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Europa Park Discussion Thread

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  • 2 months later...

Europa-Park reveals name of new water park and hotel



Europa-Park has today revealed the names of a brand new water park and a new hotel. In 2019, the German theme park opens Rulantica, the swimming paradise. The name is a composition of the German village Rust - where the park is located - and Atlantica.


This was announced this morning by Europa-Park Director Michael Mack at a press conference. He also showed the logo of Rulantica. The background story is about a fictional society of explorers, the Adventure Club of Europe.


There are slides, whirlpools, a wave pool and a surf simulator under a 25 meter high shell-shaped roof. Today, new drawings came out. Rulantica will be finished at the end of 2019.


In the same year, a sixth hotel called Krønasår - The Museum Hotel opens. The complex is designed as a natural history museum. There are 304 themed rooms and suites for a total of 1300 guests.


Both projects cost about 140 million euros. According to owner Roland Mack, Europa-Park has been preparing for the water park for twenty years.







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In an interview with Europa Park Radio, park director Micheal Mack confirmed that Europa Park will add a new land with a large coaster sometime after the hotel and waterpark opens in 2019. The new land will be built behind the Greek area and will have a "real blaster" of a coaster according to Mr. Mack. The theme has yet to be determined, but Scotland, Romania, Poland and Croatia are the top candidates.


In other news, VR on Pegasus will be removed by the end of the season, Eurosat's redesign will include a new queue but stay true to the "feel" of the original ride and the nearby Universe of Energy will also be redesigned in the near future.



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Very cool! The hotel themed to a museum is the kind of above-and-beyond imagination that I really appreciate. I have no doubt that Europa Park will do it well. The concept art with the skeleton reminded of a scene from the Dark Souls game series:




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Surprisingly no one posted their "announcement" video for the water park yet. I think the video came out quite cool


The fact that they spoke Swedish in that video caught me completely off guard!


Tre Kronor, which they speak about means Three Crowns and is the national emblem of Sweden, as can be seen on the small coat of arms of Sweden. Here it refers to a ship, I don't know if the ship referred to is real but several ships named "Tre Kronor" have existed. It doesn't matter anyway.


Interesting back story, and I can't wait to visit in a few years!

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There is only one negative about this project...it's not right at the main resort. It will be hard to decide where we stay once the new park and hotel open. We always love to try out the new resorts, but taking a bus to get to the main park isn't that appealing.

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Theme of renewed Eurosat announced



Earlier this year, it was announced that Europa-Park would renew its indoor coaster 'Eurosat' by 2018. Today, during a press event, drawings of the new look from after the renovation were released.


About the retheme of the ride was little known yet, except that some decorative pieces were going to be replaced. A new concept art released today during a press event reveals that the theme of Eurosat will change quite a bit. The current space theme will change to a Jules Verne-like theme. The entrance with the famous blue letters 'Eurosat' and the astronaut that welcomed you, will make way for an enteance with French houses and the Moulin Rouge.



The trains will also be rethemed to a Jules Verne theme, but will still look like a kind of rocket.



By the end of this year, a majot overhaul will begin. The big sphere will be taken down and then the roller coaster itself will get a completely new track. Also, virtual reality will be added to the coaster. The layout will remain unchanged, except that the roller coaster will receive modern tracks and a separate VR boarding station. By August 2018, the coaster should be operational again.



Universum der Energie (a.k.a. Dinofahrt)


Together with the renovation of Eurosat, the Darkride Universum der Energie will also get a big makeover, which became known today. The revamped darkride will be themed to a woman, Madame Freudenreich, who has a curiosa store and secretly has dinos in her backyard, which she feeds from the local Alsatian specialty. Some dinosaurs will therefore be retained. More information about this project is not yet known.






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I find it interesting that Mack is building the SDC Jules Verne inspired coaster and this in about in the same time span. I wonder if the queue's will share any theming elements?

I'd be on the side of coincidence, personally.

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Yeah, I think so as well. It's not really the same style.


But another funny coincidence is how Disneyland Paris is dropping out the Jules Verne aspect of its Discoveryland, like as if it is an outdated theme, and at the same time, Europa Park is stepping right into it.


Don't forget Jardin d'Acclamation is revamping the whole park into a Steampunk theme complete with new rides including some more thrilling for older folks.

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