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Europa Park Discussion Thread

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i haven´t found a thread about VR-coasters, but i think it is really too intresting tohide it from the community. So cause of Europa Park and Mack rides supported the students by researching and building a company, think this will be the best place to post it!


Since some students and Mack tested VR on a BlueFire they started testing more different experiences on most of their coasters... and it seems to be awesome. So they now seem to have build a company which creates ride VR experiences:



So in the mean time, it seems they reached the point were the figured out most problems like safety, synchronization and a lot more to get a great experience...

And so they showed a lot more videos from their first tests:


- their first experience, fantasy-scenario on BlueFire:



- a flying islands experience on Pegasus:


- an underwater experience on BlueFire:


- a space mine ride on BlueFire:


- and a cartoonish lokking eastern/asian town flyby on BlueFire:


Like seen in the first video, they seemed to have already tested it a on some more coasters like EuropaParks powered coaster "Alpenexpress" and on your beloved "EuroMir".

And there are a lot of pics from other projects like a "Tron"-like ride, a fruity experience and even an interactive space battle:



It is really interesting and i can´t wait to test it in real life since i am huge coaster fan and i am working with the oculus rift dk2 on my own at my university.

And now i just read some rumors that they maybe will renew their coaster "EuroSat" (which was often said since years on fan meetings) but then with a VR-experience! That really would be great because EuroSat was my first big Coaster as child in my home Park "Europa Park" and i really hope that this will be true.


So can´t wait what we will see with VR "mixed Reality rides" (as i call it) in the future


If you want to know more about the project there are a lot more pictures and infomations about it on their homepage. All the videos and images are from the same source:



EDIT: There is one more short video from their powered coaster on Facebook:


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I was there recently, I would say plan your day before! Its a big park and you get tired from all the walking, so ride all the rides in one area. Start with Blue Fire and Wodan timbur, I think those get the longest lines, or heck I think most rides have long lines in june. Also ride Silver Star in the afternoon so it gets to warm up and dont forget a front seat ride! Have fun

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  • 2 weeks later...
Got back from the park tonight. I'm still soaking it all in, it was incredible! Euromir and EuroSat were hilariously fun. I also ate at the Food Loop and had no idea what to expect, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Can't wait for round 2 tomorrow!


Glad to hear you enjoyed the park. Did you get to see the impressive method of moving food that gets stuck on the track to the tables at Food Loop? Otherwise know as the big poking stick!

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Planning a trip to Europa Park with a friend, but he only has free from work in August.

August is the busiest month at Europa Park I think, so what kind of crowds should I expect.

I know all coasters are capacity monsters, but I'm still a bit worried.

And is it better to go in the beginning of August or more towards the end?



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^what I can tell you is, that the least busiest days are Friday and Sunday!

Here are some tips, if you are there only one day and want to ride all coasters: be at the park before 9am! So that when it opens you can run into the park. Ride the Coasters in this order: Matterhorn Blitz, Schweizer Bobbahn, Poseidon, Arthur, Wodan, Blue Fire, Atlantica Super Splash, Alpenexpress. Ride Silver Star, Euro Sat and Pegasus between 1pm and 3pm! Euro Mir has the shortest lines after 5pm. So all coasters should be possible in one day!

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The Blue Fire - Megacoaster have 2 of 5 Trains installed with the new LED's like the Trains on Helix in Liseberg.

Europapark has on 11 July open until 24:00 and I've take a night offride with the new LED's



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The live mermaid is a nice touch. Haven't seen that done since DL

and the Submarine Ride "island". Long, long ago.


Hmmm I wonder how long it will be, before they demand more than (ahem)


...Working For Scale?


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