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Europa Park Discussion Thread

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Europa Park just showed off a tiny teaser for the new coaster based in a new themed area Croatia. By the looks of the teaser, it seems like they are indeed going for an infinity coaster approach. One Big Dipper train with four rows.

The teaser is available on their streaming platform VEEJOY.




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Smart move hiding the final lay-out, at least I don't suspect this ride to be a clone of Lost Gravity in Walibi Holland. Also making the trains twice as long as they normally are kind of makes sense as Europa park could use the higher capacity.

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Europa Park has released a ton of new details about their upcoming season as well as changes across the resort, including most notably, the addition of a brand new roller coaster in a new Croatia-themed area of the park! 


You can learn more about this new coaster by viewing a new documentary here: https://www.veejoy.de/en 










In Europa-Park, visitors travel through 15 European themed areas in just one day, experiencing traditional architecture and cuisine. At over 100 attractions, holidaymakers of all ages can feel the wind on their faces and simply recharge their batteries. In the 2022 season, there are plenty of new highlights to discover at Germany's largest theme park, especially in the Austrian themed area.

In Rust, it’s also possible to get out of the southern Baden sun and into a Nordic themed world. Located in the immediate vicinity of Europa-Park, the whole family can look forward to swimming and sliding fun at the Rulantica water world. Young visitors in particular will be excited, as this season there are some new surprises to discover. Those who love travelling can not only experience adventures in Rulantica, they also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in virtual worlds at the virtual reality sensation YULLBE.

Imperial fun

The Austrian themed area is changing in the new season, as the empire makes its entrance. During a ride on the lake, guests can marvel at the beauties of Austria and magnificent garden art. The conversion of the Jungle Rafts ride with the new theme of ‘Josefina's Magical Imperial Journey’ will take place in several stages until 2023. From the start of the 2022 season, the romantic boat ride will be open to the whole family, with new innovations to be discovered. Over several phases, the train station and the boats are being reworked to shine with a new majestic splendour.

In ‘Josefina's Magical Imperial Journey’, guests enjoy a themed ride across an idyllic lake and through a magnificent palace garden. Accompanied by beautiful waltz music composed by T-Rex Classics, the route leads past impressive water features and a secret garden, as well as through a romantic rose arch. Visitors pass through different stages of Empress Josefina's life: from the wild, nature-loving childhood to her life as Empress - princesses and princes of all sizes will not be disappointed. A visual highlight is the fountain show 'Vienna Water Waltz', where visitors can experience an exciting interplay of water, light and music. 54 fountains up to 40 metres high make for a gigantic show. The ‘Danube Steamer' attraction will also shine with a brand new look in the 2022 season.

Since last summer, the lovable grandma of dinosaurs Madame Freudenreich has also inspired visitors. Alongside her friendly dinosaurs, visitors can experience a fast-paced soapbox race over hill and dale in 'Madame Freudenreich Dino Race VR’ - the VR experience on the 'Alpenexpress Coastiality'. In the 2022 season, visitors can also experience the action-packed story to the new YULLBE PRO Experience ‘Amber Blake: Operation Dragonfly’ in ‘Amber Blake - The Chase’ on the ‘Alpenexpress Coastiality’. Starting this summer, they will be able to immerse themselves in a 30-minute interactive spy film at the independent VR attraction YULLBE, located between hotel ‘Krønasår’ and the Rulantica water world. From spring, visitors will also have the opportunity to experience the detailed landscape of Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg with the YULLBE PRO adventure 'Miniatur Wunderland - The Crazy Shrink Tour' or the YULLBE GO experience 'Miniatur Wunderland - Walking in Wonderland'.

