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Photo TR: Dainan's Trek to Ohio

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I'm curious, what makes you prefer Voodoo over Wicked Twister? Wicked Twister was one of my favorite coasters at Cedar Point, and I mean, it just seems like it would be so much better than Voodoo. But now I'm looking forward more to riding Voodoo next month.


I'm enjoying the TR.




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I'm astounded at all the MF bashing that goes on in this forum...but I'm glad you at least liked Kennywood, another favorite park of mine.


Given the choice between the two parks though, I'm likely to go with Kennywood every single time. True, CP has more coasters, but Kennywood is just a better all-around park experience. It's not as crowded, there's more places to sit, and the food's better, I think.

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Day: 3

July 1st, 2008

Park: Cedar Point


Trip Report

We left for the park hoping to get there for opening, but we ran a tad late because of Walter! (this basically happened every day by the way). We got there to see the lot filled, so we decided to drive back to the Soak City Parking Lot. We went straigh to Magnum XL-200. It was a three train wait for the back. When we got off the ride, the queue was allready half way filled! We were going to hit TTD but it was down, so we cought a ride on Corkscrew. Which was fun and not so rough as everyone says it is!


After that, we took a ride on Matterhorn. After that we took the train around a few laps. And decided to ride Mean Streak. We waited a half hour for it, and finally got on. We ended up getting stuck half way up the lift! We sat there for five minutes before the attendant came up and Walter stopped him to ask what happened and he just said, "Who took out the camera?" We all kind of looked at each other confused and then a girl two rows ahead of us hit the girl next to her and said, "Oh my god! I can't believe you did that!" Then the girls behind them were all embaressed and stuff. About 5 minutes later they restarted it and we finished the ride!


Next we saw The Misadventures of Molly and Maverick. It was an interesting showm, but crowded. It was fun though. I just wish we had a seat. Next we went over to Maverick which was re-opening from a break down. We decided to give it a second opinion. We waited an hour while this guy was singing and dancing Michael Jackson songs. (I swear to god!). We sat up in he front. It was a fun ride, but still a bit rough, but definately better than the day before.


We headed over to Gemini, where we waited a full queue just to get th credit on the blue side. Then we went to Soak City to escape the park and heat. It was alot of fun. We actually did every slide before leaving. We then went over to Hotel Breakers for dinner, but decided to come back later. We then went back into the park, by Wicked Twister, and decided to ride it. While we were waiting it broke down. So we decided to wait it out. We ended up hanging out with the crew for two hours, before they told us it wouldn't re-open.


We then realizedwe only had a half hour left, so we rode Troika and MaxAir, which Walter chickened out on, because he "Had to use the bathroom!" We left the park and went to TGI Fridays at Hotel Breakers. We didn't end up leaving the Point until after midnight. This will be our last visit at Cedar Point until the 4th of July.



The skyline was alot brighter today!


Magnum was looking very sexy! And running great this morning


From the parking lot, it seemed that only one side of Gemini would be open today...


Up next, Corkscrew


It's a very sexy Arrow, might I add


The Matterhorn is an older version of a Thunderbolt


This will get us off our feet and sort of, out of the heat


The train offers some nice shots of Millennium Force






And Maverick


So there's this whole cool part of the train where you go through Saw Mills, Towns and houses...


...but something bothers me...


...why the hell are they all dead?


Seriouly!? Why!?


We decided to do Mean Steak next


There's just so much wood


This drop would be great if the damn trims weren't there...


It takes the turns kind of slow!


Walter and Jackie seem very happy on Mean Streak...


It's becaue the lift stopped! (Note: I took my camera after the ride was allready stopped for a few minutes)


The Misadventures of Molly and Maverick


Next up is Maverick...


...where this man kept singing and dancing to Michael Jackson's greatest hits!


I don't know if he has something wrong with him, or just high. Either way, he was having a ball, and making the line seem alot shorter than it was!




Same goes for you!


Town Hall was pretty cool.


Yea....I just had to!


