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Adventuredome Discussion Thread

p. 53 - Nighttime trip report!

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^ In reading this...


Why is Canyon Blaster listed in two different lists, with different prices?

One is for $10. The other is a 'Premium' for $8.



I asked this a few pages back and some-one replied it may have been an oversight and been copied from an old pricing list.

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Made a quick lap through The Adventuredome and the NebulaZ is fully built. Enjoy the photos below! It’ll be a nice addition to the park!  This is the bottom of Rim Runne

NebulaZ quietly opened at Adventuredome. Fun ride and a nice addition to the park. I don’t normally like spin and pukes but this ride was a lot of fun with bits of floater air. Visually this ride is s

Last weekend I decided to take a lap around the Adventuredome. The unannounced new ride (the model is a Zamperla NebulaZ) is now vertical and it looks like the ride’s queue will go through part o

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Hey everyone! Quite a big update today! The car that was on display at IAAPA is now on display at the front of the park. Some nerd shots are below. All of the track in the main arena of the ride is in place with a couple of alignments to be completed. All that's left is completing the final twist and dive into the final brake run. Lots of electrical work going in now as well.


I must also point out that the touch ups on the mountain look fantastic. You can't even tell that there used to be a flume drop there.


Enjoy the update!






Almost there!!







Just a bit of alignment to be done, then the main arena track installation will be complete.



The work they did on the mountain looks great! Can't even tell there used to be a flume drop here.




First peek at the car inside the park! Yay for lapbars only! (with seatbelt)



A look inside the station.


Not too much longer, the final pieces of track will be installed here.




Closer look in the station, looks like some controls are in place.



A closer look at the car that was on display at IAAPA.





I think the cars look great!









Hello lifting dog!


Here is a nice surprise!! The logo lights up!


A closer look.

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Truly awesome updates; thanks! As soon as they announce the first day it is open to the public, I'm calling out sick.


Maybe we should get a TPR meetup going for opening day. Get some rides in and grab a bite to eat for the Vegas locals!!!

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I luuuuve how far away the finale is from the rest of the ride. It reminds me a lot of Mystery Mine's fantastic ending.


How exactly are track misalignments like that fixed?

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The more work I see done on this the more impressed I am. Loving all the little touches they have going for it like the light up logo, and the on ride audio. Would also be up for an opening day meet up to be one of the first to check it out. Never done an opening day before.

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I just hope the lighting on the front of the train and the audio works better than it does on it's brother in Australia. Green Lantern's LED's and audio worked for about 2 months before it crapped itself. It took them nearly 2 years to get it partially working on some of the cars again. I really would love to compare this ride to Green Lantern one day to see if the 4 across seating makes a big difference to the sensation of the ride.

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