There are plenty of other highlights for all ages to discover in the 15 European themed areas of Europa-Park. In Holland, visitors can follow in the footsteps of pirates and privateers on a boat ride with the brave 'Pirates in Batavia'. At the new 'granini Saft Butikk' in the Scandinavian themed area, juices, cool spritzers or delicious cocktails provide fruity refreshment. In addition, 13 rollercoasters guarantee thrilling speeds through the rugged rocky landscapes of Iceland or the world of the Greek god of water, Poseidon. In the Magic Cinema 4D, guests can watch the Wünschmann family's next adventure on a new screen using the latest projector technology with the short film 'Happy Family Next Level 4D'. Right next to the cinema, the bistro La Cigale was renamed Bistro Tomi Ungerer last year in memory of the great Alsatian artist. The hearts of SC Freiburg fans are sure to beat faster at the newly decorated 'Arena of Football' - where a small VIP box, props from SC Freiburg, a photo point and exciting insights into the Europa-Park Stadium await the guests. Stylish sportswear can be found in the 'TOGETHER.FASTER. Sports Store' with new cooperation partner PUMA, where they even have their own Europa-Park collection.

Summery shows

Visitors to Germany's largest theme park can look forward to numerous event highlights with artists, dancers, musicians and singers again this year. Europa-Park offers the highest level of live entertainment for a total of 23 hours a day. During the daily 'Ed's Adventure Parade', a new pirate fortress makes its way through the park as visitors find themselves captivated by the gripping music and spectacular costumes. In the Spanish Arena, visitors of all ages can expect breathtaking horse acrobatics with the show 'The Return of the Sultan', presented by the stunt troupe of the famous horse trainer Mario Luraschi.

Pure joie de vivre can be found at 'The Show must go on' in the Europa-Park Teatro, celebrated with world-class acrobatics. Magic lovers will find what they are looking for in the English themed area, where Timothy Trust & Diamond create illusions with 'Abraka...Shakespeare! RELOADED'. In the Greek themed area, Europa-Park’s star figure skaters celebrate the birth of the legendary Adventure Club of Europe in a fast-paced show with magical effects, glamorous costumes and gripping music at 'ACE - The adventure begins!'. 

A special highlight awaits viewers of the popular show ‘Immer wieder sonntags’, as this TV show will soon have a new arena right next to Rulantica, from where the programs will be broadcast live to viewers' living rooms from 12th June 2022. 

The ultimate water fun for the whole family

During a short holiday in the warmest region of Germany, a visit to the Rulantica water world is a must. Since last season, swimming and bathing fans can look forward to the Nordic Outdoor World of Slides. From May to September, ten slides – including a wave slide and a funnel slide – await brave explorers in 'Svalgurok'. A stay in the water world is also a great experience for families with small children, as right next to ‘Svalgurok’, the littlest of guests can also cool off and have fun during the warm season while their parents relax comfortably on one of the over 1000 loungers in the outdoor area. This year, 'Snorri Strand' offers even more water fun, as three new child-friendly slides promise additional action for the little ones at 'Snorri's Rutscheplads. At 'Snorri's Spelaborg' a fortress made of crates and all kinds of flotsam will get imaginations flaring. After splashing around, visitors of all ages can enjoy a break from the swimming at 'Snorri's Piknikbud' with delicious sandwiches, fruit cups and refreshing drinks. From spring, it will also be possible to enjoy that holiday feeling at the Nordic sandy beach 'Dynstrønd', the new location for summer fun and relaxing sunbathing. Numerous sun loungers, six beach chairs, stylish hanging baskets, a sand playground for children and a beach volleyball court leave absolutely nothing to be desired. From time to time, musical and artistic surprises also await guests on the open-air stage. 

A variety of slides can also be found in the indoor area: The 'Isbrekker' jump slide first goes down a steep drop, leading into a free fall from a height of 1.30 metres that plunges into the water pool. In the 'Vinter Rytt’, the steep slide wall rises up almost vertically, and the 'Svalgur Rytt' rafting slide features plenty of curves, where up to four people aged 10 and over can slide together in one tyre. At 'Snorri Snorkling VR', visitors put on VR diving goggles and embark on a fantastic adventure deep under the sea surface with the lively Sixtopus Snorri. This virtual underwater tour is unique worldwide and was specially developed by MackNeXT and VR Coaster.