And I am that jerk who was wearing a Kingda Ka shirt at Cedar Point!


Gemini was later on running both sides...


...but then went back to only one!


Random shot of Magnum here...


We'll come back to you later!


Wicked Twister was an interesting experience...


Troika is always a fun ride!


Walter in line for MaxAir. This isthe face of some one who needs to use the bathroom


This was our last ride at the Point for the day!


Back at Hotel Breakers. They brought our meals and appetizers out at the same time. Only quality from TGI Fridays!


-Dainan "King's Island next!" Rafferty

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Great TR!


I feel the same way about MF, I just don't get why people like it so much.


And the crazy guy, well he is quite well known on youtube.



Because MF has awesome speed, some great airtime, an amazing first drop, is really smooth, and is just plain fun especially in the front row!




Anyways great TR Danian! Great Photos and can't wait to see your latest installment!



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You have a pretty bad taste in coasters no offense. You thought Maverick was rough and MF sucked? And the reason rides were running low capacity was because of low crowds. Why run three trains when lines are short??


God forbid he'd have an opinion or dare to the insult Holy Cedar Point.


Well, on this site God Forbid someone actually like Cedar Point


Honestly, TPR is the Cedar Point hate capitol of the world.

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You have a pretty bad taste in coasters no offense. You thought Maverick was rough and MF sucked? And the reason rides were running low capacity was because of low crowds. Why run three trains when lines are short??


God forbid he'd have an opinion or dare to the insult Holy Cedar Point.


Well, on this site God Forbid someone actually like Cedar Point


Honestly, TPR is the Cedar Point hate capitol of the world.


Ok, please link me at least one or to times where someone has said they HATE Cedar Point.


Not thinking a park isn't as good as it's hyped up to be isn't the same as hating it.



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Day: 4

July 2nd, 2008

Park: Kings Island


Trip Report:

We woke up early and left Sandusky around 8am because Walter was being slow...as usual. We drove for two hours before stopping at a Bob Evans in the middle of nowhere. Apperantly, everyone is more relaxed in the Mid West and we ended up spending an hour and fifteen minutes at this Bob Evans because they actually take there time. But we were in a rush, and it was just annoying us. (Do I scream New Yorker or what?). Anyway, we continued driving, me and Jackie kept taking turns and occupied our selves with car karaoke while Walter slept...because that's all he's good for .


We finally got to the park at 2:15 because the GPS lied to us and made us miss our exit! We walked in and decided to go straight to Invertigo. I've allready been on one of these, but when we went to Six Flags America earlier this season, Two Face was closed so this was new to Walter and Jackie. But, as we got to the ride it had a misscatch and it ran into the e-brakes, shutting it down for a good 20 minutes. So we decided to go over to Drop Tower. Walter doesn't like drop towers, but we got him on it. And he was silent the whole time. Jackie and I loved it though. The view was really good and the drop felt like forever.


Next up we headed to Flight Deck, which was a great ride. Great laterals and speed, my one complaint is that the ride is over too quick and the wak to the ride is just way too long and hilly. It's like hiking! After that we went to Son Of Beast. I knew that this was a really bad coaster and to expect the worse, but I never thought it would be as bad as it was! A roller coaster should not feel like the wheels are made out of octogons! The ride bounced the whole way and there was absolutey no airtime (and we sat in the back). It was the worst coaster I've ever ridden, and I like bad coasters (Hercules and Mean Streak).


After that we headed for Invertigo to find it a walk-on. I faced Walter and Jackie as they both expected the worst, but they were pleasantly suprised with how smooth and fun it was. After that we strolled on over to Rugrat's Runaway Reptar, which was our first Vekoma Junior Inverted coaster. It was rough as hell and made us laugh. It was an interesting ride. Next as the Fairly Odd Coaster, which was fairly odd. It was my first junior woodie and it was a lot of fun. Great ride for little kids. After that we headed over to Wings, which is there buffet and spent an hour there!


