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Playland (PNE) Vancouver Discussion Thread

PLAYLAND Opens it's 2022 Season, on June 18th! With a new ride, too!

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For now .... My first Friday night at Playland (18th), was 'okay'. Nothing special. Several rides, including Coaster, were still down. And the damned (true) nightfall didn't happen until I was leaving the place! I stuck around for a couple of hours and took pix.  No more, no less.

Next time, I shall go a bit later to the park. And photograph, accordingly. 📷

Here's one pic (from PNE) for tonight. More (of mine of "that night") to follow....



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  • 2 weeks later...

^ Yes it is. Wish I had taken it, or something like it, a couple of weekends ago.

But I arrived for the Friday Evening (18th)... just after 7pm. And it never really got dark till after 9:30. Which of course, is when i was leaving, just before that. Then, I found out that busses stop running past Playland after ..... 7pm <Grrrrr> Took me nearly two hours to get home, instead of the usual under a half-hour, if the busses were running. Crap.

So I waited till Sunday (Dad's Day / 20th) and took in a few hours there. But still, with Coaster, Hell's Gate, Scrambler AND Hellevator not running at all ..... hmmph.  It was an easy run through the place, with nothing special to photograph.

And now, this past weekend. We are in the 'entrails' of what's being called a HEAT DOME. These past three days have seen sunny, clear and (for us) monumental temp.... like mid/hi-90's F? With added humidity to up that icky sweaty feeling. So there was no way in heck I was going back to the park. We're near the end of this ultra heat wave, but now it's heading East across the entire country. So in hindsight ... glad we got hit first, lol.

So I got me another free ticket, for this coming Friday (6-11pm). But not arriving there until after 8:30 etc. And I have a ride to get home, too. ::D And Sunday, I'll go for the late morning opening, as afternoons there are still kind HOT with bad asphalt pavement and all to walk on.


Thought I would repost this, found at Customer Services, as Pride Month comes to an end.


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^ Nope. I didn't know there was this GI-normous article written up!

Thanks for finding it and posting the link for all to get to!

<sighs> At this time in my life ... I really doubt this is ever going to come to fruition in my life time. It's just sad truth.

But for now, we still got Coaster! 🙂

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“VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – The PNE Fair will be returning this summer, albeit in a smaller format due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with some of your favourite in-person activities.

This comes close to two months after it announced it would be cancelling its annual event due to the health crisis. However, with B.C.’s restart plan calling for fewer restrictions, including around crowd sizes in outdoor spaces, the PNE says it’s now able to make more plans.

“We’re calling it the Fair Fundamentals. It’ll run the traditional Fair dates of Aug. 21 to Sept. 6,” explained Laura Ballance, who speaks for the PNE, who added the event will be closed on Mondays, save for Labour Day.”


“And it’ll feature all the most beloved elements of the traditional Fair. The Revel District, with the stage and performances there, things like the West Coast Lumberjack Show, we’re going to have a Comedy Corner. We’re going to of course have the President’s Choice SuperDogs, things like ToonCity.”

She says the Agricultural area, “one of the most important and beloved elements of the Fair,” will also be back.

COVID-19 restrictions being relaxed

“We’re very excited,” Ballance added, noting people should expect the Fair to be smaller than it traditionally is.

“We developed a plan that was based on the protocols that we believed would be in place. So we’re focusing it as an outdoor-centred Fair, so the only indoor space will be the livestock building.”

On Tuesday, the province announced that B.C. would enter the next stage of its four-part restart plan as planned on July 1. The easing of restrictions will see masks in indoor, public spaces go from “mandatory” to “recommended,” and also relaxes rules around gathering sizes, with outdoor, organized events of 5,000 people or up to 50 per cent capacity (whichever is greater) to be permitted.







looking at their Facebook post about the return of the PNE, someone asked about The Coaster - they replied saying they hope to have it open sometime in July. @Nrthwnd

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^ Thanks for this. I just got 2 emails from them about all that you've posted from the news release.

Lots more info. can be had from the site itself ...... www.pne.ca


No "Season Pass" for the Fair available, But as an Elder it's only $12 a visit.  Hmmmm.

EDIT TO ADD: Playland is now open 11-5pm on Friday thru Sunday AND 6-11pm on Friday and Saturday nights!


Another night shot, of AtmosFEAR, from the PNE.

Edited by Nrthwnd
New schedule posted for Playland. FriDAYS now, too!
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Something new, to wander through, in Playland!


Introducing Adventures in Happyland – Presented by BCAA

"For this summer only, Playland and BCAA are taking you on a magical journey…. Get sucked down the rabbit hole into a storybook world where you’ll encounter enchanted creatures, explore a neon forest, be invited for tea, take some selfies, and ultimately escape the labyrinth.


( ^ Artwork and this photo, from the PNE)

The Adventures in Happyland exhibit is included with Playland passes.

As safety is our top priority, masks are strongly recommended while enjoying this walk-through experience."


This is most likely "the Attraction-to-be," I encountered on my first visit to Playland, back in early June.