Adults can then relax in the exclusive Hyggedal relaxation and sauna area. The wellness oasis has a Nordic ambience and is located above the 'Lumålunda' restaurant, offering a fantastic view of the entire water world. On 1,000m², comfortable loungers, three nude wooden saunas and a large outdoor terrace await guests aged 18 and over. Last winter, the new 'KOTA Sauna Chalet' also made its appearance. There, guests can enjoy a proper sauna surrounded by rustic tables and seating, as well as a sauna oven, while enjoying a delicious wheat beer - with or without alcohol. Both 'Snorri Snorkling VR' and 'Hyggedal' are additional offers that can be booked online in addition to the day ticket.

Heavenly nights at the Europa-Park Resort

If your feet are tired from a day of exploring the Resort, the six Europa-Park hotels and the rustic Camp Resort offer ideal relaxation. Whether it’s the lonely fjords in the far north or a dream of Mediterranean nights for you, the park's own 4* and 4* superior themed hotels enchant guests with their lovingly-designed theming and an excellent authentic cuisine. Generous wellness and spa areas provide the perfect way to round off your stay.

From the summer, guests of Hotel Krønasår can book one of 11 suites, each with a steam bath or sauna. The new 160 m² infinity pool will also ensure a relaxing time together with loved ones. Days at Europa-Park and Rulantica are guaranteed to be a unique short holiday for the whole family.






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On 3/18/2022 at 9:16 PM, RCT3Bross said:

Smart move hiding the final lay-out, at least I don't suspect this ride to be a clone of Lost Gravity in Walibi Holland. Also making the trains twice as long as they normally are kind of makes sense as Europa park could use the higher capacity.

Wow, I'm so dumb I didn't even notice that the layout in the trailer is Lost Gravitys... I was wondering where this "as long as Silver Star Layout" went lol, thanks for making that clear

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I am going to be visiting Europa Park this June 19-21 and staying on-site at Hotel Castillo Alcazar. I'll be there all day Sunday & Monday, and then I have a half-day Tuesday before I head off to go ziplining through the Black Forest. (My hotel package included a Rulantica ticket for that day, but I'm leaning heavily towards just skipping the water park and spending that as bonus time in the dry park.) 

I know as a resort guest, I get 30 mins early entry to a limited section of the park, and I assume the priorities there are Piraten in Batavia and Blue Fire. Anything else I should make sure to hit during this window that would be a much longer line later if I didn't do it then?

And then when they do release us into the rest of the park, where should I head first? I'm going to guess that the crowds from the main entrance will swarm Silver Star & the Voletarium before I'd have a prayer of getting to them, no? Is there an ideal time to try to do them with lower lines if first thing isn't an option? I'm fine waiting if I have to (I will be there for 2.5 days, after all), but I don't want to miss out on short waits elsewhere by making bad decisions at rope drop.

I know Wodan is right there next to Blue Fire in the early entry area, and Arthur isn't too far either. Should I just focus on those and the surrounding rides? Or am I better off heading to lower-capacity rides near the front/middle of the park before they get busy? I'm really wide open to suggestions here.

If at all possible, I'd like to get the fullest enjoyment of the entire park, not just focusing on the coasters. What are the hidden gems off the beaten path that I should look out for (not even necessarily rides)? On the opposite end of the spectrum, are there any things I should definitely skip (or at least attractions I should bypass unless their wait is below some relatively short threshold)?

Any recommendations for food? I'll have breakfast in the hotel and then lunch/snacks in the park, and then will likely do a later dinner at one of the hotel restaurants after the park closes.

I don't typically like getting drenched on water rides, but with my hotel room right there, it's probably something I could tolerate. But just to properly prepare myself, are the water rides more of the 'you get wet, but you'll dry off fairly quickly and be fine' type? Or more 'soak-you-to-the-bone where you're miserable till you've gone and changed'? Or worse yet, the 'your feet are sitting in 8" of water after the splashdown' kind? Or do they like have one of each or something?

