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Photo Trip Report - Morey's Piers / Wildwood, NJ

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^You have to remember that half of there local crowd is truthfully kids coming out of the water from surfing or spending the day at the beach; and before they want to head home, they'll stop by and take out there season pass and scan it on one or two rides. For the older crowd, they may come less.

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Is Castle Dracula and the Dungeon Boat Ride still open? I grew up going to it, but when I went back to NJ and Wildwood a few years ago, it was in need of some extreme TLC and not doing very well in attendance.


Looking at your pics makes me nostalgic for a waffle with ice cream on it

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Great Nor' Easters new trains look better than ever, I just don't like the color of the coaster. They really need to change the color.


Great pictures. I love some of the night shots.




Are you serious???? That new white color looks fantastic. It sure is a step up from its old color. Cotten Candy Pink!!


Yes, especially at night. All the different colored lights glowing off the white track look really cool. It is a very photogenic coaster at night.


And about the Golden Nugget, I had the privilege to ride it when I was about 6. I really don't remember that much about it, but my mom always tells me I loved to ride and wanted to ride it over and over again.



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