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Playland (PNE) Vancouver Discussion Thread

2024 Playland Season Pass Now on Sale! And the New Coaster's Name will be .....

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^ Well, don't push yourself and end up (very) late for work, etc. There's always another Fright Night in the years ahead.


Downloaded the map of the event. Even without it, it's pretty easy to navigate around every where, and hit all the haunts and

rides, no problem.


It'd be nice if they had an actual handout map, for a cheap souvenir. But that's cool. Saving paper, etc.

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^^ Did you get a chance to ride The Beast, Jake?

I'm still debating whether to or not, tomorrow night.


I do hope I get to see The Beast light up like this again. And... maybe ride it a fourth time,

without getting nauseous...again, ha ha. (Taken during the PNE this past August)

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I went to Fright Night last night. And while one or two of the Haunt Houses were not much more than copies of each other, there were a few I did enjoy more, and even got some rides in, thanks to having the Rapid Pass Ticket for the night. The ticket is more than double the cost of regular admission, but by the time I was entering the haunts, the time saved was worth buying it. I was saving up to over an hour's time in a couple of the more popular haunts (Doll Factory and Fear). And getting a night ride on Coaster was great, since I rarely ever ride it at night, during the PNE, etc.


And somehow, I got through a ride on The Beast a fourth time, without hurling afterwards.


There were two live shows to see.

One involving hammering nails in noses, hands, heads etc.

And the other was with FIRE!


Of the two, I chose FIRE.


Here's the photos I took. Sorry for the blurriness in a lot of them, but night photos I am still learning to take,

especially with moving lights and fire in the shots.


Entrance to Fright Nights


First up - DARKNESS.


Facade for DARKNESS.


HOLLYWOOD HORRORS. Cheesy, but fun.



AtmosFEAR looks great at night.


FEAR, one of the favourites of the crowd there. I enjoyed it too.



Tasteful dioramas on either side of the SANITARIUM BAR. Where I had a nice evening cocktail.



ASYLUM. It was okay, nothing special.





FIRE is always good - especially when it heats you up.



The set for the "Radiant Heat Fire Performance".


The show starts.


Somebody's having a nightmare...with FIRE!


Fire that swings around.


That's a hula-hoop of Fire, there on the left.


Multi fires!





The permanent (for now) onsite HAUNTED MANSION still pulled in the crowds.




I leave Fright Nights with the ride lights still blazing, the fog still pouring over Playland.

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Corkscrew is probably the smoothest arrow ever outside of Tennessee.

That's probably because it's a Vekoma


Regardless, glad to hear it's a good one. We have a really horrible corkscrew here in the Seattle area so I know how badly that can go. I might try to make it up there either Wednesday or Thursday of next week- turns out I have an extra day to play around with so I won't have to kill myself with no sleep to do it.


Thanks for the pics Nrthwnd, glad you got to make it! That picture of the Beast with "Welcome to Fright Nights" on the arms is pretty cool, they could probably do some really awesome things with those LEDs.

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^ Personally, and having ridden it several umpteen times, the sooner they get rid of CORKSCREW, the better for the park, itself.

It's old, it does shake, it's banged heads, and I've seen it happen to/with others on board. And the FD:3 connection is very very old. The footprint is perfect for an off-the-shelf El Loco, or a Custom Designed El loco, like Vegas' was.


What I really, really hope for, on it's space/place.

But like we all say - some love it - some hate it - others want it to just go away.


Also, I found out Corkscrew wasn't included in the major rides,

for Rapid Pass access. It doesn't get busy enough, to warrant that any more.


One like this, lifthill facing west, with the mountains in view to the right

of the lifthill...a perfect El Loco location.

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  • 1 month later...

As I suspected, they extended the sale for the Season Pass:




Santa says you deserve to play all you can in 2016! Special rate extended ‘til January 18, 2016!


Playland Season PlayPass holders get UNLIMITED access to over 30 rides and attractions including Canada’s most extreme pendulum ride, THE BEAST.


But, I already got mine before Christmas Day.


With the Buddhist Monks-Approved Playland COASTER to ride!

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So - anybody else besides myself, ready for the May 07 Opening Day???



Support Your Friendly Neighborhood COASTER!


(Nothing new for this season, but that's okay. There's always COASTER!)


Got my online 2016 Season Pass, here. Woot!

