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Kings Island building a B&M Hyper Coaster

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^Yea there is, The Area where they used to shoot off fireworks.


I agree with pacoasterrider, It's starting to get to the point where they are just putting it off. Come on and Make an Announcement already!


Exactly, the place where they shoot fireworks...they can't have anyone or anything...but fireworks back there.

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^I'm too lazt too ask why nothing can be there. . .


risk of fire, fireworks make a mess, exc.


Im sure it could still be compromised, and stuff could be put their if need be.



But KI needs to tell us something. If they are so close to the plant the track is coming from then I'm sure minimal can be left onsite, and we shouldn't see much outside of station track until winter.

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The picture shows some rusted-colored Hyper track being loaded into a truck


And at this point is a much more realistic time for track to be found as such. . .


That rusty track is unpainted. And just because there is a truck there doesn't mean it's being loaded into it. It could be delivering something for all you know. That rusty track was there when I stopped by the place a few months ago.


{Science Rant}

You see kiddies, steel in it's bare form is a metal. When you take metal and place it outside where it may be exposed to sun, rain, dew, leaves, it tends to rust, such is the habits of metal.

{End Science Rant}


They fabricate the track pieces in raw steel, then place them outside until they have a chance to paint them. The track they are working on is a burgundy finish color, not to be confused with "rust" which is just the coloring the steel track gets from sitting outside.


It's one thing if you have real information to go saying stuff, but just throwing random theories out gets old. Yes, KI takes a long time to announce things, but rest assured, they will make an announcement before the season is over. Until then, don't get your panties in a bunch and just enjoy the suspense.

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That's pretty cool. Now I'm starting to think it'll be themed toward The Beast. Or have some sort of relation to The Beast. Running out in the forest and desert and screaming? That's gotta be some sort of monster.

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First there was Beast, then Son of Beast, now ride Cousin of Beast. lol


Whatever does get built, I'm sure it will be great as B&M has been building some really good hyper coasters lately. AS for the ride, I'm expecting a cross between Phantom's Revenge, and Behemoth. Hopefully this hyper coaster doesn't get trimmed down a lot like the other ones B&M has built.


The one thing that concerns me is the possible name. Mustang doesn't seem like a theme that would go into the area this is going. Sure they could find a way, but a ride named Mustang seems like something that would go in a western themed area, not River Town.(that is the area of the park right?)

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In my opinion, I think it will have something to do with a serpent. It looks like a snake to me, and they can live in the desert or woods.


Something to do with maybe a mythical serpent or something in that area sounds like it to me.


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