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I also have to go with Scooby Doo and Superman at Movie World in Australia. The pre lifts on both of those rides blew me away, especially the dark ride section of Scooby Doo. Why can't they build something like that in America. That is the way to build a mouse!

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My two favorite are Nitro at SFGAdv. That small pre drop towards the lift is amazing, just looking up the massive lift. It looks like it goes on forever. And second Great White. I love the small drop under the boardwalk. The back provides a little bit of air!

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Mystery Mine's drop into the mine is pretty cool, but I do like Thunderheads pre-lift a lot. For some reason I have a soft spot for the turn around on Lake Winnie's Cannonball. I can't really explain why, I just like it.

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Hydra would be a clear winner if it were actually taken at a good speed. Instead is just kinda slow and not terribly thrilling.


Mystery Mine's beginning is great also but it doesn't feel like a roller coaster for those first 30 seconds, it seems like a dark ride, so I'm gonna dismiss that from my list.


Jeez.. I really don't know. I also like the tunnels on Phoenix, Blue Streak etc - I was pleasantly surprised by the tunnel on Great White too. I'd have to say my favorite pre-lift action comes from Thunderbolt but even that doesn't quite seem right since the lift just so happens to be in the middle of the ride.


Hades would probably be my choice if I had actually ridden it... so.. uh... I'm thinking about this too hard...


My answer is actually Son of Beast. The beginning is actually fairly decent and fun, and its easily the best part of the ride.

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I have to say Hydra: The Revenge & the Great White. On the Great White you dive under the boardwalk before the life


I agree with those 2. Great White's drop out of the station is 50 feet, which is a nice size drop for the start of the ride.

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Mine are:


Hades: it is fairly long with some airtime moments

Cyclone(Lakeside): it is just a tunnel, but again, it is fairly long

Evel Knievel: it's a downward 180* turn through the coaster structure, but the train builds up some decent speed for what it is.

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Thunderbolt at Kennywood would have to be my favorite. I love the first 2 drops, and the first one right out of the station is fantastic in the back!


Honorable mention go out to Phoenix and its ridiculously dark (and equally great) opening tunnel, and Hydra with its opening Jojo goodness.

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