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Adventuredome Discussion Thread

p. 53 - Nighttime trip report!

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Great... just what I needed after getting all the credits in Vegas. Time for another trip - to those that visit remember the golden rule:


"Do you wanna gamble? Or do you wanna win?"



Nice looking cars for sure - here's to hoping the ride doesn't suck with such a small footprint.

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Hopefully the park takes good care of the coaster. I too am wondering what the onride audio is going to be.


I do not think that will be an issue, they have kept Canyon Blaster running very well in its 20 years, and they have kept Chaos running and looking brand new for all of these years!

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...and they have kept Chaos running and looking brand new for all of these years!

That deserves a medal on its own - especially considering that it's one of the only Chaos rides still in operation.

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Hey everyone, very small quick update from the park. All the track in the main arena of the ride has now been aligned and in place. The crane has been moved over next to Chaos as they prepare to install the finale of the ride. Not too much more to go on the construction of El loco. In other news, Slingshot is down for maintenance and one of Canyon Blaster's trains are off track for annual refurb. Have a great weekend everyone!












Queue markings are now in place.



Track pieces waiting installation outside.


One lonely footer awaiting support.


The crane has been moved next to Chaos.


Love how close to the park floor this ride goes to!


Only one Canyon Blaster train on the rails. The other is out for annual rehab.



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