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Recreations in RCT3

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I have never posted a complete list of my RCT3 recreations.


It was here that i got encouragement to make the videos (as most do not even play it here).


Before list them, i want to make an important note. At one point in time i was using the name "Warguardian19" - I NO LONGER use that username, however at the moment most of my videos are under that username. So long as the videos are up under the Warguardian name i'll keep the videos there.


From here on out i used the more mature and logical name of NeoGuardian21.


So forward all PM's (on Youtube) to NeoGuardian21 - i check it daily.


So without further a do.


I'll start with newest than go down the list:


- Cedar Point


- Six Flags Magic Mountain


- Valleyfair


- Valleyfair


- Valleyfair


- Six Flags Great America (I know i put a thread up but why the hell not add it to the complete list)


- Valleyfair


- Valleyfair


- Cedar Point


- Six Flags Astroworld


- Six Flags Great America


- Six Flags Fiesta Texas


- Valleyfair


- Six Flags America


- Six Flags Astroworld


- Six Flags Great America/Six Flags Over Texas


- Six Flags Over Texas




The only rule i really follow is the coaster HAS to be one that i've ridden. (i've tried doing one i haven't ridden, and it never feels quite right).


Here is my ride list







Hope you guys like it! enjoy!


I'd love to get response on what were your favorite/least favorite, and what you guys think!




P.S. you can download them here



Most are up for download those missing will soon be added.

NOTE - Dark Knight download has been corrupted so far (no danger to YOUR laptop ) there is just nothing in the Winzip, even though i clearly know i uploaded the winzip with the necessary files.

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