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Europa Park Discussion Thread

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Now that a loooooong lifthill for a GCI, right ?


That theming is a part of the first tunnels surrounding....


Is guess this will be heavenly looking when finished (Yes...It`s the entrance to the woodie`s queue)


The turnaround under Atlantica is finished !


Last section of track right before the brakes

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This woodie looks magnificient. Has the price tag for this gem been officially announced ? (with or without themeing ?) The layout is very different from all the GCI's twistiness I have ridden so far. My favourite were Prowler and Renegade. I wonder how GCI does with a more classic "nearly" out and back design. I really want to visit this park again now

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This makes me wonder how the trains will look. I hope they are ridiculous in theming.


I have problems imagining how to "heavily" theme those trains. Construction already shows that Europa will NOT dissapoint theming-wise. But I guess we shouldn`t expect too much of the trains...at least I wouldn`t expect that much !


Whoa, there I thought this was a family site, there's too much sexyness in that last set of pictures to be classed as anything but porn.




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Theming wise I'm not expecting anything less than these:

Pics from RCDB


If I'm not mistaken the trains at Efteling are modified so that they can have a lower height limit, hopefully Europa Park's will have the same.

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Europa will be every tunnel lovers wet dream soon, I guess


Look...they are building ANOTHER tunnel element...to protect the riders from Atlanticas splashes...it`s becoming "Tunnel the Ride" I would say ;-)


Could this become one of the most sexy coaster theming elements evar ??? Where is the ####### lube when I need it the most...


The little hump over Atlantica`s drop will be finished soon I guess...


LOOOOOK. Do I spot another little but mean hump thingy just before the final curve (close to the worker) ???

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New photo's placed on the fanpage:




Not much more then the last added pictures here but still good to see some more

I believe GCII also added 2 more on Facebook?

Still one amazing ride to see and hopefully to ride to. Looks like they will finish the most wood work before christmas, with this incredible speed of work. In a few day's they expect snow over there. Sure hope this won't slow them down.


Anton "damn looking forward to this thing" van den Akker

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