Then we headed out to Flight Of Fear. This ride ended up being my favorite coaster at the park. I am a total sucker for space themed indoor coasters, and this ride was amazingly themed. The queue was incredible and the sound effects in the station were great too. Jackie and I rode front row while we made Walter sit in the second row. We love Premier Launches and this was great. The Blocks in the middle of the ride that stop the train is a bit annoying, but I love the airtime in the corkscrew at the end, so I can deal.


Next we headed over to Vortex which is an insane Arrow Multi-Looper. It was rough and fast. Jackie and I loved every second of it, Walter hates anything knocks his head around. Then we headed over to Walter's 100th coaster, The Beast. We waited about 45 minutes for it. I sat in the last row while Walter and Jackie sat ahead of me. This ride took me by suprise. I heard nothing but terrible things about this ride, but I was suprised. It was rough but not incredibly rough. The trimming was annoying but the ride was fast! I felt it was worth the wait.


Next up we rode The Crypt. This used to be Tomb Raider, but Cedar Fail lost the rights to the Paramount rides, so now the attraction is jus in a big black room. The theming in the queue was great, and the ride itself was a awesome Top Spin, those new Huss restraints trully make a difference. After that we rode Backlot Stunt Coaster. Walter and I rode front row while Jackie rode second. It was a fun ride, and I didn't know what to expect from it, and we were all pleasantly suprised! After that we headed back to The Beast and rode the last train of the night. Then we left the park with hopes of a better the next day!



We'll start this segment with Walter passed out in the back of the car!


Jackie enjoyed ourself with Car Karaoke


Walter eventually woke up and joined in


To see our horrible singing, click

. I don't promise to pay for your therapy!


After hours of driving, we finally got here!


No time to look...must get credits!


Our first ride was supposed to be Invertigo...


...there it goes...


...and then it flew through the station coming to an abrupt hault on the E-Brakes. Yup...it misscatched


We decided to hit up Drop Tower next!


This sign in the queue made us laugh.


This was our first Gyro Drop


Top Gun....errr....Flight Deck next


The walk to the ride was way too long!


But totally worth it!


Except it's over too quick




Uh oh....


Can I please just put a match to this thing!


The lift hill to HELL!


Terrible Gerstlauer trains + terrible RCCA woodie = Terrible coaster!


Ah sweet! A Rugrats ride!


Nerver mind...it's just a Vekoma!


...yea...I can't think of a good caption. Okay...Fairly Odd Parents themed coaster....um...whoo?


It was actually a fun little ride.


Uh oh...we NEED to get Jackie out of this section, or we'll be here ALL DAY!


X-Base...where there's a Premier coaster and a Vekoma coaster!


I was so excited to finally get on Flight Of Fear!


That's mean!


The queue was very well themed!


We are going to have some pissed off aliens!


Me, Walter, and Jackie in line for Flight Of Fear




The launch into the darkness was awesome!


We skipped Firehawk (we decided to do it on our second day) and went over to Vortex!


This is like hardcore porn to Jackie and I.


I mean, come on...how could you not love Arrow?


For some reason, I deided to buy the On-Ride-Photo from Vortex.


Hello future B&M hyper coaster!


Walter outside his 100th coaster.


It's hard to get shots of the Beast being it's in the woods and very far out from the rest of the park!


So here's the last photo of the Beast for this update


And that concludes day 1 at King's Island.


-Dainan "Stay tuned for Day 2" Rafferty

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Hey guys, I'm sorry for the lack of updates, this has been som really crazy summer for me. Anyway, I will try to get the rest of the updates up soon. I'll merge the next two days of the trips together i pictures being they're parks that have been shown allready.


Day: 5

July 3rd, 2008

Park: Kings Island



Hey Arnold welcomed us at King's Island.


Our first ride of the day was the only shooting dark ride I've ever beaten Walter at!


The loading platform reminded me of the Disney, Haunted Mansion


When we saw this, we knew Jackie would make us ride this!



Walter in his Sportacopter


Then we had a walk-on, on the Beast!


After a few rides on the Beast, Jackie and I decided to ride Vortex front row.


