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Europa Park Discussion Thread

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Just a note - that model has two transfer tracks inside that shed. I'm almost positive that all GCI transfer sheds only have one transfer track inside of them. There's a sign that we're looking at three trains here!

Exactly the thought we had on the Dutch forums! They like to go for decent capacity rides so I expect lines to move fast there.

The model of the ride is on display in the park, that's what Europa Park usually does when announcing/building a new ride or hotel. Currently on display are the new woodie and their new hotel 'Bell Rock'.


Looking forward to the TPR Europe trip, hopefully I can join for a few days!

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If you`re talking about the picture that I uploaded three posts earlier...well...THAT looks more like a 5 seconds ride


Joking aside...it will definitively be more on the short side...but it`s more than 1000 meters long...so it`ll probably be okay like that. Maybe the coaster looks THAT small because it`s footprint is al littlebit bigger / longer compared to other GCI`s ???


Just a thought...

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Is it just me, or does this layout seem a tad bit short compared to what GCI usually builds?


I'm not sure if it's the overview, but it only looks like a thirty second ride. It will be an amazing thirty seconds however.


No, this ride is just a lot more widespread.

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