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Playland (PNE) Vancouver Discussion Thread

"Hallowed Eves" at Playland, this October..... Boo.

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^Besides their print/outdoors ads, they do some pretty fun radio ads and videos for television , too.


Yes, I came across those while looking on their website! It'll be interesting to see what they come up with in the future.

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I read somewhere the Corkscrew coaster has been sold. Any idea where it's going!?



I don't know if this is station or track but here are some demo photos from the forum about half-way down the page. It doesn't look like they saved the coaster.


by Kamui » Thu Jan 23, 2020 9:22 pm



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^ I followed up Kamui's posting, and went to Playland myself, at the beginning of February.

Found nothing but rubble at that time. Now since then, and since everything in the world "stopped"

for medical reasons/safety .... who knows what the site looks like, nowadays?


Maybe when Playland hopefully opens on July 1st, we'll find out.


For now, I am FANtasizing that they're already constructing The New Coaster that's supposed to be unveiled in a year or three.



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Here are three Playland ads that aren't just "outdoor ads." They're pretty unique, and two of them take billboard advertising to a new level of wierdness, lol. The one in the middle .... well, I just wish I was downtown to see these "ads" for The Beast, when it opened in 2015.








(2017) And no, your eyes aren't out of focus.

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*** "Ummm...I'll have the Volvo, just when the paint job on it...smokes a bit."

~ From the (unheard of) recipe book, "Cars-on-Spits."


Not really. But, I tried. I really did.


THIS JUST IN! The PNE has come up with another "Taste of The PNE" - with BBQ and Poutine. Yum!

Here's the info and the link. It runs this coming weekend, June 18-21st...Father's Day Weekend!



~ CAR-B-Q ~


Enjoy this latest drive-thru experience featuring options for a mouth-watering BBQ meal, plus a classic & custom car show, presented by 360 Fabrication!


June 18-21 ~ 11am-3pm and 4-8pm




Tickets must be purchased in advance for a specific time slot, and are not available for sale on site. Limited tickets are available per time slot per day.


BONUS: A Taste of the PNE ticket orders include two FREE tickets to the opening day of the 2021 PNE Fair!


(Which means in all probability, the 2020 PNE is NOT HAPPENING in August.)


These will be added to your TicketLeader account at a later date.


In accordance with Provincial health guidelines, please limit your vehicle to only your social distancing circle and be considerate of those around you by staying in your vehicle. Food must be taken to go and cannot be consumed on site.


And I am curious, as to how this "classic & custom car show" is being run. I have the feeling , it will be a drive-by kind of thing. And I am also pretty sure, that a lot of these cars have already been "on display" during a previous PNE. Which is cool. The ones that stand out more, and can be easily seen from cars, will be the ones on display.





Maybe this (?) custom car will be one of The Ones on display, during CAR-B-Q. (At the PNE, 2018)

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Emojis 'R Us!


A couple of years ago, Playland decided to go with the current trend involving emoticons, for their ads.


The ads are self-explanatory. And most are gross, as is usual with some Playland ads, lol.


NEWS! They've extended the Car-B-Q Event to the following weekend, 27/28th!

Custom Car Show will not be happening during this wknd. Check out details at http://www.pne.ca









I would like to think this was an actual setup on the PNE grounds.

And emojis on the floor is a very nice touch. (o:


And happening again, this coming weekend.

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BIG NEWS! The PNE has put together a new "letter to the public" outlining what's happened with The Fair (they finally announced it as being cancelled, and replaced instead with a drive-thru "2020 PNE Fair Experience" event) and what's happening with Playland, etc. Here's the link to the entire letter, but here is The Paragraph that outlines what is going to happen specifically with Playland.





...And on July 10th we will carefully reopen Playland Amusement Park . This will take place in phases over the summer. This first phase opening will include between 10-12 of our most popular family-friendly rides and attractions. We plan to increase the number and types of rides in future phases, and as always, we will work with health authorities to ensure the experience is following all safety protocols. With your Playland admission, you will also get a fun face mask and you can know that your support of Playland is helping to bring hundreds of summer jobs back to BC. It might not be our usual thousands of jobs, but we will do everything we can to support our team.


I also admire the way PNE is naming the non-medical face masks as...Fun Face Masks!

Very cool idea to name them (and design them) that way.


More kids/adults/families will (hopefully) want to wear them, then!


Soon, soon. And if these ^ are the Fun Masks... awesome! The Group Shots should be so fun!

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Playland may not be opening until July 10th, but those at The PNE

have got other stuff cooked up for everybody's enjoyment...


This is will be a drive thru event, again. Here's how they describe it:



A Taste of the PNE ~ July 1 ~ Canada Day Edition!