Photos taken on June 6, 2021.



It's mainly for kids and families, but still free, so worth a one time walk-through. To be continued...

(P.S. Happyland is what Playland was originally called, back in the early1900's.)

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Was looking at the Playland ride list online. Hellsgate and Coaster are listed, both still saying “not currently operating”. 

But I noticed that the launch / drop tower is completely missing on the website. I am curious if they are removing or replacing it? 

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^ I went to the park last Friday evening, to get some night shots of the rides. But honestly, the number of flats down, made it look pretty depressing. Hellevator, the launch/drop tower was still in it's place. But closed up. Scrambler wasn't even there where it usually was, within reach of Hellvator. So if Hellevator is "maybe" to be removed, it's area, plus where Scrambler was, equals quite a good sized chunk of space for a new ride/attraction. Add to that the Flume ride is down, too. Which creates more space available .... for "something big" in that entire front area of the park.

Of course, certain rides down, could be a maintenance thing, or limited staffing, etc. Still, lots of dark spots there.

Crazy Beach Party was still down, as well as Hells Gate. And without their night lights on, it's a dark passage way at the back of the park.

I want to keep going back to the park, when I want to. I get free admission, having been a past 2020 Pass Holder. But until Coaster is up and running, it's a thing I'm not repeating as often as I'd want to.

When I get myself organized, I'll post the night shots I took, including that "new walk-thru" they've put together, opposite the (also closed) Haunted Mansion. 🌃

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A 'modified' PNE starts this coming weekend, with everything mostly outdoors. None of the main bigger buildings at the west end of the fair grounds will be used. It's all outdoors, rain or shine. We're planning to go on Thursday, Sept.02 for the day. And they are still not mentioning whether COASTER will be "up and running for the Fair". <sighs>





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An article about the PNE's Opening weekend in today's newspaper (yes, we still read those), does mention that "Coaster will not be running, until next year."

And that, as they say, is that.... hmmmph. Oh well. We're going to the PNE on Thurs. September 02. And enjoy what's there for us.

But EDIT TO ADD: In the article, they give The Main Reason that Coaster is still down and will not open till next season...


Sorry thrill seekers. One of the PNE's most iconic rides, the Wooden Coaster, is going to be closed this year while undergoing major refurbishment.

"The Wooden Coaster is one of the most highly maintained rides in the country, but as a living structure built from wood, we must undertake regular maintenance prior to the opening of the park each year," said PNE spokeswoman Laura Ballance.

Because it was (at the time) unclear whether Playland would go ahead this year, the PNE decided to go ahead with the major project on the coaster, which was built in 1958.

The coaster will be open to the public again in time for Playland's opening in 2022.

What I find a bit disappointing in all of this about Coaster, is that they could have explained this, right at the beginning of this season. If they'd already decided to go ahead with the major renovation, why not tell the public ASAP, too? Instead there was this "Coaster will not be operating/running this weekend," on their website. And on and on.

Well, at least I hope I'll be able to ride and ride and ride Coaster again, next year! 🎢


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We did the annual PNE thing on Thursday, Sept.02nd. It turned out to be only a few hours, there.

We ended up leaving near 5 pm. Photos will be posted eventually. We were not that impressed.

But hey - we got our ribs fix, with corn bread!


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"Our Very Few Hours at The PNE"

We left the house, to take the bus to the (modified) PNE, around 1 pm. We ended up arriving back home just before 5.

Most of the "front" (west end) of the PNE grounds weren't being used, which included the majority of buildings on site. This included both the Coliseum (where the Super Dogs would perform) and the Agrodome, where a lot of farming and horse competitions took place. The only building being used was The Barns, the livestock and farming stuff was on display (and bunnies and chicks, and bees makin' honey, etc.), and though they used just half of it for actual farming displays, the other half was given over to (what's known as) The Marketplace, usually in the Forum bldg. at the 'front' there.

Performance stages were set up... a) Super Dogs show went outdoors to where the Music Festival shows happened; b) the usual stage was set up again in what was called the Revel District. Small bands... and the beloved "For The Love of Drag" shows happened. And yes the PNE has imported a "live" drag show during the Fair for several years, now. Good for them! and c) a tiny stage with two climbing poles was set up at the western end of this site, for a Logging Show going on a few times ever day.

There was no access to the huge park within the Fair's grounds. Which meant people could still visit it w/o having to visit the PNE, at all.

There was no intention to buy a ride pass since we knew Coaster wasn't going to be open, and why get into long, crowded queues for these rides? Rides which I already rode during the few visits Playland was open this summer. Add to that, they didn't bring Western Amusements to Playland, which added about 7-10 more rides. So, it was the same # of rides that Playland ran with. So we skipped Playland.

David was for two things to see and do there: check out the Marketplace, and find our beloved RIBS that we've enjoyed every PNE. With the Marketplace, it was a literal walk-thru for us, and he said there was nothing really of interest for him, this visit. We found two BBQ setups available, right beside each other in Revel District.... Gator BBQ, and Prairies Smoke & Spice. Henry's Chicken was also beside them which had mouth watering chicken quarters and halves sizzling away. We skipped Henry's, went with both BBQs and I got us a couple of nice draught beers, available right there. And then we got down to (eating) it...

