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Infusion escape at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

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David Straitjacket ( www.davidescapes.com ) was chained, handcuffed and padlocked into the most extreme rollercoaster in the UK, the Infusion ride at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. The escape had come about as a challenge from master locksmith Mick Hanzlik, a Houdini expert and escape enthusiast who runs his own locksmithing company in Northampton, UK.


Video: http://www.tbppbguideforums.info/bpb/dm_mmc_page.php?media_id=38


Old ride footage at BPB: http://www.lep.co.uk/news/Archive-footage--Blackpool-Pleasure.4259574.jp

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^ Is that even real? I don't believe it is. First off, the coaster is shown completely out of order and then when he finally jumps the shadows don't look right.


Like the took footage of him jumping and footage of the coaster coming by and composited it all together.


It looks really fake to me.



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Unless the video is one constant clip without all the editing and cut ins, when magic is done on video or on TV, it just doesn't do it for me.


Like that Lance Burton video, it'd be much more believable if they showed the jump from a POV camera placed on the front of the train. Kinda convenient they neglected to show more than 2 clips from 2 practically identical angles.


And we wonder where kids get the idea to run in front of coaster trains...

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