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Adventuredome Discussion Thread

p. 53 - Nighttime trip report!

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I love it when coasters are forced to fit in a tight area, manufacturers then get really creative and funky with their designs in conforming with what they have to work with! Looks crazy, can't wait to see it running!

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What the crap am I looking at?! Sections of that track just look...WRONG! Not in a bad way, but in a "they broke the laws of physics" way!

Can I use this as an excuse not to take physics next semester? No but really this ride is looking amazing, I am definitely making it to Vegas during winter break as I live an hour and a half away.

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^My only El Loco experience is Steel Hawg at Indiana Beach. I loved the ride's layout, but found the orginal OTSRs to be very uncomfortable. However, I've heard good things about the new lapbar restraints, so I'm optimistic about this ride.

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I've given up trying to predict the layout. This could be a real hit!


I would guess that the start will be very similar to the standard model, in that it will go down the first drop, then up and around 180 degrees, then comes the outward banked turn, followed by the regular inside banked turn into the dive loop.


I'm only guessing though.

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^ Go in March! That's when I'll be there celebrating my birthday! This is a definite priority on my list when I'm there. I seriously think this might be the twisted, most insane indoor El Loco EVER!


Jimmy "This will be my first El Loco Coco in March" Bo

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Hey everyone! Update for today, a lot more of the support structure is now in place as is the MCBR. Looks like there is a lot of focus on the electrical systems installation at this time. Enjoy the photos!





Cant wait to see the finished ride, the supports are very interesting.






I love that transition!


Looking up at the MCBR



Quite the interesting structure to get the ride into this small space.


First look at the MCBR




The spur maintenance line and a piece of track waiting to be installed in the background.


More drive wheels have been installed.


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