And then finally, I know Europa Park doesn't have a line-skip system. I did find a Virtual Line page on their website that lists Blue Fire, Arthur, Euro-Mir, Eurosat, and Wodan, but I'm not sure if those rides are virtual queue only or if they do standby to a certain point and then flip to a VQ like Uni does sometimes, or if it's something else entirely. I've also seen references to a virtual line for Voletarium, even though it's not listed here. I saw a post earlier in this thread about single-rider lines, but it looks like those were suspended due to Covid. If they do happen to re-open those between now and June (I'm not holding my breath), which rides were those for and how useful would you say they are?

I know I won't know for certain until midday if they're sticking with their 6pm closure or extending it later, but do they shut off the ride queues early so all the rides can shut down at closing time? Or do they let you get in line until right before closing and keep running the rides till everyone in line has ridden? I'm guessing the crowds don't quite thin out towards the end of the day as much as they do in American parks since closing time tends to be so early, but are there any recommendations for things I should do towards the end of the night?

And if anyone has any other tips/tricks/suggestions, I'd love to hear them.


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^ Since you are going in june and not on a saturday I don’t expect any line to be much longer than 30 minutes. I always ride Blue Fire during hotel ert and then ride Wodan as soon as it opens as that is usually the coaster with the longest wait.

Then I always procede to the scandinavia area and just ride all the rides as i get to them until I reach the main entrance/voletatium and then head back towards Arthur, spain etc. This has always worked fine for me because the guests arriving through the main entrance does the exact opposite.


You don’t get that wet on the water rides, and they close the queues, not the rides at park closing time.


And with 2.5 days you will manage to ride everything without problem as the operations are amazing and the lines move extremely quick!

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^^ there shouldn't be any difference what you hit first. I'll promise you that the park is a lot bigger then it looks, you#ll walk 10 to 15 minutes from Wodan to Arthur if you are alone and speed up.

If you are in the hotel, just go for Wodan first and Blue Fire second. Normally, Wodan gets the longer line. Additionally, I recommend Wodans front row for your first ride. It's one of the coasters were the visuals are a lot more amazing in the front row. But the last row left will give you the best forces everywhere.

For Blue Fire, opt directly for the last row, left seat. Wait should be moderate.

Last time I visited the park, the virtual line only was available for Voletarium. It would be great if they extended it to other rides.

The ride with one of the longest wait times (but with one of the most enjoyable queue lines) will be Eurosat. Consider this for your morning plans.

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@coasterBroOkay, do Blue Fire and Alpenexpress first, they get the longest lines. I'd also suggest the Tyrolean log flume - but you can get very wet there, and you might not want to early in the morning. Using the early opening for Pirates in Batavia is not really necessary as it has a huge capacity and only gets long lines on very busy days.

You can, of course, as a hotel guest take EP Express to the main entrance where the "normal" guests have their early opening of Voletarium and I think the attractions in the Italy area. You can get a return time ticket for Voletarium and try to get in a good rope drop position for Silver Star. But I would not recommend that - enjoy the quietness of back area of the park instead.

I'd suggest trying to get into Arthur or Wodan next, then maybe one of the water rides early before it gets warm and people decide they need refreshment.

Hidden gems...definitely visit the garden of Balthasar Castle in the German area. Also, Snorri Touren is a cute little dark ride and in Ireland the Dancing Dinghie is quite fun. Also don't miss Pegasus, it's a "family coaster" and quite short but fun.. And Kassandra's Curse, a quite unique mad house.

Food in the park: skip the usual burger, sausage and fries stands. You can get that anywhere and it's not that great. Try Bamboe Baai or Spices for exotic flavours or Restaurant Castle Balthasar or the beer garden for some authentic German food.

Water Rides: the log flume and Fjord Rafting can be wet (though not nearly as wet as River Quest in Phantasialand). Atlantica and Poseidon are usually quite tame.

Virtual Line: all rides included in Virtual Line have both standard and virtual queues. Pirates and Euro Mir merge the lines at the entrance to the building and the others have completely separate lines up to the ride (they use the former Single Rider queues)

All lines are usually open until closing time, and the rides operate until the queues have been emptied. You won't immediately get kicked out at closing time; gift shops may be open for some time even when the park has officially closed.

Oh...try to get the last ride at Alpenexpress. You may get three, four or even more laps instead of the regular two.