Be a part of our country’s only Canada Day Parade!


Join us in wearing red & white and waving maple leaf flags, as *A Taste of the PNE* returns for this patriotic celebration. Decorate your car for a “reverse parade” where you get to drive through the Pacific Coliseum and PNE Grounds experiencing live entertainment including a Logger Sports show and other Canadiana-themed performers. Then, stop at food trucks to pick up some favourite Fair food including: corn dogs, hot dogs, poutine, cotton candy, and lemonade.


$10 admission (one per carload) is required, with the option to order food in advance from the menu.

Wednesday, July 1: 10am-8pm


Tickets must be purchased online for a specific time slot, and are not available for sale on site. Limited tickets are available per time slot per day.


https://www.pne.ca/canada-day/ for more information and tickets.


And BY THE WAY.... I would really like to know, if there is any other park, doing this kind of thing, like the PNE and Playland are doing? I think this is really cool of them, to figure out stuff, in regards to the pandemic, etc. It's mostly drive-thrus they've been doing, but hey - sell outs and they extended one of them. Certainly unique among parks.



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Tickets are now on sale for Playland. Have a morning or afternoon time slot to choose from.


Only the kids rides are opening.


“The following 12 kids & family rides will be open in July


Bug Whirled

Honeybee Express


Kettle Creek Mine Coaster

Tea Cups

Cap’n KC


Balloon Explorers

The Flutterbye

Cool Cruzers

Sea-to-Sky Swinger

Pacific Adventure Golf”




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^ Well, two out of three coasters open...isn't too bad. I am surprised they didn't open the Westcoast (Ferris) Wheel. But that, along with Coaster, will be opened in upcoming phases. And they've also given season pass holders a couple of perks, even though the passes themself, won't be honored at this time.


https://www.pne.ca/playland2020/ (Never hurts to repeat, Yes? No?)


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...or, "Riding the bus just got a lot more nauseating" ~ rethinkCanada


These final past ads I'm going to post, were actually "ads that moved", and when they were on moving transit... well, it would have been something to see other riders looking up....and then....?


Here's the link to the actual videos of them. And from there you can explore other ads Rethink did for Playland, these past 14+ years. https://rethinkcanada.com/work/playland/2017/print-outdoor/playland-transit-ads/


I just posted here a still from one of the 3 videos.


So, click and enjoy at your own risk.


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Playland Opens This Weekend ~ But know before you go...


Here's the link to all the info. one needs for going to Playland this month.

The park is open only weekends (Fri-Sun) for now, and only this month

is listed with the current schedule.




But, most importantly, you MUST BUY TICKETS ONLINE. There are no ticket sales at the booths,

at the front gate of the park. And - each day is divided into two four-hour time slots for visiting:

10:30am-2:30pm and 3:30-7:30pm.


I also found this rule, which applies to those of you with bags (incl.myself) to carry or wear on your back, etc...


For the safety of all of our guests and team members, outside food and beverage will not be permitted on site. In an effort to decrease touch points we ask that you do not bring outside food, beverage, bags, back packs and coolers to Playland. There will not be any locking bins or storage spaces available in the park.


The ride selection (12 of them) is mainly for families with small kids, but their two smaller coasters (of the three in Playland) will be open, and those can be ridden by adults/teenagers as well as children. Their current plans are to open with this ride selection at first, and then add more rides (including eventually, I hope, Coaster) in phases, in August.




Ann those who already have current Season Passes? They are not being honored for the season, but they will be credited towards 2021's Season Passes. And, for the current months it is open, they are offering two free day tickets to the park. That totals nearly $60 for two visits. The free tickets can also be saved for next month and Sept. Which is what I intend to do with mine. Save them until there are more "bigger rides" open, including Coaster.


And, if you need to buy an awesome Playland Mask, which Season Passholders do not get with their free tix, they are charging $8 for both sizes - $10 for gp, after the gp receive one free mask with their day ticket.


(Emails to current Passholders were already sent out, explaining all of the above, and more.)


And BY THE WAY - if anyone out there is planning to go to Playland in the next few weeks,

I'd sure like to hear about how your visit went.


NOTE: Ticket Booths will NOT be open. Tickets must be bought online.


And THIS is what I want to get back to, too! Good old White Spot with awesome burgers, fries & shakes. (o:

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I decided to email Playland/PNE about the maximum capacity at Playland, during these times.

Compared to all the other parks' openings, around the world. Here's what they emailed back to me:


Thank you for your email. Our current max capacity is 550 guests in the park. I am not sure if you have been to Playland, but we have a very large footprint, even in this limited opening its open from the North to the South end of the whole park.


