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Great coaster; this is one of your best yet!


The ride was smooth, forceful, and VERY original! I see improvement with every coaster you make...


Can't wait to see what's next!

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Oh man. Do you want the short critique or the long one?



^Thanks Dbru. I guess you can say I :"improve" haha. I think I suck but yeah, thanks!

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The long one! Aw, jeez. All right.


The good:

  • The layout is pretty fantastic for the most part. The little hop of airtime and the lateral-G turn before the lift are great.
  • The G's are in check except for the ending of the helix after the second underground part. It gets pretty high for laterals. Not in the red, but that would probably be uncomfortable.
  • My favorite part was the helix mentioned above. It's pretty smooth, and it's got great laterals.
  • Good job getting the hybrid look right. It takes some practice.
  • The ride's got a good combination of airtime, laterals, drops and fast turns.


The bad:

  • When supporting a ride with terrain, you have to remember that some high sections may not have lateral supports. Though they would be supported if the terrain were lower, the program does not recognize ground height in relation to terrain edits. Take note of your high hills and turns after the first drop. They need some lateral supports. It takes a long time, but the end result looks good.
  • Hybrid support screws with a few things, mainly high-banked turns. The handrails sort of float in the air. You need to connect the supports below them to the handrails.
  • When supporting woodies with terrain, watch the areas where the track is low to the ground. Some footers stick up through the catwalks.
  • The terrain needs work. You could have at least smoothed and eroded some edges. This looks like you just moved everything up in blocks, and I know you did. The water shows that too. Earth doesn't really have many right angles.
  • The section of track below the bunny hop before the lift hill comes really close. I did a tunnel test, and it's dangerously close to not passing.
  • If you're going to throw a block brake in the ride, put it closer to the middle. This coaster is more than 5,000 feet long, but there's only maybe 700 feet after the block brake. Also, put three trains on it if you want to put a block brake in it.
  • E-stop fails. Stop a train in the block brake. The train does not complete the circuit afterward. It rolls back in the following hill.
  • If you need to put trim brakes on the ride, make them on a nonbanking, preferably straight section. Yours are on banked turns, so the brake fin on the train actually would hit the brake calipers. No good.
  • There are many places where the track banks quickly and there are wheel hits. These PTC trains can't handle extremely quick banking. What happens in the program is the wheels go through the metal above them. That's no good.
  • The banking is kind of funny. You can feel every node (the blue dots). The banking is sort of inconsistent in turns. It feels like it's wobbling. Like the banking goes from 35 degrees to 37 then 34 then 37. It's odd. In the editor, I see that you didn't use continuous roll in a few places. I've found that it helps a bit in turns with lots of nodes.
  • If you're going to go underground, your best bet is to use 3D objects. Otherwise, crashing through the ground is kinda goofy. Try working around it or building canyons.
  • The brake run is waaay too short. If a train is sitting in the station, the next train slams into the brakes and just stops. Ouch! That stop hurts!
  • The finale was pretty dull. For such an action-packed coaster, the ending leaves a lot to be desired. You trim the speed in the block brake, then it's just an airtime hill, a turn taken slowly and a really quick, semipainful turn into the brakes. Yawn.

I've probably got more, but my fingers hurt. Ha. I hope that helps.

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^ Haha thanks, like i said this isnt my best plus I suck at NL. IMO





I hold the shift key when I do the terrain!! I try but it pisses me off. Plus I dont get the terra former!!Haha.

Im done; with woodies. I suck at em'.



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