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Adventuredome Discussion Thread

p. 53 - Nighttime trip report!

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^ Hope you had fun, too bad I didn't know you were at the park or else I would have said hi.


Just looking at those support connections to the left of the drop, I wonder if there'll be some speed control there - it looks like it's really tight at the top coming out of being upside down, like on a Screaming Squirrel, vertical for a bit and then it bottoms out.


No speed control there.

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Good afternoon everyone! Here's an update from today at the park. Construction is trucking right along. And only two nights left of Fright Dome and the park being closed part of next week. We may see some great progress as even with the park open they have been doing a lot of work in the off hours. Enjoy!



Some hardware being installed in the station.


Looking from the old Rim Runner splash bridge




El Loco is clearly visible from the main entrance of the park now!


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^Damn, you beat me to it, I just took some photos about an hour ago (more like Mr Adventuredome). I also saw some track in what looks like a staging area just outside, near a roller door at the back.


Gotta say Hotel Argento was excellent, the collector and Thirteen were also strong. Zombie and Chainsaw were very good. Clowns was average. Coolio played last night, I didn't even know who he was, til I saw it on face book. I saw Andy Dick there too watching some comedy act.


I think we met DoubleOKevin, you were helping my friend with a problem with their fright dome ticket if it was you.

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I'm not sure if it's the angle of the drop not being beyond vertical or the fact the ride interacts with surrounding structures, but the drop looks larger than the other El Locos. Without any speed control coming into the first drop, it looks like this El Loco may also be a lot faster that 66km/h. Any thoughts?

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From the look of things currently, it looks like the layout is going to be an altered version of the standard El Loco layout. The lift is angled differently as well as the barrel roll and the drop is altered slightly but otherwise, it's looking pretty similar. I can't wait to see this finished.

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Hey everyone! A quick update from today as today is the last day the park is open until next Friday. Excited to see how much work they can get done in the next 4 days!






The track comes very close to the park's floor here.







This view looked very different just a few months ago!



The spur/maintenance track has been installed.


Hello Mr. Brake Fin!


Looking from the Passage of Time into the station.



The ride can now be seen from across the park!


Looking into the station. Drive wheels have been installed.





Footers have dried, will see the rest of the finale of the ride installed soon.


Looking at the old Rim Runner Station


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