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Adventuredome Discussion Thread

p. 53 - Nighttime trip report!

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Demolition of Rim Runner is complete. Considering that summer is here already they probably will start to take it slow until August or September when they begin construction on El Loco.

The Spongebob wallpaper around the FX theater has been completely removed, the new spongebob show will start playing there in the coming weeks and I believe they are adding new wallpaper for it.

Not sure if people know but the park did open up a lazer maze attraction in the back inside passage of time around December, it is extra charge but it's load's of fun!

Another new attraction is the revamped mini golf course that is now called "Pirates Bounty" that is really fun also and a lot more challenging than the previous one.

Happy to see that the Adventuredome is bringing new additions to the park.

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Hey everyone! A quick update from Adventuredome! Rim Runner demolition (trough until Chaos, the drop and splashdown) is complete. The tough behind Chaos, the lift, upper trough all still remain. There is now construction markings in the cleared out area of the former splashdown pool. Also the area from Canyon Blaster's turnaround to the lift also has markings. For those of you who know the park, it's in the Passage of Time area. The photos below show it much better, so now with these markings and Rim Runner's station still standing. I've come to the conclusion that the station will be reused for El Loco. Will update everyone as work continues!









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The park opened Spongebob Squarepants 4D: The Great Jelly Rescue on Friday. It's a pretty great little show and in my opinion far better than the old one. I like the old one but this film has more of the Spongebob humor and some pretty funny jokes. Also the film has alternate versions so it has a built in re-rideability to it. The picture below shows off the new sign and some of the facade. The front isn't finished yet as they still need to hang the 4D theater sign again as well as reinstall some lighting. To the right of what you see in the picture there is also a Dora area of the wall making it easier to find that attraction as well (Spongebob and Dora share the same theater).


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Just a quick update from The Adventuredome tonight. Well ground/floor work has started as holes for the supports for El Loco are being drilled! Photos below! Also checked out the new Spongebob 4D attraction and it was really put together well and is a great addition to the park!






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I want to be the guy who stands at the entrance of this ride. Why, you ask? Simply so I can say, "Hello, welcome to El Loco, which is Spanish for...The Loco."


They don't even need to pay me. I'll do it for fun on my days off from my normal job.

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It's a rare sight but its normally during the Independence Day Weekend where you see Canyon Blaster run two trains.


Check out these two videos just taken. They are averaging dispatches about every 35 seconds. It's an extremely busy day here at the Adventuredome but the crew is keeping lines at the coaster very short! Some major parks should look at this, it's an awesome operation!









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What's really amusing to me, is that when we were in Vegas back in March, I got "stalked" by a Circus Circus employee who latched onto me because he noticed how much I was playing the KISS slots (he's a *huge* KISS fan), and since he works at the Customer Relations/Redemptions desk at the front of the casino, every time we had to cash out points I got stuck talking to him.


harmless enough, but a little odd.


anyways, our last night there, he begged me to friend him on Facebook, and although I warned him I hardly ever use Facebook (I have really, only like 18 friends on there - LOL), I figured what the heck, always good to have another contact in Vegas. Particularly since he's employed by Circus Circus.


anyways, I've heard from him twice since we left Vegas. . and the 2nd time was the other night.


He wanted to know if I was coming back to Vegas anytime soon (and if I had seen the design for the new KISS stage ).


I told him likely not until next year, but that meant the "El Loco" would be up and running, so I was looking forward to swinging by the Adventuredome to ride it.


he had NO idea what I was talking about. Even when I clarified: the new roller-coaster that's coming in to replace Rim-Runner?


So your report shows they are actually advertising it! . . . and this guy, who works at CUSTOMER RELATIONS desk -- at the *front* of the main entrance of the casino -- had no idea what I was talking about.


that's just too damn funny.

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^Most employees at players club desks have no idea about anything until you ask and then they have to look it up in their system. They usually just point you in the direction of an employee from the department that would know (When I was in town for EDC, it took 4 employees to find the I Dream of Jeanie slot machine my friend wanted to play).

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A quick update from The Adventuredome yesterday, looks as if the footers will soon be ready for concrete! Things should get exciting real soon!


A closer look in the station shows that the queue rails and gates have been removed.


You can see how close the new supports will be to Canyon Blaster's turn into the lift.


A Closer Look



Looks as if the footers are just about ready for concrete!



The trough of the Rim Runner has been covered, funny to see all of the loose articles that has flown out of people's pockets. Gotta love the airtime after Canyon Blaster's second loop.

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