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This is my looping Schwarzkopf, Nightmare. Download at the bottom.


Showing some of the new support work in the 2nd helix.


Heading into a helix in bright sunlight.


A train about to go through the second loop.


The train going through a support.


An overview of the ride that shows the dense amount of trees through the course.


A station fly-by.


A steeply banked turn.


A train getting ready to enter the third loop.


A train about to enter through the first loop.


A train navigating the first drop.


What was...


...and what is.


As always, comments and criticism are appreciated.


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Defiantly has the look. But I don't care for the end after it goes through the loop. I think it should stay more compact and not run through the woods.


EDIT: Acually, with the second look, it's pretty cool with the turns over the water.


But It looks very nice



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It was alright, seriously this ride would have been so much better if it didn't have so many pumps. The ride was great until the end of the second loop, then it got quite pumpy. Make sure you smooth out those pumps and then this ride would be awesome.

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Those supports. EWWWW, AWEFUL!


Swartzkopf has a very very unique way of supporting their steel loopers.


Here's their compact ones:






And their spread out layouts:

http://www.rcdb.com/ig130.htm?picture=34 (loop)




With NL, you can either make your own 3Ds track connectors, or make a track connector out of supports. They aren't hard to make, and they add a very big ammount of realism to the ride.

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