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Adventuredome Discussion Thread

p. 53 - Nighttime trip report!

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I don't think anyone is right or wrong, coaster building is a fluid process, the projected opening can often change back and forth several times. I know that December was Adventuredome's targeted opening, but it's possible that there have been difficulties in the last couple weeks, or it's possible that S&S may not have the most current info and the park may still be able to get it open by December..we'll just have to wait on more official word. This was mentioned kind of in passing rather than as a real announcement, so in my head Im kind of taking "December" and "Late January" and averaging them to form my expectation

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I visited Adventuredome last Friday (1/15) for the first time in several years. I believe I was last here in November 2015 or 2016. I had a nice time, mostly because those of us living out west are qu

Made a quick lap through The Adventuredome and the NebulaZ is fully built. Enjoy the photos below! It’ll be a nice addition to the park!  This is the bottom of Rim Runne

NebulaZ quietly opened at Adventuredome. Fun ride and a nice addition to the park. I don’t normally like spin and pukes but this ride was a lot of fun with bits of floater air. Visually this ride is s

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I've got a feeling we're going to start seeing an awful lot of these El Loco coasters in the near future. Seems like the compact design and general "uniqueness" would be a great fit for a lot of parks.


It's a good concept, especially for parks which want something less expensive than a big B&M that isn't a Boomerang or SLC. Hopefully more of the El Locos will be built with the four-across cars (like Movie World's Green Lantern), as those outside seats are insane!

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Hey everyone! Stopped by the park to shoot a quick update. It's been raining the last 4 days in Vegas and the advantage of having an indoor park is construction isn't hampered by weather! The lift hill for El loco is now in place with the lift motor and chain on site for installation. I hope you are all having a nice weekend and enjoy the photos!


More parts sitting outside in staging. Probably the only time these parts will see rain.




The first friction brakes I've seen on site.













A peek into the station.


The final brake run now has support under it.



The bottom of the lift and maintenance track.



The lift is now complete.


The chain.



Twisty goodness!


Lift hill motor and chain awaiting installation.





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I count only 11 more track pieces to be installed!


Impressive! The quick construction time has to be a selling point for S&S.

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Hi everyone! A very quick update from the park today. They made a ton of progress on El Loco in the last two days. There are only about two to three more track sections left in the main "Arena" of the ride. Just the bottom of the first drop. The lift hill's chain has been installed as well as the transfer track to the maintenance area. All that is left to install is the bottom of the first drop, the second block brake and the final dive into the brake run. Enjoy the photos!




The chain has been installed.





Looks like it may indeed be a nice pop of air here!


The transfer track has been installed.


Scaffolding is up as they prepare to install the second block brake.





Possibly a nice pop of air here?


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Also here is the current pricing for the park, a great deal!

I also see that El Loco will have a 48" height requirement, the same as Canyon Blaster!


Weird that canyon blaster is under the $10 and $8 dollar pricing, I forget there is a chaos here, i haven't heard great things but i've always wanted to try one since they never made it over this way (but then I also say the same about a zipper)

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Also compare the prices to Stratosphere. Stratosphere is $18 just to get up into the building.

Big Shot is $15 (Plus $18 to get into the tower) and the ride is seriously only about 37 seconds in duration




Adult - $18.00

Groups/Parties Over 20 - $10.00




Big Shot - $15.00

X-Scream - $15.00

Insanity - $15.00

SkyJump - $109.99 and up




Tower Admission + All Day Unlimited Rides - $34

Tower Admission + 3 Rides - $33

Tower Admission + 2 Rides - $28

Tower Admission +1 ride - $23

Express Pass - additional $10.00


In all honesty, Adventuredome didn't change the price of the junior pass, only the adult wristband which went up $2.00

And the pass will pay for itself with three rides.


Granted the same for Stratosphere, but if you didn't want to do the rides, I feel that $18 is a bit steep especially when the Eiffel Tower Experience is $11.50 (daytime) and $16.50 (evening) and its in the middle of the Strip. It is still cheaper than Stratosphere, and people have to get to the Strat. I just feel they aren't competitively priced.

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