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New Ride from Gerstlauer

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I've tried it @ Deutsches Museum, fun ride, really disorienting. However they reused their standard OSTR for it and considering you are thrown around a lot and get considerable amounts of hangtime, they weren't adapted. The fact that you hold the wings with your hands prevents you from bracing for the throwing around. Somebody tall like me (6'2"-187cm) will have his right shoulder destroyed... I actually found blood on the shirt I was wearing in the shoulder zone!


It's a fun ride, but smooth harnesses like the new Vekoma ones, or the possibility to control the wings with the feet to let the hands free for bracing would make it actually rideable...

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Looks like with some practice you could have a very interesting ride.


At least they made individual seats so you do not have to put up with a "Friend" or someone else going NO your not going to flip me for the 23rd time!


I would defiantly give it a try.



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Not sure how big of a footprint that would take, but I totally would not mind seeing CGA get one of these, especially sitting where a Triple Play once stood. Cedar Fair, take this hint, put one of these in if we're not going to see some wood next season!


I told my friend about this ride after spinning endlessly on my chair at work (has a weird off balance that I can rock and spin) and he said it reminded him of CGA's old Sky Hawk ride (flight trainer). I told him that this was better as you use skill to get it to go, not joysticks.

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This ride belongs in a non corporate park, CF would try to limit its ability to provide a out of control experience that some of us want. I could see them posting a sign "No rocking the car" or something similar.


Someplace in Wisconsin Dells, Pigeon Forge or FL would be perfect.



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