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So the park has submitted plans to get a permit earlier this week and there is a potential lay-out out there.

Because I have trouble finding the actual permits on the website of Rust I drawn the lay-out discussed right now in google maps:


Yellow: Buildings

Black track: Station and a possible preshow element.

Red track: First launch (Vertical upwards) until turntable

Blue track: Turntable (Think Pulsar station, so two tracks switching places)

Orange track: Second launch (Triple launch) until end.

Elements in order: Vertical upwards launch, Loop, Roll, Immelmann, Jr Immelmann, Stall, Airtime hill, Dive (Don't know what that means), Looping into the first set of brakes, turntable, triple launch, Top Hat, Airtime hill, Outward banked stall, Double up, Mid Course Brake run, Roll, Right turn, left Turn, Corkscrew, Final brake.

So this is the lay-out how people are currently discussing it. Seems extremely interesting to me, I really hope this is the actual lay-out, as I cannot confirm if it is the actual lay-out, But I still thought it was worth sharing it. It seems to me that Mack really wants to promote the Big Dipper model as a all in package, Like it's an answer to Gerstlauer infinity coasters.

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Europa Park released their first episode of the "DIE BAUDOKUMENTATION" or the construction documentation: https://www.veejoy.de/de/serien/o-die-baudokumentation/wie-alles-begann

They don't disclose anything in detail about the ride but there is one very interesting part. Remember the rumor some years ago that they are planning to put a coaster in the middle of the park in 2022 / 2023? They actually planned it for the England section at first and they also show a few seconds of POV of this could have looked. They also state that, although the layout is not identical, it's similar and the new coaster for Croatia is even longer than the one proposed for England. The general experience should be similar which leads me to believe, that they were already sure of the coaster type.

Coming out of the station in England

Jojo Roll after station

Airtime hill before Zero G Roll

Swoop after Zero G Roll

Other than that, they are teasing that they will disclose the length, inversions and other details in the next episode. 

No visuals of the new coaster were given. Stay tuned for next month🥳


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On 4/16/2022 at 11:12 PM, coasterBro said:

And if anyone has any other tips....

Coasters: as others mentioned before, go to Wodan first (has the slowest queues since it has no block section mid track). But Wodan is getting a little rough and sometimes gives me headaches (like EuroMir). So take some headache medicine with you is my advice. Blue fire next, because it is nearby, but it has a fast moving queues and should stay at about 20 minutes wait time on Sun-/Mondays. Next one I would visit Arthur, since this has quite a low capacity, too. And it's a family ride, so more people go there and the lines come rarely under 20 Minutes till the park closes. Between 10:30-12 am is good time than to go to Silver star and CanCan-Coaster, since the crowds which enter through the entrance move to the back of the park. The other coasters normally have waiting times between 5-15 minutes, if you do not walk with the main crowds in which their waiting time will spike up. If you quickly want to check the queues, i use this homepage, because it shows waiting times better than the parks app and you don't need gps: https://www.wartezeiten.app/europapark/ - you can even look at the waiting times if the last days/weeks/ months, if you want to get a better knowing if the rides queuing times.


About Virtual queues: you can queue at one ride, but you have to scan your ticket in the app. You should do this in the morning, since they are gone quickly... Don't waste it for "Piraten von Battavia" since it normally has no or short lines. I closed my gps and the app to save the battery of my phone, when I reopened the app without GPS on, my virtual queue was cancelled - be aware of this. 

For food: there is the castle near the entrance, which is a nice and more quiet area  - good for relaxing and get some good food. The Biergarten is there to, but it has not much variety, but it will stay open one hour, after the park closes and sometimes has a German Volks band performing there, so if you want some beer this could be the place. I think the entrance area stays open till later in the evening too. Hotel guest can take the monorail above the entrance back to the hotels in evening (the entrance of the monorail is closed but hotel guest can enter the monorail through the exit). I think the 4D cinema there is open in the evening, too. Playing some normal movies.


