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Anyone live in or near Indianapolis?

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Just remember that tornadoes love trailer parks.


So as long as you don't live in a trailer park you should be safe.


Crap... then I'm screwed because I was going to move my double wide there and put it in the biggest redneck hodunk podunk trailer park I can find.


Hamilton County in Indiana was voted number one on the Forbes.com list of best places to raise a family. So not only did we pick an area that looks nice, but it's actually one of the top places to live. That's what I'm talking aboot and that's where it seems we should be. It's like, destiny and... stuff. That's cool...

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I live in hamilton county, and also moved here from the San Diego area. The schools here are a hundred times better than in California. I would check into the Village Farms neighborhood.


Hamilton County is where we're moving, probably around Carmel or Fishers. We haven't decided yet, basically we need to just get back there and decide where we'd like to set down our fat rear ends.


Ok, so maybe someone can now list the areas that we need to AVOID at all costs? Everything I've seen says that Indy has some ghetto-fabulous areas, but keep in mind that I lived in Oakland for awhile, so what is ghetto to Indy probably isn't all that bad to me.


Oaktown, represent! Word.

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Nothing in Indianapolis is ghetto compared to Oakland. However, the west side (west of downtown, but east of Plainfeild, Avon, etc.) is horrible. Avoid Laffyette Square Mall at all costs. Some people will say Irvington is ghetto and should be avoided, but a lot of it is a very rich area, with lots of big, old, historic houses. Downtown is fine. The area east of Irvington varries...21st street and below on the east side isn't nice, but still safe. Most streets north of 21st, but below 56th, is ghetto. Everything on Pendleton Pike (just north of 56th) is fine east of Mithoeffer, but everything west of it is just a lot of ghetto strip clubs, dive bars, etc. Virtually everything east of German Church road is small-town, safe atmosphere.


Yeah, its confusing. But Indianapolis doesn't really have ghetto sprawls, just ghetto...pockets. There are no ghetto areas at all in the location you decided on.

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