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can't wait to go on Saturday, back in February I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and have since dropped about 60 pounds, I was around 375 pounds but now I'm around 310-315, so here's hoping I've lost enough weight to finally get onto The Beast this year, if you're going Bill I'll be there wearing my Weird Al Yankovic Czar T-Shirt, it's a dark green shirt. fingers crossed that this is the year I get onto that ride

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^ Sorry to hear about the diabetes. And I hope the weight isn't dropping too fast for you.


Cool you'll be at Playland's Opening! My usual plan is to be there before they "drop the rope"

(ha) so everybody can rush to the Season Pass building(s). Myself included, heh.


So I will be there, before opening time, 10am. And you know what I look like. A homeless

person with long hair and a beard, with a Playland t-shirt on, lol.


And I was only going to stay till about noon. No offence to moms, but the next day, Sunday,

is Mothers Day, and it's usually the least crowded day in Playland! Usually.


See you there, one day or another.

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^ Um, this is Playland in Vancouver, Canada. Are you sure you`re in the right "Playland" thread here?


This Playland doesn't officially open for the season until...tomorrow.


Just letting you know.


Taken last year. So exciting to FINALLY get back to the park again! :D "Tomorrow, tomorrow, it opens, tomorrow..."

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^ Um, this is Playland in Vancouver, Canada. Are you sure you`re in the right "Playland" thread here?


This Playland doesn't officially open for the season until...tomorrow.


Just letting you know.


Yeah, I was there with a school group.

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^ Ah, understood. Man, they never did that for us when I was in school.

Just a free ticket to the PNE and some ride coupons, during the fair.

Which wasn't that bad a deal, really. But still, would have been nice for an

outing to Playland itself...


Well, Playland is certainly open now!


(Going to post the Opening Weekend's photos, on Monday.)


Me on Coaster. "Now, with Three Hands!" Sat.May 07/16. Man, I look Old! And scary.


The Haunted Mansion had a couple of extra 'tenants' on Opening Day. I notified somebody

from the park, and I hope they "evicted them" humanely, lol.


I also found out today, that I can use last year's drink and popcorn containers, for $1 refills again! Awesome! (o:

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One of the places on site, I am going to try this season...


Pizza Pizza


"Tantalize your taste buds with mouth watering pizza choices, chicken and other tasty snacks.

Located along the games line, Pizza Pizza is the perfect place to grab a meal, sit back and take in the midway magic!"



Behind that Monty Python shrubbery, there....

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well I tried getting onto The Beast today but the restraint didn't lock for me, so I'm going to need to start going to the gym again starting next Saturday, not sure how much I'm going to need to lose just yet but if you wouldn't mind sending me those photos you took of me Nrthwnd that'd be great and I'll see how much I'm going to need to lose before I can get on it. But the good news is that I can get onto The Revelation again, can't get onto the Hellevator still but if I lose another 15 pounds I should be good to go.


Also it's a sad day at Playland, when I was there I noticed the beloved Enterprise was completely dismantled, yes I am seriously ticked off right now, that was one of the best old school flat rides I've ever been on there. Never noticed you sent them to me, thanks for sending them so quickly, I didn't get an e-mail saying you messaged me, but looking at them side by side I think if I lose another 25 pounds I should be able to get on it.

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Also it's a sad day at Playland, when I was there I noticed the beloved Enterprise was completely dismantled, yes I am seriously ticked off right now, that was one of the best old school flat rides I've ever been on there.

Maybe they're sending it down to us; Wild Waves is getting an Enterprise and a Double Shot this summer, so you can always drive 3 hours to ride one here!


I love how there's an inconvenient huge bush in the middle of the entrance for that pizza place.


I hope I can make it up there in one of the next few weekends!

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^ Actually, there's plenty of space "beyond the bush," heh heh.

The Arcade has a covered walkway, and the plant is actually in front of that.


Too bad they didn't have (plastic) pizza slices all over it, though.


That would have been fun to see.

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SHOCKING NEWS from today's Playland visit!


The SHRUB IS GONE!!! (See previous page.)


That's all I got for now. More stuff, tomorrow.


Talk about going on a diet, LOL! The shrub - has left - the fairgrounds. (o;

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I picked up a copy of the 2016 Flyer & Map for the park. Nothing special to note.


Except I get a bit disappointed when they list all these places to eat at Playland,

and yet there will only be "the regular" spots open, while the more interesting stands

(cone meals, custom fries & poutine) never open, even when it's busy at the park.


Who knows? Maybe this season will be different with more places open, all the time.


KC says Hi! - Welcome Back!


The Beast still rules at the park, now in it's second year.


Inside stuff.


The park. Not hard to figure out. Or get lost in.


Back stuff.

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