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Join Theme Park Review at Hersheypark - Friday, August 15th!

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Hey Theme Park Review members!


As you may know TPR's East Coast Trip will be stopping by Hersheypark this year and we have decided to open up this day to other TPR members who may be in the local area. There will be lots of ERT, Food, and FUN!


Cost for the day is as follows:

$52 - Non Season Pass Holders

$25 - Season Pass Holders


Event Schedule - Friday, August 15th


8:15am - Meet outside Main Gate

9:00 - 10:00 - ERT on Fahrenheit & Storm Runner

10:00am - Free time at Hersheypark!

6:00pm - Dinner at Wildcat Catering

11:00pm - 12:00am - ERT on Wildcat and Lightning Racer


Here's the catch. You HAVE to pre-register BEFORE July 31st and you HAVE to be at the park by 8:15am. If you cannot arrive by 8:15am you will not be able to join the group for this event.


We have a limited number of spots so register now!


Register online here:



If you are unable to register online and need to register via snail mail email me directly at robbalvey@aol.com


See you at Hersheypark!


--Robb Alvey


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^ Well, here's the thing. The reason why we opened up this one day is so that people on the east coast can meet up and join in the fun. Unless you are coming with a group of people, we actually don't reccomend that people in the local area meet up and I'm not saying that to be rude, it's just that often times people come to meet up with TPR and we're either too busy (Elissa and I) running the trip or in our own little group (remember it's our vacation too) or other members have spent the last few days making friends that it's hard to meet someone who's just there for a day.


This usually isn't the case for days we open up to other TPR members since a lot of people are showing up all for the same reason and it's an official "TPR Meet."


Here's what we said in our FAQ:


Q: If I live local to some parks, can I join you guys for just one park during a TPR trip?

A: This is a tough question. Of course you are allowed to come and meet up with us for a day here or there...BUT... Something we've noticed is that a lot of times this causes problems or awkwardness. Remember that these trips are a lot like "Summer Camp". Everyone has their friends, new and old, many people are already in their little groups, etc.


Then if you show up all of a sudden, it's hard to fit in with the group. Especially if you're meeting up with us once the park is open, after we've had some ERT and the group has already split into tons of tiny groups.


Keep in mind, unless we open an event day to other TPR members, you cannot join us for group meals or ERT or any other perks.


Also, if you think that meeting up with us for a few hours means you'll spend all that time with Robb and Elissa, remember we're doing stuff with the parks, helping our participants with stuff, and going at Baby speed with Kristen so it's not always possible for the two of us to hang out with people.


Another thing to remember, is that when we are on a TPR trip, it's "our vacation" also. And as much as we enjoy meeting members from the site, we have our group of friends and family that we are hanging out with too.


I think the only way we really reccomend meeting up with the group for a day is if you are already friends with someone on the trip and you want to hang out with them. Trying to join the group for a TPR trip day, unless it's an official TPR Meet, is not something we really encourage anymore.

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Hey Robb, I am glad you guys are making this trip! Tony and I had planned on heading back down there at the end of July for my birthday, but instead we will wait until the 15th!! Tony and I have never been on a TPR trip so we are very excited! We will register as soon as we can get to the bank to deposit the money!!


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I just so happen to have this day requested off from work. It's me and my girlfriends anniversary that day, and we had nothing planned yet. I know she LOVES Hershey, so maybe I can swing this. I will be getting in touch with you soon about this Robb. Thanks for opening it up.

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I think I could almost make this one! I had already planned a vaca day 08-15....


Just FYI for anyone close to my area.... cheap round trip flights from Knoxville or Nashville to PA are about 187 bucks.... and then 52 bucks for the TPR day.... not too bad.




Would there possibly be a hotel discount to stay where other TPR members are staying?

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YAY! I registered, I hope I did it right. It was an event, so i am assuming I didn't need shipping, unless you were sending me the ticket or something, so I guess i will get an email if you need a few dollars for shipping.

I'm now really excited to have my first "ERT" ever, and to get a general idea of how TPR trips are run for perhaps a trip next year.


Thanks Elisa for pointing out my error and it's too late for me to pretend that never happened.

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Would there possibly be a hotel discount to stay where other TPR members are staying?


It's difficult to get a good deal in Hershey.


Check out hotel prices in the area via travelocity, orbitz or hotels.com then try hotwire. I got a great deal about 20 miles away from Hershey last year. Also, got great deals for other locales where I'll be meeting up with the East Coasters.

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^ The East Coast trip isn't staying in Hershey, but in Allentown that night, so that would be pretty inconvenient I would imagine.


Not unless he got a round trip ticket to Lehigh Valley International Airport and either rented a car or catches a bus to Hershey. He could then go back to Allentown that night, hit up Dorney on Saturday, and then fly back Sunday. It would be a little bit more cash, but it would be another day at a park too.

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Wow I think I can do this one, which means I'll be going to Hersheypark twice this year. I was gonna try to go to the Six Flags America meet a while back, but I missed out because I didn't keep up with the E-mails.


Can't wait though. Seems like it's gonna be fun! Thanks for the opportunity!


Edit: Hmm... Seems like I'm having issues accessing Hershey's website. Can anyone tell me when the park closes on the day of the meet? Thanks.

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