Of the two, we liked Gator's the best. As we have in past years, lol. Prairies was still good, but Gator had an extra juiciness to the meat. BTW, we both got beef ribs, and corn bread, coleslaw, and beans split between our orders. It was too much food for us to finish there. So one rib each made it's way back home for enjoying later as a "snack."

And after we ate and drank ..... we left. The Super Dogs show was happening, but it was totally crowded up to the top rows we could see. Actually, with the Fair size down-sized, it really felt just too crowded to stay in for a whole day. Which is honestly why we made it only a few hours' visit, instead of longer.

Here's photos I took, randomly...


Anywhere noted in colour was PNE grounds. The main park and grey bldgs. were "not this year."

And Playland stayed the same size as it always does, without the extra rides brought in.




First and only corn dog at The Fair. Had to save myself for The Ribs.


Nice to see them PR the Rideside Bar. We drank elsewhere, though.


I took David through the "Happyland" walk-thru. You can sit on this burger's lettuce!


Stickers used to be handed out. But they ran out of them. Go figure.


I am worrying that I may catch this sticker craze. But I didn't. Yet.


I still liked this area, which looks even better at night.


Back and forth two-toned glitter?


Was open, but everything pre-bagged. No fun not seeing the fudge on their usual trays.


Where Super Dogs Show will take place in a couple of hours. PNE Night Music Festival shows usually here.


In Revel District, "The Paper Boys" were playing. A lot of Cajun. Irish and good feeling music from them.


Inside The Barns, was a part of the old Challenger Map. I posted this bigger, for ease to read all that stuff.


Another Map portion on display. Not sure why this was also there, But you could get closer to it, walk around it, etc.


The Marketplace, in The Barns. Didn't feel the same way as it's usual spot (Forum Bldg). So, we skipped thru it.


Wouldn't it be nice for ALL Stroller Areas to be this ....um...... minimal? Just sayin'.




And shouldn't all ponies have a bit of glitz on their behinds?


A nice person took my camera, and took this of us. Thanks whoever you were!


Heading back to where the Ribs are, passing the Logging Show stage and it's poles.


I bought from this one. Beef ribs with corn bread and beans. Under $30 Cdn.


David at the cashier (blue shirt) ordering his Ribs. With colseslaw and cornbread. Also roughly under $30 Cdn.


This was the remaining ribs, one from each BBQ place. Took 'em home with extra beans and slaw. Finished everything up that evening.


One more listen to "the Paper Boys" .... and then we headed home. Fini.

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Playland is going to again offer up it's version of Halloween Nights. But like last year, with no haunt houses to go through...

...and Coaster will still be closed, for ongoing maintenance, etc. etc. etc. 👻



https://www.pne.ca/hallowed-eves/ 💀

EDIT TO ADD: I don't plan on going, this year. With Coaster in Major Maintenance mode for the rest of the year, and no Haunt Houses to walk through ..... to me, it's not worth it paying the price of going on rides (that will be open) I have ridden already in this past "season." If they threw in a carnival dark ride, I might re-consider. But for now .... nope.

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The PNE has decided to re-run it's Drive-Thru Lights Extravaganza this winter. Very nice.


PNE WinterLights

Select Nights through December 2021

Load up your family sleigh for a magical holiday journey through Hastings Park!

Grab a hot cocoa, crank up the carols, and prepare to enjoy this safe and entertaining experience from the warmth of your car. You will be transported through nine enchanted lands filled with glowing lights, special characters and festive performers along the way.

Access to the event is through Gate 9 (east of Playland, off Bridgeway Street).


Our Drive-Thru Experience last December got cancelled while we were driving to the entry gate! Very disappointing, but we understood what had happened, and why. It was just bad timing on our part, and not checking the site online. Lesson learned!


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Random suggestion: If they, the PNE, (finally) get the right funds together, to actually install a new coaster where Corkscrew used to be...

How about, no matter what kind of coaster it is .... call it ..... The Coast. That's it. Simple. But effective where it's located, with the background.

If the framework is painted so the gp can actually "see through" it, to the North Shore, The name will work. 🎢

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Been gone, for over a couple of years, now. Last time I read here, someone pointed out it was for sale. Several pages back.

They also used to have a fence banner around the space where Corkscrew was, sort of promising "something exciting in the future."

But that's been taken away, now. With the Pandemic curbing how the park's to be run ... I hope they get through this, okay.

And get back to getting us a Brand New Coaster, yes! 😋


This is what used to exist on the fence around Corkscrew. Then the coaster came down. c.2019

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^ I keep thinking/hoping/dreaming, that they're going to install an El Loco coaster there where Corkscrew was.

There isn't one in Canada, so Playland would be The First if they did build one. First One in Canada, that is.

Like I said .... hoping. A lot. 😉


The original El Loco. And I am pretty sure it could/would fit the Corkscrew footprint, easily.

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