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Europa Park Discussion Thread

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^I believe that the noise was the main reason they chose the new wheel type! Someone correct me if I'm wrong, though.


Nope...that`s correct !


Hmmm...well hopefully the ride will stay that fast


(EDIT : Robb/Elissa...as you seem to know everything in advance : Will GCI have to slow the ride down...what do you guess ? Cause if it will stay that fast...or if it will be even faster during the summertime...I guess this will be far more intense than the other coasters at Europa...)

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And then when it hops up into the station and banks right instead of straightening out? I'm sold.


I would LOVE to know who`s idea that was...cause I really do think it`s a little crazy and will probably FEEL crazy.


I was there when Wodan was testing for the first time...and the most spectacular impression was how fast it`s going through the station. I always thought the station building would be open to the sides...but when I first saw the quite little entrance hole...I just went


Still not shure if it will be that crazy intense as I expect it to be

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See, I'm so happy to see coasters like this still being built throughout the world, because coasters like this, re-affirm my faith in truly amazing rides. Some of the US coasters, as intense they may have seen, have really disappointed me recently, because so few of them are being built to the quality like this ride. It's well done, well laid out, and sexy as hell. Every year there is at least one of them, but this one I'm super excited for.

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Wow that does look pretty freakin amazing the speed this thing carries through out it's course is just crazy. I look at this and think why couldn't that be Apocalypse, I love Apoc but after seeing Wodan who couldn't help but to be a little jealous

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Looks - breathtaking.


The fly-thru the loading station (?)

from POV and outside, looks insane!


Europa appears to have another big hit

in their already wonderful park, IMhO.


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