But if you want to try some other food, nearly every country of the park has a (mostly good) restaurant with the countries typical food. So in Switzerland you can eat "Raclette Cheese", inside the swiss village. Near Poseidon/Greek they have a Greek restaurant, Spain (Spanish), Finnland if remember correctly, is good for fish and so on... But be aware, like others mention they always have a fast food restaurant with burgers in each area,too. The restaurants are often a little bit more hidden inside a building, while the fast food stands are always in sight.

Most people i know loved the Fish-Burgers/Sandwich in Finland.

Another nice to try, is the "Food-Loop" Restaurant, where your food is delivered through small rollercoasters-style cars to your table. Food is just okay, but it is a interesting concept... It is in the glas-pyramid near EuroMir.

Overall, EuropaPark has a lot of little small hidden dark rides, but most of them like "SnoriTouren" are made for kids, but they still can be fun. I liked the small laser maze in England, there is not much - just a themed room with smoke and some laser beams... They count the time and how often you touched a Lazer... But is very small, not await to much. 

At the exit of Poseidon is a nice mad house "Fluch der Kassandra" which is easy to miss. 

I don't know much about the shows, but when I was younger I enjoyed the show in the Italian area very much. It had kind of mixture of artist, art, magician and dancing. It is near the haunted house "Geisterschloss", in the building to right of it.

The 4D cinema is ok, depends on the movie which is shown.

The others shows I never visited. I think the show in the Spanish area, a kind of rodeo stadium, is mainly a horse/action show. Than they have a ice skating show near Poseidon. In England there is a theater style show.

If I want to relax, i always do the small monorail, or one of the smaller boat rides. Or take the train to the front of the park and relax in the castle park.


About the wet-rides: Atlantica and Poseidon are quiet tame, you most times don't get really wet. But in the rafting ride and the log flume "Tiroller Wildwasserbahn" you can get quiet wet, if you are unlucky - but there are always human-dryers outside the rides, were you can get dried for 1-2€. But now it starts to get hot here in Germany, and normally you will dry in minutes.

I forgot the name of the hotel, but I had a good "all you can eat" buffet, which was 2 years ago about 30-35€ (before COVID, war and inflation) for a person. It was the hotel with the lighthouse. And I had a good cocktail at the Coloseo-Hotel Bar. In the evening they have a nice show in Coloseo, too. 

And if you like water parks, don't forget Europe Park just has build the big water park "Rulantica" nearby, maybe a good possiblity for relaxing in the evening or check out the slides. Maybe they a have Combi-Ticket for hotel guest.

The VR-experience "Yullbe" is not worth the money... They have a small experience for 12€ which is like 5 minutes with a oculus quest and another for 35€ which is like 20 minutes and a walking adventure. But if you know/tried VR before or if you have an OculusQuest, you experienced most it offers. If they would price it fair 3-5€ for the small experience and 8-12€ for the long, it would be just okay - but still not a must do. Before spending 35€ in Yullbe, visit Rulantica which costs about the same.

But I never tried the VR-coaster, maybe they are better. But if you get VR-sick not suggest riding them, but I think they are priced more reasonable.

Good to know:

In the main-season (June to mid Sept. & during the German Autumn holidays around Halloween) the Park decides how long it is opened after the length of the queues of the park... So for example today most of the major rides had 20 minutes wait or less and was quiet full - so between 3-4 pm they will place signs at the rides when the park closes. Today they opened 1 hour longer, to 19:00(7pm)... So between 20-30 minutes, it mostly opens 1 hour longer, 30-40 minutes queues - 2 hours, above 40 (only in holidays) 3-4 hours.

So the park really makes sure, you have enough time. One time i was on the most crowded day of the year, with a huge traffic jam in front of the park and some coaster had waiting times between 40-50 minutes... Even than we could ride all major rides and many even two times. And the park opened till 10pm, so we could do some night rides. They really know how to push the people through the rides - really great operation.

If you see signs with times showing up in the ride stations, they are the closing times of the queues. So the queues/entrances of the rides will be closed at this time everywhere in the park.

Another tip: Tiroler Wildwasserbahn, Atlantica, Alpenexpress and the other smaller rides, most times have 1Minute lines in the evening 40-30 Minutes before closing, because everyone wants to ride the bigger rides before the park closes. This i use to get the smaller rides done I missed or i enjoy.


