Orville Peck, to find out what he was all about. Great info. on him. Looking forward to a lot of the concert.


The concert area. PLAYLAND is "south" of this area.

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The Fair is back in 2022!

The Best Part of Summer returns: August 20 – September 5 (closed Mondays except Labour Day). Imagine all the fun, food and thrills you’re going to have!

Follow us on social media to be the first to see our programming announcements.



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I just inquired about whether there's a schedule (at all) for this season of Playland, etc. And I received this comment from someone who is part of the Playland "community"...


Still on waiting on information unfortunately, but I’ve heard that some details should be posted very soon. I will let you know as soon as I receive any info.  ~ Melissa.

Better than nothing, right?

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Posted (edited)

"And just like that ... "

They just posted all the info. on this season of Playland! And Melissa kindly sent me the LINK to all of the info.

Here it is: https://www.pne.ca/playland/ Advance dated tickets are bought through TicketLeader.

And as for any Season Passes, they are quoted as saying they will not be offering them this season. 😧

So it's a "Pay for each day you go", kind of set up. Which means, although I already have a VIP ticket for the HAPPYLAND Pride Event, on Sunday, July 31st .... which includes Playland .... but before or after that ....... hmmmph. $43.50 + taxes (Cdn) a day - and no rate for seniors. <sighs>


P.S. There ya go, John! But note, they list Coaster as "under maintenance", now. Hopefully, that changes by mid-June, when Playland opens.

Edited by Nrthwnd
Added new LINK, with updated information.
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Ride parts are at the site and have a good guess on what the ride would be. Looks like it’s gonna be Zamperla’s Gryphon (first of its kimd!)



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^ Wow, that's great! Looks like they are working on improving their flat ride collection. I wonder if there's anything else in the future, for the Park at this time?

And you are saying it's the "first of it's kind?" Very cool on that, if it is, The Beast is still the only version of this flat ride I know of, with inside AND outside facing seats!

Thanks for posting this! 🎡 By the way, I just watched their video of it "in operation" ... omgomgomgomg .... :b

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I just decided, and just bought, a day ticket to the park, on the same day that the evening event HAPPYLAND .... uh .... happens. Cost me $43.50, but at least I can now do Playland all of the day, with an hour or so break in between one ticket, and the other. I also bought the VIP ticket (which has now sold out I find out) that has a separate viewing spot for the concerts, private bathrooms, a bar just for us ... and access to Playland as well as everybody else, who didn't pay the VIP price.

Hope my stamina is good and the old body holds up. And sitting down to take it all in, doesn't cost much to do, heh. And there's always the Ride Side Bar, too.

EDIT To Add: Since my usual time spent on a regular visit to Playland was just over two hours (if that), I may treat the daytime visit just like that. Of course, that works out to over $20 Per Hour for the visit. Whatever. Then, head back home for a rest, and after that, re-dress and head back for the HAPPYLAND evening of Playland and Concerts! Stay tuned....



My fave bar in Playland (and it's the only bar in Playland) and the PNE itself!

Their Central Beer/Bar Garden (@ west side of The Fair grounds) is centrally nice, though. A great place to have food and a drink.

And the people watching is great!  Photo was taken, during my one and only Playland visit, in 2021.

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Well, this sucks, big time! With new press releases about the new Skybender flat ride in the park, they also added this crappy piece of information about Coaster...


Considered one of the greatest wooden coasters in the world today, the Playland Wooden Coaster has won
countless accolades including Coaster Classic and Coaster Landmark from the American Coaster
Enthusiasts (ACE), the world’s leading Coaster enthusiast organization. Over the past twelve months, the
Playland Wooden Coaster has undergone the most extensive retrofit in its 64-year history, including
undergoing the addition of lap belts in the train to meet incoming safety standards

Yeah, now we won't be able to pop up out of our seats like we used to, with amazing air time on Coaster.

And this is after 64 years of operation??? Crap. What a letdown after waiting these past years while it got "retrofitted."

I'm not that sure that I want to even ride it again, after this "addition." Ever. We'll see, but it still sucks. ☹️

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