Nothing beats an Arrow looper


Get it...beats...lmao


Don't you just love the terrible transitions?


I just love this ride


It's good to know we can go all the way to south west Ohio to ride Sponge Bob 3D


Next up was Fire Hawk


Ew you!


We were expecting a really bad ride on this, but pleasantly suprised!


This is something you'd never see at Six Flags America, two trains in one shot!


These unlucky riders have no idea that they are about to get seriously pwnd


They got stuck on the blocks in the rain for 20 minutes!


Here they come dripping in.


Now we know what day it is.




The Racer was where we made all of our Brady Bunch references


It was a fun ride, but it would have been nicer with the trims off


Next up was this well themed Arrow Mine Train


Fun ride, but the ending was so bizzare!


Me and Jackie decided to do the Sling Shot, being they're having a $5 special!


It looks better than it really is


But it was still fun!


Ew you! GO AWAY!


We did get Walter on Delerium, and he loved it!


Jackie and I rode this over and over while Walter went shopping


We decided to do Fight Deck again!


As well as Flight of Fear again!


We did it a few times!


We also did Backlot Stunt Coaster again!


Our last ride at King's Island was The Beast. Where we rode with this cool ACEr named Mark.


See ya late King's Island!



Day: 6

July 4th, 2008

Park: Cedar Point



This was the first time I ever wore a hoodie on the Fourth of July.


We decided to do Top Thrill Dragster first


Funny that this is at a Cedar Fail park, this one has no trim at the top


Does this cable shred?


This shot came out realy good


We were trying to set up our own queue, being Cedar Point couldn't figure out how to ue theres.


Seriously, the line was a half hour long (including waiting for the font row), but it was stretching down to the bleachers, because they weren't using the switchbacks!


To escape the heat (yea yea, I know, I was in a hoodie, shut up), we saw the Ice Skating show. It was actually pretty good.


Raptor looks very beautiful


It was a fun ride, but way too rough for a B&M Inverted Coaster!


I also got yelled at for filming the ride from the midway by the employee at Raptor's enterance. Apperantly video taping of rides isn't allowed...




Demon Drop was definately the highlight of the whole trip!


It wouldn't be a trip to Cedar point without getting his shot.


We willingly waited the full queue of Disastor Tansport


This time we rode with the 3D glasses. Besides the queue, the glasses suked!


Almost there


"All clear means your out of here! Enjoy your ride on the worlds tallest, fastest and longes indoor bobsled at Cedar Point!" Okay...seriously now!


I am a sucker for tower rides!


As you can see, today was a bit crowded.


So, where do you think this sign for a Zamperla would be?


Oh, only attatched to Red Barron HANGING in a gift shop!


This was one of my favorite coasters at Cedar Point...sadly for you, I'm an idiot and I didn't get any shots of Blue Streak!


You have to watch

to understand this picture.


Gemini got evacuated during the evening.


So, here are the Fourth Of July fireworks, that we missed because we spent 45 minutes trying to get on Jr Gemini...but it just wasn't going to happen.


We'll end this day at Cedar Point with the boy who couldn't make it. But once he woke up, we went over Magnum XL-200 and left the park. Which took us over two hours to get out of the parking lot because people can't drive!


-Dainan "Next up, Waldameer" Rafferty

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Day: 7

July 5th, 2008

Park: Waldameer


Before you skip the TR and go straight to the photos, you might want to read parts of the TR, to just see the true nature of this park


Trip Report:


We left the hotel early that morning and headed out to the Hard Rock Cafe in Cleveland. Oddly enough, I've lived in New York City my whole life and never ate at the one here, so this was my first time.The food was good, and the mall it was in had some pretty cool fountains. There we decided to go to Waldameer to check out the new Ravine Flyer II. We programed it into our GPS and drove off.