Another tip, check everything: in every building or pathway which is open to enter is something: most times it is a shop or restaurant, sometimes there are exhibitions, small animatronics or little (animatronic-)shows. Some pathways lead to nice point of views - for example in the swiss village you can walk on some balconies from which you get a nice view on the "Schweizer Bobbahn" coaster, or you can walk under the tracks of BlueFire near the Wodan entrance. When no people walk somewhere (empty stairs/walkways), it is often a good possibility to check out what is inside and get some relaxing times from the crowds.

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Part 2 of the documentation about the new coaster dropped and I must say I am extremly confused. They showed some of the POV and the trains. At least one of the 7 Trains seems to have the last row facing backwards. I can't quite decipher it from the visual they showed. When they were done showing some POV they suddenly mentioned that they have some changes that they didn't want to show yet. The layout was vastly different from the one that "leaked" weeks ago. If this is the true layout tho, I'm impressed. It looks far better than the "leaked" one. Please look for yourself:






Other than that they were on the MACK Rides factory facility and showed some track for another project. They will start to build the coaster itself in the park in January 2023.

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They say in the video it is not the "current layout"/one that will be built. Just a former design or another fake out like the Lost Gravity blueprint in ep 1 to keep the mystery going.

The previous "leak" was from the planning permission filed with the authorities in Rust therefore closer to what we will actually get than anything the series is currently showing.

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On 7/1/2022 at 8:30 PM, CSLKennyNI said:

They say in the video it is not the "current layout"/one that will be built. Just a former design or another fake out like the Lost Gravity blueprint in ep 1 to keep the mystery going.

The previous "leak" was from the planning permission filed with the authorities in Rust therefore closer to what we will actually get than anything the series is currently showing.

Makes the most sense as the one shown this time doesn't have the top hat near the roundabout that was shown in the official teaser.

By the time they will show the official layout we'll have about 7 new scrapped concepts😂

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So, apparently Silver Star had an Oopsie today: https://bnn.de/mittelbaden/ortenau/rust/silverstar-im-europa-park-bleibt-stecken-fahrgaeste-zu-fuss-evakuiert (German)

Got stuck on the lift hill. Evacuation lasted almost two hours. Didn't went up again. It was an chain clutch failure. (Not my informations, that's what the news said).

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Yesterday ran a very popular German tv show called "Wetten, dass ..." (I bet, I will ...) where the participants bet curios things and the best bet wins the show. One woman balanced with her bagger on one chaine and tipped a hole in five eggs using the bucket.

Two guys betted, that one can throw a mobile phone and another guys catches it. What sounds less than interesting was spiced up by the fact, that the sat on the first and last row of Silver Star which was running in the night. They hat six phones to throw and attempted it at the airtime hills during two laps.

While it's something, that is completely forbidden during normal park operations, I think ist funny enough to post here. But I need to say it again: It was a stunt by professionals in a save environment! Do not attempt to do that yourself!

Here is a video (you might need German VPN to watch it. It's not on Youtube yet): https://www.zdf.de/show/wetten-dass/videos/wette-achterbahn-102.html

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Europa park has posted a onride on their streaming service Veejoy. It is the exact lay-out as reported in April last year only the triple launch is a double launch instead. It also shows a bit of the theming and I have to say I like it. Really can't wait to ride this ride.

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The turntable is kind of an odd choice in the middle of the ride like that but I think I remember something about maybe the maintenance bays are on the end of the layout? If so that's a really creative way of saving space. Layout looks funky as hell, and the upward launch into the top hat thingy at the beginning is really cool.

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Bad news : after the 2018 fire that occurred at "Piraten in Batavia" (soft indoor boat ride), a new fire started today around 4:30 PM, close to the log ride "Tyroler Wildwasserbahn" and the e-powered coaster "Alpenexpress Enzian".

These two attractions "intersect" in a cave where the fire could have started.

Here are some videos:




According to the last news, nobody seems to be hurt, which is the most important thing.

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