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I created this park in search of finding everything at one park, almost every roller coaster type out there, with almost every flat ride to go with it!


WARNING: THIS IS A HUGE FILE! It takes my Sony Vaio about 10 minutes to load it, it gets low FPS. If you're computer is slow or doesn't have a good processer, Don't download.

Park Adrenilane.dat

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O.K., Screens it is!



You'll Notice I didn't add scenery and I did that for 2 reasons:


1. I'm terrible at Scenery


2. If I did add scenery It'd take an hour to load and once It did It'd crash my computer!


And since you can't get a view of every coaster in the park I listed them out:


Corkscrew: Like Corkscrew at MA but slightly different ending.


Face 2 Face: Invertigo Clone


Wicked Twister: Twisted Woodie With a loop


Mustang: B&M Hyper


Dominator: B&M Floorless


Big Dipper: Semi Twisted Woodie w/ Airtime


Space Shot: Shoots you 500 feet high and is the longest tallest and fastest coaster in the world


Serial Thriller: SLC Clone


The Beast: Super Twisted Woodie Hyper


Avalanche: Sweet Bobsled coaster


The Dark Knight: Batman Clone with Different Ending


Red & Blue Racer: Modified Version Of the Racer @ KI


Air: Giga based off MF and is probably the best RCT3 Coaster I have made


Steel Venom: Inverted Impulse Coaster


X: Live the Extreme: 4-D Coaster


Sky High: Tallest and Fastest Rocket Coaster anywhere


Great White: RCT3 Wooden coaster


Ricochet: RCT3 Wooden Coaster


Hypersonic: Like Hypersonic XLC But with multiple towers


Magnum X-L 200: Arrow Hyper With Plenty of Air


Maverick: Steel Twister over a Lake


Flight of Fear: Premier Rides Launcher


Renegade: Compact GCI Twister


The Bat: Arrow Suspended Swinging


Sidewinder: Shwarzkopf (How do you pronounce that?) Shuttle Loop


Firehawk: B&M Diver


Pedal to the Metal: Vekoma Moterbike


Ultimate Escape: B&M Flyer


King Cobra: TOGO Standup (I didn't have room for a B&M)


Crazy Mouse: Wild Mouse Coaster


That's 31 Coasters!


Not to Mention the dozens upon DOZENS of flat rides, The park is so crammed in some area's you can't even see some rides!

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I suppose if you're not good at working with scenery (like me) what you have done here is what you will stick to. Try having a go at making a proper park like suggested with terrain features and building not just a maze of rollercoasters ok?

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