I don't remember how long it took, but I want to say about two hours to get to Waldameer. We pulled up and were forced to park in an overflow parking lot. Uh-oh. We then crossed the street and headed into Waldameer. At the enterance we each got a wrist band and decided to go straight to Ravine Flyer II. I'm not going to comment about the crowds at the park, all I will say is that...most of them weren't too bright. Like when this father and son in front of us in line for Ravine Flyer II saw the No Smoking sign and they both looked horrified and then the son said, "Naw Pa! They meen no smokin' on the ride!" And then they both smoked the whole way through the line. Yea...just an example of many things these two idiots were doing.


Anyway, we finally get on the ride after waiting throught the full queue. We rode in the back car (Jackie and I got the last row) and were very excited to ride our first Gravity Group woodie. The first drop was awesome. The bridge was awesome. And the turn around/second drop were great. But once the ride started going back up the hillside, it just wasn't that good. Also, the 90 degree turn thing is WAY over hyped. So, the ride wasn't as great as we were hoping, but it was still good.


Walter had to go to the bathroom, so Jackie and I went on the Spider. When we were next to ride, this man came up to me asking if his kids could ride, I said, "I'm sorry, I don't know, check the height stick" and he started yelling and ranting at me until finally his wife said, "Honey, I don't think he works here!" Um...wtf! Anyway, the ride was fun, and made some odd sounds and we laughed the whole way. Walter then met up with us and we did the Wacky Shack which was...totally screwed up in so many ways. But it was a dark ride, and I loved every minute of it. It was also where these three, 9 year old girls asked us, "Can we gyp yall in line". Yea...


Next up was Pirate's Cove. This I was extremely excited for. And we saw there was no wait, so we walked right in. Well, the beginning seemed promising, until the hallways got very narrow and we couldn't see. The attraction consisted of a few things behind glass, very dark rooms, strobes, and mirrors. And the whole thing was on a slant. There were parts where the walls were zig-zagged like a maze and it was pitch black so we kept crashing. It was pretty painfull. And it totally freaked us out. We also noticed all three emergency exits were pad-locked shut, which made us think of the Haunted Castle at Great Adventure which burned down, killing 8 teenagers. So...we didn't like it.


Next, Jackie and I did X-Scream which is an ARM Super Shot drop tower, which was about 140 feet tall. The airtime and the view were great. And it was also great that they didn't care how far our restraints were, as long as the seat belt was buckled! Next up, was Steel Dragon, a Maurer Söhne Xtended Spinning Coaster 2000. It wasn't my first Maurer Söhne, but it was a first for both Walter and Jackie. It was a fun ride, as most spinning coasters, and we all enjoyed it.


After that we did there flume, which the name escapes me...but it wasn't very memorable. We did a couple of standard flat rides and another ride on Ravine Flyer II. This time we sat up front, and it was alot better than the back. And it actually made my top ten. Next up, we tried to get on Ravine Flyer 3 but we couldn't ride, so after Jackie begged some parents for about 10 minutes, Walter and I dragged her away and we went over to the Comet, which was a really nice Jr Wooden coaster. After that, we re-rode some more rides, before driving all night to the middle of no where PA, and stayed at a cheep hooker motel (no lie).




Here we are at Waldameer!


Ravine Flyer II looks pretty from the parking lot!


While entering the park, we found this sign...which I'm pretty sure was ment for the locals to understand...


I have to say, I was pretty excited for this!


Walter and Jackie in line


The queue is fairly small, and you actually don't get too many good shots of the ride from it.




LyKe ZoMfG!1!1!!11


OMFG! Lift hill through the trees! Like what!?


We rode the Spider


Wacky Shack was certainly wacky!


Walter and Jackie seemed to enjoy it


Jackie and I on X-Scream


And this was how far they let us have the restraints!


The cool thing about the ARM drop towers, is that you don't know when you get to the top!


The airtime was absolutely insane on this ride!


Steel Dragon


This ride was fun, and we all enjoyed it


Good job Maurer Söhne!


This shot would be better if it had a log in it...


Oh well!


Yes yes, we see you Ravine Flyer II


I refused to walk directly under this because some "cool kids" kept spitting on guests!