Not a big number, compared to other bigger parks and franchises. When I finally get there, probably in August, the number may have been enlarged by then. But for now...that's a really small number of people allowed!

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Just found out - this Sunday it's National Ice Cream Day! So if you are heading to Playland on Sunday,

there's a "2 for 1 Scoops" Deal for you!


It’s National Ice Cream Day on Sunday! To celebrate we are offering 2 scoops of ice cream for the price of 1 at our Scoops Ice Cream stand at Playland. That’s a doubly-sweet deal! *Valid Sunday, July 19 only.




Here's where to get your two-4-one scoops in Playland.


Woo hoo for Ice Cream Day on Sunday!

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"ALWAYS HAPPY" in quotations, there....


PNE recently posted a couple of new publicity photos for Playland.

And I must admit. Are these mask-on pix starting to get a bit....creepy?


I'm sure there will eventually be a Pirated Horror D(?) Movie made of all of this, lol.


Ready to Play ~ And ALWAYS HAPPY about it!


The staff.... The staff... The staff is ALWAYS HAPPY to help you have a VERY HAPPY DAY.

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This Just In!


Season pass holders for this season, got a new email from the PNE

with an update of what's happening in August, for Playland...



Dear Playland Season Pass holder,


In May we connected with you (they did) and were not sure we would be able to open our gates at Playland in 2020. We let you know that your 2020 season pass would be shifted to the 2021 Playland season with a variety of amazing bonuses.


Earlier this month, we welcomed guests back to the site to enjoy our most popular kid and family-friendly rides, as well as mini golf.


As with many of our on-site procedures, your 2020 Playland Season pass operates differently this year.


Our capacity and number of open days have been reduced for this summer. Each season pass, now valid for the 2021 season, will allow you for two (2) complimentary visits in 2020. Your season pass is not valid for unlimited visits during 2020.


In a previous communication you would have received two (2) promo codes for each pass you have (I got them). If you had not received that email or you would like some help redeeming please connect with TicketLeader at 604-252-3700 (Monday–Friday, 10am -4pm).


We are excited to let you know that beginning August 1, more of your favourite thrill rides will be open. Check https://www.pne.ca/playland2020/ next week to view the updated rides list, and hours of operation.


Stay well and we will see you soon,


Your Playland Team at the Pacific National Exhibition

Check Us Out!


Can't wait!!! And that photo looks soooooo wierd!

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^ Ha! They should send a few dozen of those over to Alton Towers.

The park could then run a fund raiser contest with the masks as prizes!

Or sell them individually for a charity/organization. That'd work, too.


*** The PNE/Playland just posted (July29) updated info. on their schedule in August.

Only two weekends so far, and one time period per day, 11am to 5pm.

AND - they're opening most of the bigger "thrill rides" like Coaster and The Beast.




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....with that..... Smiling Mask..... on.


New photo posted by Playland(PNE) {Thanks} showing our Coaster, "in Covid19 Action"! I'm finally visiting the park this Sunday, and I waaaas wondering what they were doing with Coaster. And now I know that Row 3 (my usual) is still available, lol.


But then, I realized..... see below.


And it's still the Purple Train from last season. But...WAIT! Wasn't this the train that stalled a year ago?...


Aug.05/2019 ~ our BC Day ~ Yup - same colour coaster, stalled.

And riders being Evac-ed. So this means...they fixed the train! (o:

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My Two Hours+ at Playland, Today...


I wasn't planning to spend the entire 6 hours at Playland, that my ticket gave me. Two hours or so was going to be more than enough. And...it was. I got a ride on Coaster, right at opening. With an 8-seat train, I remembered, I was wondering how they were planning an "every other seart" arrangement, especially for those who like the back seat....


Easy solution. Take off the 8th seat, and voila! Rows 1, 3, 5 and 7 (Now the last row) were available to everybody, including single riders like myself. And By The Way --- that train ripped through the course, even in the first parts where it's uisually 'okay' and nothing spectacular, until you get "into the middle" of it all. Wow, I was impressed what dropping one seat did for the speed of this thing!


And, it was true, this was the same purple train that suddenly slowed down and stopped in the second turn last August. They'd apparently fixed it up, and got it back on the tracks. So with yellow train, there are now two trains to run, thankfully.


I did a walk around to the back of the park, got a good a good look at what was going on in back with "the new coaster". Nothing going on. Grass had even started growing on the dirt where Corkscrew stood, so it's been awhile for anything to happen. Hopefully next year....