The Comet was a nice family Junior Woodie


There it goes, down the first drop (sorta looks like a mini Phoenix)


Ravine Flyer II was much better the second and third time around!


Train zipping on by!


The view of Lake Erie from the top of the lift!


The first drop


The bridge was definately the most unique part of the ride!


The second drop was even better than the first


These short little tunnels were pretty nifty!


There we go, 90 degrees!


This ride feels like it just keeps going! Click

to watch the POV. Just a little side note, this was the first POV I ever took on a roller coaster with my new camera, so it's a bit shaky...but not too bad


This park had a Wipe-Out as well


We see you X-Scream!


Something just isn't right with this picture...


Jackie was tired and needed to leave....


What old park doesn't have one of these?


Ravine Flyer II looks pretty great amongst the setting sky.


Leaving the park we went under the Ravine Flyer II...


...then we went under it again, because we realized we were going the wrong way. Oops


-Dainan "Next up, Hersheypark (last day)" Rafferty

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Day: 8

July 6th, 2008

Park: Hersheypark


Trip Report

I'm not going to type a whole report of a park that I've done numurous trip reports from. So, just enjoy the pictures. And read the captions for discriptions



After waking up from our hooker motel in the middle of nowhere, we drove two hours to a Giant...


...to purchase some Hershey discount tickets


One of these things is not like the other... (Yea...I'm captioned out...don't judge me!)


Yes Walter, we see it!


First stop, Chocolate World!


On a side note, a little over a year ago from when we were here (about one week), Jackie and I hung out for the first time other than at Scream Machine.


And this is the first ride we rode together!


"It's all about the milk!"


This is Milton Hershey. He's like a god to chocolate...or something!


The real reason we are here!


The vertical lift was snazy!


97 degrees, and falling fast!


This is the Norwegian Loop


It looks cooler than it actually was.


It has a Cobra Roll...


Some Corkscrews...


A nice sharp turn thingy...


And a nice airtime hill!


Overall, we thought it was a decent ride. The first drop was great. But the rest of the ride wasn't as exciting as it looked. It reminded us of Maverick, but smoother. Not a top 10, but not terrible eiter.


After getting our last credit of the trip, we decided to go "splash splash" in the Boardwalk


Apperantly, this was announced during our trip.


Something no one ever needs to see. Me in a bathing suit!


Lightning Racers was running a bit sluggish today


As was "Pussy Cat"


Roller Soaker also seemed to get repainted since out last visit


Next up...another Intamin coaster!


I can dig it...


Train on the launch track


Get ready...


Here we go!




Every time I seem to ride this for the first time of the day, it feels like it stalls at the top.


I don't really care for these types of coasters....


...but this is my favorite Intamin Rocket Coaster.


This is a good part right here too!


Sidewinder was running rougher than usual today!


But, that didn't stop us from riding it over and over again, until my ears started bleeding


Jackie thinks,





Walter is determined to not hit a tree this time!


Jackie decided to roar until we agreed to ride


Great Bear is still my favorite B&M Invert


It's just so sexy!


Speaking of sexy! My personal favorite coaster at Hersheypark, Sooperdooperlooper.


Seriously, nothing can beat the beauty of a nice Schwartzkopf in my eyes!


I also want to point out, that Hershy will still have there Schwartzkopf looper in 2009


Suprisingly, The Comet was the best wooden coaster at Hersheypark today!


Walter all excited in the queue for Reeses Xtreme Cup Challenge


Jackie and I doing our "Walter while watching 'Three Point Challenge'" impression


Jackie's impression of me...


We went to go ride Fahrenheit again.


This was our last ride of the trip!


There it goes...or something...I don't know


Walter and Jackie are happy to get there final ride in on the trip


In my true fashion, our last ride of the trip, included a break down!


Jackie seems happy with her break down


Walter was hoping for an evac but we didn't get it. And it was only on the blocks.


Our final shot from the amazing trip. It really was the best trip we've done in a long time.









Thank you guys for reading. And give me feedback on the videos.


-Dainan "I want to do this again!" Rafferty

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