Got a ride on the West Coast Wheel, and actually ran into the third of several young people who worked at Playland. We all recognized each other even with masks on, and talked about "how it's all been going" for them and Playland. And all were pretty sure Fright Nights weren't going to happen in October. Other than that, we were all happy to see each other again.


BIG SURPRISE of the Day! I did not expect Gladiator to be anything more than it (usually) was. Slow, not very high, and a wierd slightly bumpy cycle. Well wow. I mean WHOA! It took off full gallop, and then arched high - REALLY REALLY HIGH - until all I could remember was the Gladiator I rode in Denmark and wanted ours to be just like it, in speed and height. Really loved it, and made sure any staff who asked me how my day went, knew that. This cycle.... plplplease keep!


Both Hellevator and AtmostFEAR were down, The Beast I would not even try to ride, and Bug Whirled was a walk-and-twirl on, heh. Kettle Creek Coaster was running for everybody, it got a line as long as Coaster's was! Sad that they weren't running the on-ride photos (not at Coaster either). Those pix would be real fun to see, although lots of people had their cell phones, etc.


About the gp. It was constantly advised to us that "masks were mandatory" in any queues (including the one eating spot, Triple O's), and on rides of course. Everybody went with that, but in some of the queues and general walking around, not all were masked. Or 'distanced.' But at this time in the game, what can ya do? I think the young staff really tried their best to be friendly, AND be advising as well.


Had my Triple O's meal (burger, fries and shake) in the shaded, treed, area of the park right beside the (non-working) flume. It was lovely to eat there, and on my total own, too. The tent most people were in, was awful, clinical looking and just boring to be in.


Although I got free tix, from being a Season Pass Holder, I didn't get free masks. So, I bought a few. And I did talk up the "Smiler" connection of them to what's in Alton Towers. And those who knew, laughed at that. Others couldn't believe The Smiler even existed ("That many times upside down, man??!")


A good couple of hours, spent the way I wanted to spend them. And I plan to return for my other free day, on Labour Day, when Playland finally closes for it's current season.


Finally here for a visit!


And yes, this is one long, continuous queue to get in. In the back there, is the beginning of it all.

But it went fast, once we got in, temp.checked, and masked. I brought my own mask.


Noted. Thought it was sad that two rides were closed down. Turns out it was

the two tower rides. Breakdance was open. Also alas, Crazy Beach Party was not.




Everywhere you stepped, there were....these.


Purple train in action. Note where the queue is ending at 11am-ish. Behind Coaster's "Did You Know?" sign.


They had to tack on a sign, saying it's a THRILL RIDE???


No games open. Understand. Still miss my Quarters Games.


Meanwhile.... And it was every other seat for The Beast, inside and outside seats.


PNE put up some background "art walls" for everyone to take selfies and such with them. Nice idea.


Great designs, too.



First look at New Coaster Land. Yep. That's grass over there.


Yarrrrh! Me Crazy Beach Party's not operational. Sad times these be.


Arrrrrh. Too bad sailor. We has it aaarrrlll figured out! You want back row. To the left with ye!

If ya wants that front row there, then ye be headin' over to the right side of it all. This is how it works, sez I.


West Coast Wheel was running, as usual. Nothing changed in loading and how many buckets, etc....


A view of a really not-too-busy looking area. Sad that AtmosFEAR was down.


Down it goes! And a seven seat train definitely roars thru the course, even watching it go!


Higher view of....nothing new. Boxcars on site there, though. Maybe it's a storage thing, for now.




A reminder, all over the park. And so....


I got lunch! And this is what $17.50 Cdn gets you. And the fries are great, the burger is 'legendary' (o;

and the triple thick shake is just that....takes a while to get all that vanilla goodness thru the straw.


Now this is how high Gladiator usually went, in it's old cycle.


But now....OMG! Higher AND faster!


Couldn't resist taking another shot of it, high up as it is. And it rode great! (o:


Balloon Explorer. But I was getting a bit tired and warmed up. So no exploring for me.


Purple train going down...


And it was only seven seats! And that's how they got front and back seats available. Took off Seat 8!


This was the long queue for Kettle Creek Mine Coaster. All the rides were starting to get long queues, in fact. Time to head out.


Would have liked a last ride on Coaster. But not for standing in the heat for (probably) over an hour+.

Bye bye Playland. Thanks for my great day! And I'll be back (hopefully) on Sept.07th! (o:

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^ Thanks. I had such a good time, I decided to make my second visit, on the last day that Playland is open - that being Monday Sept.07 - Labour Day, which is the "official closing date" of The Fair....usually. And I want to get at least two rides on Coaster done, this time.


But speaking of The Fair. They got something(s) planned....




Also on the 22nd. Ride the rides at night, with their lights on!

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